Monthly Archives: July 2009

The Office – Little Rain

still no work. but my team leader ask me to go to her desk. we talked about my performance here.
i dont wanna tell you the details. not so keen to tell about the details. normal stuff i should say.
i got average ‘good performance’ on the evaluation form. thats okay. seeing that i dont want to pursue anykind of path in this career of a programmer. she told me i need to increase my programming skills. bah! malas!! heh!

i got back onto my desk and start browsing and reading manga.. oh i so love “K-ON!” right now. hehe! and just before i started writing this blog, i was measuring the length and counting seconds on holding in my breath. haha! at first try it was 30 seconds, 2nd try for 50 seconds and 3rd try for exact 1 minute. boy you should see how i tried to control my breathing after it ended. so that no one would notice.. kekekeke!

my record? i held my breath for 2min 20sec.. about 10 years ago. heh!

and i just remembered something..
i saw “The Making of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” on Sunday..
well.. actually. im not a fan of Harry Potter [but maybe a fan of Emma Watson.. haha]
and but i am actually a fan of big english movies.. so i wont miss it.. Harry Potter movies have been mostly disappointing for me because.. well, obviously.. its for childrens.. not like Lord of the Rings.. but the graphics were top class tho.. the movies only showed simple adventure if u ask me. its ‘A-Okay’.


The Evening – I Think

hey.. if we breathe in Oxygen which is O2 and we breathe out Carbon Dioxide which is CO2.. then our body must be producing lotsa Carbon everyday… and we keep on feeding the trees/leaves with Carbon..

Lunch Hour – Manga Minutes

wow! i found a cute manga.. K-ON! its about a bunch of cute school girls trying to save a Light Music Club in their school. in order for the club to survive, the club needs a minimum of 4 members in it. Ritsu-chan felt she need to save the club, so she registered herselves as the President/drummer and force her childhood friend Mio-chan into playing Bass. Then the saga continues as they found naive Yui-chan [main character actually] the lead guitar and Rich/Clever/Innocent looking Mugi-chan as a pianist.. funny comic strips. i love the naive Yui-chan character.. made her look so so cute.. kawaiiiii! the anime have been published i think 1 months back.. im gonna buy it [or download it]. hehe.

The Lunch Break – Bend My Way

-=*Hard Tackle*=- sheessh.. people say one thing and they dont even know what the real meaning of the things they said. of course there are purposes, motives, beyond their words. but it aint reaching my ears clearly. so they expect me to understand their ways of thinking. good God, maybe im psychic. now im stuck between it. one needs me to follow him.. one say i must follow her.. but guess what? i dont understand what they’re saying.. need to clear the pathway before the wind could flow. this is what i meant when i ask “What Are You Talking Round-About?” keep it straight la. i ya dont know the translated word, dont go changing the subjects.

Taskless Morning – Resolutions

i couldnt handle myself. my ‘wide ranged’ resolutions showed no meaning in the end. yeah. i’ve realized this before. but in the matter of trying to sack this ignorance towards my own words. i tried planning for it. no no. i shouldnt have planned anything. my planning would be so perfect that i wouldnt want to pursue it. haha!. seriously. and i keep on adding new ones every months. but i’ll discard it back once i got my salary. heh! so many things to do. so much things to dream. so high that i’d only reach for the lowest bcoz i am somewhat synonimous to the word ‘Lazy’. beh.. to h8ll with it. im gonna enjoy how i can.. when i can.. yeah! tho i’d still have to treat my friends to dinner or lunch.

Italian Restaurant, TTDI. on 25th or 26th July 2009.. if u read this and u wanna join.. u’d better call me 1st.. i need the count for reservation.

needless to say. i am going for something imaginable. so it could be done. and probably im gonna do it. probably.