the Evening – Office Calm

i  came to office late for 2 days row rowing rowing.. i tot it was better w/o my car around. taking the KTM komuter as early as 8am shud get me some time to get some breakfast coz i’ll definitely tag the office log at 8.30-8.40am..  but commuting by the komuter would increase daily expenses..

well.. the pros are that i’ll be at office before time.. back home earlier.. no traffics.. get to see more lovely n cute girls in the commuter. haha! [main reason]

cons?.. 3 ringgit daily parking at the KTM station.. rm3.40 return ticket [Sungai Buloh – Bank Negara] daily.. exchanging body odors with other KTM passengers.. cant go to DotA after work.. 

—i’m talking about taking the komuter to work. in case u’re still wondering–

the advantages sure seem like it be fitting that i take the komuter to work.. but i think, my priorities goes down under me. in which means, i pick dota over savings.. haha!


hmm.. picky picky.. options options.. need ultimate selection.. dont help me! i’m gonna decide this myself.



hmm.. i’ve came up with something. i think i’m gonna try taking the komuter for 1 week next week or maybe for 1 month, next month.. mungkin akan terjumpe suatu hikmah disebalik segale option nih.



it’s almost 5.30 now..but  i came late.. so i am obligated to finish my 7.5 work hours/day sessions..  came in at 9.45am today.. so i have to go back at 6.15.. but i think i’ll skip that 15 minutes delay.. heheh!


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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