Pleasant Eid Mubara’

yeah.. pleasant sangat la.

this is the 4th day of raya.. while most of the remaining malays took the pleasure of applying leave for the whole week.. i started work again today. no point in using my annual leave for raya.  rakan2 sume balik kampung.. and my cousins too..  my family n i never went back to kampung[Kelantan].. Kelantan is none but history to my dad during raya.  well.. my grandparents were long gone before i was even born into this world. they passed-away 2-3 years before i was to be scheduled to be born on December 1983.  my grandma from kelantan passed away only to see my oldest brother for 9 months.. Tuk Isa passed away earlier than that.. so i never knew them. so meaning i couldn’t missed them. well.. if it is somehow they were still alive.. i don’t think we’d go back to Kelantan anyway.. they moved to Selayang Baru in the early 80s i think.. so if its raya.. i think i’ll still be in Selangor. tho i kinda envious may i seem to my friends that get to go back to kampung every raya. yes i have cousins there in Kelantan but none of them could accomodate us and we dont want to live in hotels during raya. close cousins went back to their mother side of families. meaning not [Tok Isa’s family lah] thats the story about dad’s family.

so the only kampung i have is Kampung Pandan which is a full 30minutes drive from Sungai Buloh during raya. Right! senang je. but then again. nenek came to celebrate raya with us this year. nenek tengah sakit. so we brought her to our home to take care of her. in which i think we did wrong to leave her alone. i thought that it’d be best to leave her alone to rest. and now im feeling guilty for not being by her side always. cucu derhaka. darn it. 2nd raya. acu came and nenek decided to live with acu until 3rd raya. kesian nenek.  today my mom gonna go take nenek to hospital to check up on her illness. i’ll go check on nenek later. oh.. Tuk Aziz also passes away before i was born.

so that makes it 3 grandparents i never knew.. but still, i am grateful to even know one nenek yang lembut, baik, mastercook[haha].. May Allah protect her journey. she had walked hard during her days. even when i was young. she was always besides me. when i was in secondary and come weekend. i will take a bus towards kampung pandan and stay the night kat umah nenek. best! those were the days la.

kecik2 carik nenek je.. kene marah ngn mama ayah.. lari gi umah nenek sorang2 naik bas. hehe! then ahad call my dad tolong amik balik umah. hahaha! i cant imagine doing it now tho. dulu naik bas from selayang to kampung pandan requires transit change. bus from selayang to KL and KL to Kampung Pandan..  take about 2 hours to arrive in Kampung Pandan if traffic were good. takde orang culik pun. i started going to school using public busses when i was 8 years old.. at first with my brothers.. i started taking public transport ALONE when i was 9.. going to KL alone tu. macho ne..! when i was in FORM 4 [equivalent to grade 10] i walked home from school.. i covered the walking distance of more than 40 Kilometres.. i think. nice eh! ahh! memories…

back to raya blog.. so 1st raya went pretty well.. about 4-5 families came to visit us.. tired! main menu: ketupat, nasik impit, rendang and kuah lodeh.. simple yet effectives. we weaved about 60-70 ketupat which i weaved 10 i think.. mom did 15, adik did 15, nenek did 20+.. usually i weaved more.. but that night i was feeling really sleepy.. so i stopped at the count of 10.. betul.. tak tipu.. janji.. weaving ketupat is as simple as tying shoe laces..

2nd raya menu is still 1st raya menu.. with additional laksa johor on the menu. i was thinking of making spaghetti but ingredient x ckup.. and malas nak pegi beli..

3rd raya pegi jalan2 raya umah friends and families..

no bunga api or mercun.. bosan! meriam buluh lagi la tade…

oh oh! its my 1st time giving duit raya.. yeah! rase puas! cam org kaye… hehe!

now im back working in my office.. weekend ni macam2 nak buat..

let see if Raye Haji tahun ni dapat gi Kelantan or not.. raya haji in Kelantan is the best…


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