List Today

hmm.. plan for today

=  buy Raymond E. Feist; Tear of the Gods, Jimmy the Hand and King of Foxes.

= buy ingredients for my ultimate spaghetti exercises

= finalize Redang trip

= upload Nottingham Forest pictures

= fashion my mind

= DotA if time perceivable

yeah! expensive list-to-do.. yet i will find it to my liking that things i adore will push away any hindrance towards inflation. heh.  i don’t care if i’ll go broke. as long as i can find my self a great night to sleep in.  i thank my dad to this encounter towards madness and obsessions of Midkemia; stories of the world of simple fantasy.. yet how i felt my blood rumbling every time i came to read its climax, really put me in the order to seek out more.


oh.. i learned how to make simple chicken bolognese.. good garlics, chicken breast fillet, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, thymes, chicken broth, parsley and salt.. and of course, spaghetti.

1. dip the spaghetti in hot simmering water: add salt and garlic in the water..

2. sliced tomatoes to half.. put olive oil, sliced thymes and salt on top of the sliced tomatoes…  then bake it in the oven with hi heat for 20-30 minutes [for 1 person used about 3 tomatoes i think its enuf]

3. crush some garlics [i like lots n lotsa garlic].. fry it with the olive oil until u can smell its delicious aroma.. put the chicken fillet in… salt it, pepper it, put thymes or basils, and parsley.. fry it.

4. place the friend chicken else where.. but leave the left-over fried juice in the pan.. start simmering the juices.. put some chicken broth in it.. and wallah..  toss in the baked tomatoes in the pan [together with the tomato juices]

5. get your spaghetti.. while its still hot, steamy and wet [kinda like the porn stories].. toss it into the pan with juices.. and stir it around..

6. take a plate for yourself.. put the fried chicken fillet first in the plate.. then put the spaghetti on top of it..  nice! sprinkle some black pepper and some Parmesan cheese.. and eat while its still hot.


Redang is a bitch in October!!


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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