The Morning – News I Dont Wanna Know

i trembled at first sight

it was a fearful hope

an unimaginable hope

a hope for my dream

but she was the hope

my hope -=was=-


she was wearing blue that day

as bright as the sky without the clouds

i was dreaming of nothing more than i could have ever phrased myself

a blue rose was blooming just a meter away

i stand to master my creation

i became an architect that day

i planned..

i scheduled..

i dream..

i imagined my future..

as perfect as i could do


but that was it

that was all i could have ever done

to achieve

nothing more

nothing less

i was bound by this curse

in which i have even created the cure

a vaccine

but in which i waited long..

too long..

to consume such cure


one stupid move

and i fell down

crushing every bit of art

in my plan

in my schedule

i was the pure reason

i am the reason


no bargain she says

and no bargain i could have had

just a mere chance

a little experience


so i waited everyday

i wished everyday

and i hoped for it

every single seconds


i dont know..


far from it..


it wont go away

i wish it wont go away

even for today when i have just realized

when i saw the bee

that flew around her everday

finally landed for the sweetest memory

how i wished i was that bee

but i am not

i am a mere inexperienced


a rejected beetle

a loss

in the air that i could have sworn to breathed in

i still want that blue rose




but how?



About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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