Faltering Eve – the Nag

mmbebel.. mmm bebel.. cam lagu zainal abidin tu

we often see this kinda thing in TV.. and seem never missed it in real life.. its called the Nag of our Mother. yes.. its annoying.. coz its the truth.. and they kept repeating it again and again…. and again. yes! it had been imprinted in our brain of what the things they nag to us. yet we still feel to always to try and brush it away from our brain [tho we failed to do that]. hence we feel guilty when doing something against our mother’s hope or idea of a good child.. and worst, we were caught doing it by mom the instant we start what ever ill idea we had. so the nag starts.. of course the occasional ‘hard-giving-birth-to-child line will be included in the nag. and the ‘tak-boleh-mama-senang-sikit’ line.. yes! i knowww…. annoying! but still, its the truth. haha! mama.. u were young once, u know how it supposed to be. that it is our role to make you worry.

and like always.. we pull our face downwards [not push downward].. and we push our lips outward to its limits indicating we’re against her nag. haha! tho in our heart we actually dont think that [becoz we love you mama]. we dont talk.. we dont answer her question.. we just have to listen, tho not carefully.. it still slices our ‘gegendang’.. oh amat pedihnye kene bebelan mama. we were hopeful that she could just hit us and be done with it [like when we were kids].. but noooo.. we’re not kids anymore.. we have to listen! so listen we will.. i kinda imagined where they got all the words and strength to go on.. and on.. its like they had practiced the nag before.. its like a well written spontanious speech.. the idea that came out truthfully flowing through their mind like water if not like the wind.. haha! bukan la nak kutuk mama ye.. saje nak tulis dalam blog.. for the record, i didnt wrote this blog after i got nagged..

its different as we get older.. when we were kids, my mom always spank me or kalau ade rotan, mmg nangis la jap gi.. and *poof*.. she gone back to cooking or cleaning or anything she supposed to do. haha! convenient isnt it? tp kite tak ske camtuh mase kecik2..  tapi bile dah besa nih.. she nags and nags tp tak pukul pun.. haha! occasional hit on the shoulder x slalunye berkesan pun.. so we pull our face, sit in front of the tv or pc.. and while listening to her nag, we surf the internet. anak derhaka! Syurga Di Telapak Kaki Ibu.. wei!

kalau ayah ade tgh bace surat kabar ke.. tgk tv ke.. he’ll scream to us “Tutup komputer tuh.. dengar cakap Mama tu!” instantly we let out a big unwilling-sigh and we drag the cursor to the Shut Down button. the end of public entertaintment while being nag. if we’re being nag upstairs.. we find ways to go downstairs.. hehe! and if mama were folding clothes.. we start helping her [hoping to slow down the nag] and she pause the nag for a bit and says “Dah la.. biar mama buat ni!”.. and she started to nag again.. haha! endure endure.

different from our dad la. kalau dia diam pastuh jeling tajam tuh. instantly we stop what we’re currently doing. “tau takut” [at least this is what we thought our dad was thinking]. haha! no need to nag. but if he start his nags.. u’re in luck [if you’re the one that rarely read al-Qur’an and Hadith la]. u’ll learn alot from dad’s nagging.

there’s much more.. well, what i wrote are specifically for traditional parents..

modern parents nag yg bukan2 je.. tak pukul anak pun.. anak dah besar social tak hengat, pegi pub.. disko.. minum.. kene tangkap polis pun.. kene nag je.. kalu aku merokok dapat tau dek bapak aku.. dia tibai ngn buloh blakang umah pastuh mampus dia sumpah doa masuk nerake jek.. takyah masuk syurga.. [itu utk merokok saje baru]. ‘close minded’ mordern people says.. open minded for true Muslims.. these fathers who always spank us are the true architect that guide us to be the perfect husband/father. for girls tatau la haku. anak pompuan yg bapak tak restrict betul2.. see what happens? she did drugs, she likes clubbing, and heck! dlu cantik2 pakai tudung tutup aurat sume.. skang dah x pakai tudung, pakai baju dedah dada.. stil dad wont curse her to Hell..  all he does is just advice and advice.. still, she wont hear anything dad says.. these are the true stupid people, org nak tolong masuk Syurga.. dia tanak! okay! wow! we’re close minded.. modern people dont wear tudung, who cares? and worst.. she knows her all her sins will be left to her father.. sebabkan anak pompuan dia saje, sorang ayah masuk neraka.. and what she wrote in her blog? in her facebook? she love her family so much.. her parents.. no one knows how much love she pours to her parents. etc etc.. i say WTF!!! u’re the one going to Hell and you’re dragging your father with you.. bagus tul ade anak solehah cenggini..

okay.. now im the one nagging.. haha! moga2 taubat la anak2 yg byk buat dosa [yg rase konon dosa kecik.. leh taubat kemudian]. “dosa kecik je.. takpe!” they say. how big is dosa kecik.. maybe as big as the Earth.. Earth is still considered “little” comparing to other planets, sun and stars. how big is dosa besar? as much as a galaxy maybe? how big is dat? haha! dosa kecik la sangat. Allah itu Maha Besar.. unimaginable my human minds.. dunia kite nih kecik je bagi Tuhan kite.

wah! meleret membebel aku nih.. okay2.. back to topic.. haha!

here’s some tips, in the event of mom in the verge of nagging:

1. Apologize quickly

2. masuk bilik air cepat2, buat2 nak berak [lol]

3. buat air teh o panas [or any drinks that she likes]

4. bukak crite hindustan [preferably kabhi kushi kabhi gham]

5. buat2 saket kaki, macam kene gout

6. ckap adik yg duk umah satu hari tapi tak angkat kain baju pun

7. kemas umah2 kelihatan just nice bile mama balik umah [tepuk2 bantal krusi, betulkn kain meja, betulkn kerusi, etc]

8. kuar pintu blakang umah.. buat2 sibuk gardening

9. Listen to her [endure]

10. ajak mama gi tengok wayang, saye belanje.

so be a good modern day parents ye bile dah ade anak.. pukul anak bile perlu [mase kecik2 la].. dah besar2 dosa tanggung sendri [kalau anak laki].. anak pompuan pulak, bapak tanggung dosa sampai dia kawen, lepas tuh laki dia pulak tanggung dosa isteri.

oh! please dont make your mom and dad angry.. u know they’re angry when they wont talk to you.. apologize quickly. jangan lari masuk bilik. lagi derang bengkek..


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