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Late Night – Not Chill Enuf

wow! at last. a say or two about myself. i’m currently working as a programmer from one public listed company in malaysia. its a good company. its just people make this company as a place to jump start their career in programming fields. 1 year of experience in this company.. and swoop! they’re gone like the wind. haha! off to another company n gettin even good salary, good marketing plan eyh? well.. cant say much of ’em.. coz it is my plan too.. haha! and bcoz of this, the company is always on the run to search for new candidates to fill in vacancies for all that has left. as long as u have some programming background. they’ll consider to take you in. i cud set a good example for that. n guess wut. i stil suck at programming. tho i learn lil by lil each week. after i got the job.  i was stationed at client site at first day on the job. wow! it was kinda surprising. and kinda thrilled too.  but it went away immediately after a week. haha! i have to sign some kinda contract stating that i will be assisting the .NET team for 14 months at the client site. okay….

begin February 2009 i started work.well.. its a good experience

but what i wanna blog is about my team leader.. u see.. at this [client] site.. my team consist of 4 people [not including the Project Manager].. a team leader, 2 seniors [a girl and a boy younger than me but with more experience than me] and.. guess who? ME. so 4 people..

so last week.. my team leader stated she had resigned n she had given 2 months notice. and my senior’s [the boy] contract is expiring in 2 months. leaving me and a girl with the knowledge of the product they had built for the last 5 years.. i have only worked for 4 months and i havnt grasp all the knowlegde about the good ol product they’ve set to leave. i am officially in distress and im thinking of quitting my job as well.. but that’ll mark my pride as a coward and i wont do that. and i am a man.huh! i must try my best to endure this 1 year.. must!!

pray for me young masters.. for i want a nikon D60 or a sony alpha350  in my hand by the end of the year.. i dont know how to achieve that.. but i’ll try..

oh! its Silverlake System Sdn Bhd.. if u want to know.. located in Bangunan KPMG beside One Utama..