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29th Sept

Right.. the travel plan went wrong all the way until yesterday..

it was sorted out yesterday tho.. 3 guys going by air-asia.. and 2 by bus.. to Marang [where? google it!]..  today evening im gonna go to Terminal Putra, seek out bus tickets to Marang.. hope there are tickets. may cost us rm40 each for the bus tickets.. still.. its a good price compare to air-asia but setbacks wud be like.. long tiring journey on a bus.. accept that we’ll be sleeping on our journey there.. where else if i go by plane.. it takes only 45 minutes to arrive in Kuala Terengganu. then u have to go to Marang by bus or taxi.. and it’ll cost about rm50 just to go to Marang..  another rm100 for return boat to Redang.. whoops.. that is costly..

update 30th Sept

when i went to Berjaya Reservation Center this afternoon.. i was surprised to know that Berjaya Air [one flight per day only] flight back from Redang to Subang were fully booked.. damn! shouldav seen that coming.. so we change plan again.. to board fire fly back to Subang from Kuala Terengganu.. hish!

and when i surf the net for boat rates to Redang.. i found out that the jetty is actually located in Merang.. not Marang.. man! was i devastated to learn that..

i already bought 2 tickets to Marang.. Marang is located some 20 kilometers South of Kuala Trengganu.. and Merang is located about 30KM North of Kuala Trengganu..  curse the lady who sold me the bus tickets yesterday.. when i ask her “Kalau pegi Redang.. jeti dia kat Marang kan?” She noded. she actually noded…!!! and wallah! i bought 2 tickets to Marang instead of Merang… i am not aware of her origin as she clearly speaks like Kelantanese or maybe Ganu’s.. well.. they sounded alike to us Kuala Lumpurians.. i ask her again “last stop bas ni kat Besut ke? [demn! i knew it was north of KT].. she replied “tak lah.. Marang kat bawah KT, nanti ckap kat driver nak turun kat Marang”.. okay?! first.. she heard me saying im going to Redang yet she didnt correct me if my journey should be to Marang or Merang.. 2ndly, she misguided me again as i tot there was no MERANG ever existed..  argh!

okay… lesson learned.. google 1st before agreeing to buy tickets!!!

so now.. im planning to go change tickets if i could.. if not.. then i have to go to KT and ride a bus or taxi to Merang.. then go to Redang by ferry or fast boat. for return plan; we ride ferry or boat to Kuala Terengganu.. then board flight from KT to Subang..  Shit! everything are messed up.. hope this goes well..



List Today

hmm.. plan for today

=  buy Raymond E. Feist; Tear of the Gods, Jimmy the Hand and King of Foxes.

= buy ingredients for my ultimate spaghetti exercises

= finalize Redang trip

= upload Nottingham Forest pictures

= fashion my mind

= DotA if time perceivable

yeah! expensive list-to-do.. yet i will find it to my liking that things i adore will push away any hindrance towards inflation. heh.  i don’t care if i’ll go broke. as long as i can find my self a great night to sleep in.  i thank my dad to this encounter towards madness and obsessions of Midkemia; stories of the world of simple fantasy.. yet how i felt my blood rumbling every time i came to read its climax, really put me in the order to seek out more.


oh.. i learned how to make simple chicken bolognese.. good garlics, chicken breast fillet, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, thymes, chicken broth, parsley and salt.. and of course, spaghetti.

1. dip the spaghetti in hot simmering water: add salt and garlic in the water..

2. sliced tomatoes to half.. put olive oil, sliced thymes and salt on top of the sliced tomatoes…  then bake it in the oven with hi heat for 20-30 minutes [for 1 person used about 3 tomatoes i think its enuf]

3. crush some garlics [i like lots n lotsa garlic].. fry it with the olive oil until u can smell its delicious aroma.. put the chicken fillet in… salt it, pepper it, put thymes or basils, and parsley.. fry it.

4. place the friend chicken else where.. but leave the left-over fried juice in the pan.. start simmering the juices.. put some chicken broth in it.. and wallah..  toss in the baked tomatoes in the pan [together with the tomato juices]

5. get your spaghetti.. while its still hot, steamy and wet [kinda like the porn stories].. toss it into the pan with juices.. and stir it around..

6. take a plate for yourself.. put the fried chicken fillet first in the plate.. then put the spaghetti on top of it..  nice! sprinkle some black pepper and some Parmesan cheese.. and eat while its still hot.


Redang is a bitch in October!!

Pleasant Eid Mubara’

yeah.. pleasant sangat la.

this is the 4th day of raya.. while most of the remaining malays took the pleasure of applying leave for the whole week.. i started work again today. no point in using my annual leave for raya.  rakan2 sume balik kampung.. and my cousins too..  my family n i never went back to kampung[Kelantan].. Kelantan is none but history to my dad during raya.  well.. my grandparents were long gone before i was even born into this world. they passed-away 2-3 years before i was to be scheduled to be born on December 1983.  my grandma from kelantan passed away only to see my oldest brother for 9 months.. Tuk Isa passed away earlier than that.. so i never knew them. so meaning i couldn’t missed them. well.. if it is somehow they were still alive.. i don’t think we’d go back to Kelantan anyway.. they moved to Selayang Baru in the early 80s i think.. so if its raya.. i think i’ll still be in Selangor. tho i kinda envious may i seem to my friends that get to go back to kampung every raya. yes i have cousins there in Kelantan but none of them could accomodate us and we dont want to live in hotels during raya. close cousins went back to their mother side of families. meaning not [Tok Isa’s family lah] thats the story about dad’s family.

so the only kampung i have is Kampung Pandan which is a full 30minutes drive from Sungai Buloh during raya. Right! senang je. but then again. nenek came to celebrate raya with us this year. nenek tengah sakit. so we brought her to our home to take care of her. in which i think we did wrong to leave her alone. i thought that it’d be best to leave her alone to rest. and now im feeling guilty for not being by her side always. cucu derhaka. darn it. 2nd raya. acu came and nenek decided to live with acu until 3rd raya. kesian nenek.  today my mom gonna go take nenek to hospital to check up on her illness. i’ll go check on nenek later. oh.. Tuk Aziz also passes away before i was born.

so that makes it 3 grandparents i never knew.. but still, i am grateful to even know one nenek yang lembut, baik, mastercook[haha].. May Allah protect her journey. she had walked hard during her days. even when i was young. she was always besides me. when i was in secondary and come weekend. i will take a bus towards kampung pandan and stay the night kat umah nenek. best! those were the days la.

kecik2 carik nenek je.. kene marah ngn mama ayah.. lari gi umah nenek sorang2 naik bas. hehe! then ahad call my dad tolong amik balik umah. hahaha! i cant imagine doing it now tho. dulu naik bas from selayang to kampung pandan requires transit change. bus from selayang to KL and KL to Kampung Pandan..  take about 2 hours to arrive in Kampung Pandan if traffic were good. takde orang culik pun. i started going to school using public busses when i was 8 years old.. at first with my brothers.. i started taking public transport ALONE when i was 9.. going to KL alone tu. macho ne..! when i was in FORM 4 [equivalent to grade 10] i walked home from school.. i covered the walking distance of more than 40 Kilometres.. i think. nice eh! ahh! memories…

back to raya blog.. so 1st raya went pretty well.. about 4-5 families came to visit us.. tired! main menu: ketupat, nasik impit, rendang and kuah lodeh.. simple yet effectives. we weaved about 60-70 ketupat which i weaved 10 i think.. mom did 15, adik did 15, nenek did 20+.. usually i weaved more.. but that night i was feeling really sleepy.. so i stopped at the count of 10.. betul.. tak tipu.. janji.. weaving ketupat is as simple as tying shoe laces..

2nd raya menu is still 1st raya menu.. with additional laksa johor on the menu. i was thinking of making spaghetti but ingredient x ckup.. and malas nak pegi beli..

3rd raya pegi jalan2 raya umah friends and families..

no bunga api or mercun.. bosan! meriam buluh lagi la tade…

oh oh! its my 1st time giving duit raya.. yeah! rase puas! cam org kaye… hehe!

now im back working in my office.. weekend ni macam2 nak buat..

let see if Raye Haji tahun ni dapat gi Kelantan or not.. raya haji in Kelantan is the best…

Love of the Day

from the depth of eternal bloom, come forth a wave of true fortune. a luck by destiny itself, thriced the line of  a good smile. blown by bits and into the realm of the goddess. Goddess of Love, Enithia. as i imagined. when love truly struck by the feet of the ground, may they be blessed with forcoming generations. be it wild or simply vile.

a playful wick upon the doors of the misfortune. shall entrust the wicked tick onto the warmth of the ill-willed stench. a red river ignoring the flow of kindness. a white storm that clutches its fist. and an angry kid on the fine crafted swing. one fine day of the worst week. for when the cats purr, and the eagle screamed. i will listen to every bits of love you are willing to shine.


it has been a year.. and im all over her from the dream land..

deleting deleting…

kebodohannya nyata


Tengok.. betapa jahilnya orang2 yg mengaku beragama Islam kat Malaysia ni. Saket pale aku tengok ko perbodohkan agama sendri depan agama2 lain. aku tatau la al Qur’an mane, tak pun hadith mane dia bace.. rase2 korang la. ade ke part dia tulis Rasulullah SAW pijak kepala binatang mase dia kene pulau kat Mekah dlu? ade ke Rasulullah kate orang2 kafir Quraisy takleh duduk kat Madinah/Mekah? bior la kuil hindu tuh kat situ.. dia dah sepp tempat tuh dulu dari korang. dia punya tempat.. bukan tempat korang. Rasulullah tak ajar pun kite menghina agama lain.

tak penah ke menatang beruk yg pijak kepale lembu tuh pikir betul2? tak tau ke dia, lembu tuh Islam. ko pijak binatang yg sembah Allah. same la macam ko pijak kepala sedare sendiri. konon simbol tuhan org2 india la dia pijak tuh? hadui la! insafla org2 yg mengaku Islam wei..! tak tau ke setiap yang hidup kat bumi ni sembah Allah.. bah kan seluruh alam sembah Allah..

kite nampak orang2 kafir merayau2 atas bumi ni.. orang2 jahil yg tidak mengaku Allah Tuhan mereka. padahal hanya jiwa mereka/roh mereka yg tidak menyembah Allah.  every bit of their skin, their hair, their heart, their guts, their hands, legs, lungs.. sume nye Islam. kalau derang x Islam.. korang dah mati dah.. kulit tanak pelihara anggota dalaman? jantung tanak berdegup? otot tanak bergerak? kalau kufur anggota2 badan nih.. korang rase dapat ke buat pape yg korang nak buat skang nih?

kalau kufur pokok2 yg tumbuh kat bumi ni.. korang mesti tengok akar derang yg kejar matahari.. daun dia serap air ngn mineral kat bawah tanah..

kalau kufur matahari tu pada Allah.. dunia kite nih gelap la.

melainkan sume tuh atas suruhan Allah lah..

korang ingat, Tuhan kate babi haram maknenye babi tuh ahli neraka ke? babi tuh pun Islam.. babi tuh buat ape yg Allah sruh dia buat..  jadi kotor.. tunjukkan manusia diri dia kotor..

think carefully, iblis ingkar pada Allah sekali sahaja.. dia tanak sujud pada Nabi Adam a.s….  tapi segala perintah Allah, iblis stil laksanakan.. iblis still sembah Allah. He is none but the one God.. how can the devil not worship Him? Iblis still takut pada Tuhan. worst thing is.. bile Iblis mintak untuk sesatkan umat manusia.. Allah makbulkan.. bukan ke maknenye iblis tuh berdoa pada Allah? bukan ke maksudnye iblis tuh taat pada Allah.. kalau dia tak taat la, kalau dia kufur sepanjang masa.. dia dah menjelma depan korang.. bunuh korang kat situ gak. rogol ke. hancurkan bumi ke.  kalau Jibril boleh peluk Rasulullah SAW, bole sentuh.. kenape iblis tak boleh? [maknenye iblis bole menjelma untuk tumbuk kite la].. kalau dia tak taat pada Allah.. cemane Allah boleh makbulkan permintaan iblis tuh?

sumenye Islam.. yg tak Islam, otak2 korang nih jek. bodo piang! arghh! u dare call yourselves muslims.. orang2 cam yg memijak pale lembu nih la nanti kene laknat ngn lembu tuh.. ingat lembu takleh melaknat ke? haha! kite tengok ape jadi kat akhirat kelak..

tengok nanti laki tuh mati.. ade gajah datang pijak pale dia ke.. mesti gajah tu kiok kene tembak.. sian gajah. padehal dia datang buat balasan jek. Otaq taqda.. pikiaq la betui2, Tuhan bagi otaq kat hang.. hang pi pijak pala natang tuh watpa? BODOH! moga2 cepat la mati laki tuh cepat dia kene balasan kat neraka. haha!

balasan kat dunia nih. walaupun perit sampai mati, korang mati skali jek.. kat neraka tuh perit dia beribu kali ganda.. pastuh korang takleh mati dah.. hahaha!

Faltering Eve – the Nag

mmbebel.. mmm bebel.. cam lagu zainal abidin tu

we often see this kinda thing in TV.. and seem never missed it in real life.. its called the Nag of our Mother. yes.. its annoying.. coz its the truth.. and they kept repeating it again and again…. and again. yes! it had been imprinted in our brain of what the things they nag to us. yet we still feel to always to try and brush it away from our brain [tho we failed to do that]. hence we feel guilty when doing something against our mother’s hope or idea of a good child.. and worst, we were caught doing it by mom the instant we start what ever ill idea we had. so the nag starts.. of course the occasional ‘hard-giving-birth-to-child line will be included in the nag. and the ‘tak-boleh-mama-senang-sikit’ line.. yes! i knowww…. annoying! but still, its the truth. haha! mama.. u were young once, u know how it supposed to be. that it is our role to make you worry.

and like always.. we pull our face downwards [not push downward].. and we push our lips outward to its limits indicating we’re against her nag. haha! tho in our heart we actually dont think that [becoz we love you mama]. we dont talk.. we dont answer her question.. we just have to listen, tho not carefully.. it still slices our ‘gegendang’.. oh amat pedihnye kene bebelan mama. we were hopeful that she could just hit us and be done with it [like when we were kids].. but noooo.. we’re not kids anymore.. we have to listen! so listen we will.. i kinda imagined where they got all the words and strength to go on.. and on.. its like they had practiced the nag before.. its like a well written spontanious speech.. the idea that came out truthfully flowing through their mind like water if not like the wind.. haha! bukan la nak kutuk mama ye.. saje nak tulis dalam blog.. for the record, i didnt wrote this blog after i got nagged..

its different as we get older.. when we were kids, my mom always spank me or kalau ade rotan, mmg nangis la jap gi.. and *poof*.. she gone back to cooking or cleaning or anything she supposed to do. haha! convenient isnt it? tp kite tak ske camtuh mase kecik2..  tapi bile dah besa nih.. she nags and nags tp tak pukul pun.. haha! occasional hit on the shoulder x slalunye berkesan pun.. so we pull our face, sit in front of the tv or pc.. and while listening to her nag, we surf the internet. anak derhaka! Syurga Di Telapak Kaki Ibu.. wei!

kalau ayah ade tgh bace surat kabar ke.. tgk tv ke.. he’ll scream to us “Tutup komputer tuh.. dengar cakap Mama tu!” instantly we let out a big unwilling-sigh and we drag the cursor to the Shut Down button. the end of public entertaintment while being nag. if we’re being nag upstairs.. we find ways to go downstairs.. hehe! and if mama were folding clothes.. we start helping her [hoping to slow down the nag] and she pause the nag for a bit and says “Dah la.. biar mama buat ni!”.. and she started to nag again.. haha! endure endure.

different from our dad la. kalau dia diam pastuh jeling tajam tuh. instantly we stop what we’re currently doing. “tau takut” [at least this is what we thought our dad was thinking]. haha! no need to nag. but if he start his nags.. u’re in luck [if you’re the one that rarely read al-Qur’an and Hadith la]. u’ll learn alot from dad’s nagging.

there’s much more.. well, what i wrote are specifically for traditional parents..

modern parents nag yg bukan2 je.. tak pukul anak pun.. anak dah besar social tak hengat, pegi pub.. disko.. minum.. kene tangkap polis pun.. kene nag je.. kalu aku merokok dapat tau dek bapak aku.. dia tibai ngn buloh blakang umah pastuh mampus dia sumpah doa masuk nerake jek.. takyah masuk syurga.. [itu utk merokok saje baru]. ‘close minded’ mordern people says.. open minded for true Muslims.. these fathers who always spank us are the true architect that guide us to be the perfect husband/father. for girls tatau la haku. anak pompuan yg bapak tak restrict betul2.. see what happens? she did drugs, she likes clubbing, and heck! dlu cantik2 pakai tudung tutup aurat sume.. skang dah x pakai tudung, pakai baju dedah dada.. stil dad wont curse her to Hell..  all he does is just advice and advice.. still, she wont hear anything dad says.. these are the true stupid people, org nak tolong masuk Syurga.. dia tanak! okay! wow! we’re close minded.. modern people dont wear tudung, who cares? and worst.. she knows her all her sins will be left to her father.. sebabkan anak pompuan dia saje, sorang ayah masuk neraka.. and what she wrote in her blog? in her facebook? she love her family so much.. her parents.. no one knows how much love she pours to her parents. etc etc.. i say WTF!!! u’re the one going to Hell and you’re dragging your father with you.. bagus tul ade anak solehah cenggini..

okay.. now im the one nagging.. haha! moga2 taubat la anak2 yg byk buat dosa [yg rase konon dosa kecik.. leh taubat kemudian]. “dosa kecik je.. takpe!” they say. how big is dosa kecik.. maybe as big as the Earth.. Earth is still considered “little” comparing to other planets, sun and stars. how big is dosa besar? as much as a galaxy maybe? how big is dat? haha! dosa kecik la sangat. Allah itu Maha Besar.. unimaginable my human minds.. dunia kite nih kecik je bagi Tuhan kite.

wah! meleret membebel aku nih.. okay2.. back to topic.. haha!

here’s some tips, in the event of mom in the verge of nagging:

1. Apologize quickly

2. masuk bilik air cepat2, buat2 nak berak [lol]

3. buat air teh o panas [or any drinks that she likes]

4. bukak crite hindustan [preferably kabhi kushi kabhi gham]

5. buat2 saket kaki, macam kene gout

6. ckap adik yg duk umah satu hari tapi tak angkat kain baju pun

7. kemas umah2 kelihatan just nice bile mama balik umah [tepuk2 bantal krusi, betulkn kain meja, betulkn kerusi, etc]

8. kuar pintu blakang umah.. buat2 sibuk gardening

9. Listen to her [endure]

10. ajak mama gi tengok wayang, saye belanje.

so be a good modern day parents ye bile dah ade anak.. pukul anak bile perlu [mase kecik2 la].. dah besar2 dosa tanggung sendri [kalau anak laki].. anak pompuan pulak, bapak tanggung dosa sampai dia kawen, lepas tuh laki dia pulak tanggung dosa isteri.

oh! please dont make your mom and dad angry.. u know they’re angry when they wont talk to you.. apologize quickly. jangan lari masuk bilik. lagi derang bengkek..

not so merdeka are we…

ah! feels good doesnt it? fresh month, fresh morning, fresh rain.. its raining heavily this morning it felt fresh when i arrived in my workplace. from the carpark towards the entrace, people were stopped to be checked bby the medical officers. H1N1 prevention program. One of the guards held me and point some digital thermometer towards my head.. and *poofs*.. i saw ‘36.1’ on the screen.. then he said i can go, “must be a good number”.

so on i went up the elevators. and oh! i just realized. today the 1st day i’m working without my supervisors. shait. everything’s on me. shait. what do i do? “do i resign now?”.. arrived in front of my office door.. let go a huge sigh. and wave my identity card on the card detector.. i opened the door and i felt this urge to run away, but i kept my cool.. haha! there’s a sudden burst of cool air came out when i opened the door.. dramatic gile. its the air-conditioning ler. annnnddd… eeverything went back to my normal feelings.. tade pape jadi pun.. my Team Leader is on Emergency Leave and my Project Manager is still on leave.. i came 15 mintes late (i always do.. haha). so the thought of my PM and TL being angry about me coming late just left my brain. “fiieew!”

i went on to start my pc, 1st thing 1st. click on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.. and on with my emails, twitter, blogs,  soccernet, onemanga and other stuffs. work is 2nd priority.

darn.. just when i started to write my blog.. work came barging in.. ceh! okes! later..

selamat Merdeka my ass!