not so merdeka are we…

ah! feels good doesnt it? fresh month, fresh morning, fresh rain.. its raining heavily this morning it felt fresh when i arrived in my workplace. from the carpark towards the entrace, people were stopped to be checked bby the medical officers. H1N1 prevention program. One of the guards held me and point some digital thermometer towards my head.. and *poofs*.. i saw ‘36.1’ on the screen.. then he said i can go, “must be a good number”.

so on i went up the elevators. and oh! i just realized. today the 1st day i’m working without my supervisors. shait. everything’s on me. shait. what do i do? “do i resign now?”.. arrived in front of my office door.. let go a huge sigh. and wave my identity card on the card detector.. i opened the door and i felt this urge to run away, but i kept my cool.. haha! there’s a sudden burst of cool air came out when i opened the door.. dramatic gile. its the air-conditioning ler. annnnddd… eeverything went back to my normal feelings.. tade pape jadi pun.. my Team Leader is on Emergency Leave and my Project Manager is still on leave.. i came 15 mintes late (i always do.. haha). so the thought of my PM and TL being angry about me coming late just left my brain. “fiieew!”

i went on to start my pc, 1st thing 1st. click on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.. and on with my emails, twitter, blogs,  soccernet, onemanga and other stuffs. work is 2nd priority.

darn.. just when i started to write my blog.. work came barging in.. ceh! okes! later..

selamat Merdeka my ass!


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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