29th Sept

Right.. the travel plan went wrong all the way until yesterday..

it was sorted out yesterday tho.. 3 guys going by air-asia.. and 2 by bus.. to Marang [where? google it!]..  today evening im gonna go to Terminal Putra, seek out bus tickets to Marang.. hope there are tickets. may cost us rm40 each for the bus tickets.. still.. its a good price compare to air-asia but setbacks wud be like.. long tiring journey on a bus.. accept that we’ll be sleeping on our journey there.. where else if i go by plane.. it takes only 45 minutes to arrive in Kuala Terengganu. then u have to go to Marang by bus or taxi.. and it’ll cost about rm50 just to go to Marang..  another rm100 for return boat to Redang.. whoops.. that is costly..

update 30th Sept

when i went to Berjaya Reservation Center this afternoon.. i was surprised to know that Berjaya Air [one flight per day only] flight back from Redang to Subang were fully booked.. damn! shouldav seen that coming.. so we change plan again.. to board fire fly back to Subang from Kuala Terengganu.. hish!

and when i surf the net for boat rates to Redang.. i found out that the jetty is actually located in Merang.. not Marang.. man! was i devastated to learn that..

i already bought 2 tickets to Marang.. Marang is located some 20 kilometers South of Kuala Trengganu.. and Merang is located about 30KM North of Kuala Trengganu..  curse the lady who sold me the bus tickets yesterday.. when i ask her “Kalau pegi Redang.. jeti dia kat Marang kan?” She noded. she actually noded…!!! and wallah! i bought 2 tickets to Marang instead of Merang… i am not aware of her origin as she clearly speaks like Kelantanese or maybe Ganu’s.. well.. they sounded alike to us Kuala Lumpurians.. i ask her again “last stop bas ni kat Besut ke? [demn! i knew it was north of KT].. she replied “tak lah.. Marang kat bawah KT, nanti ckap kat driver nak turun kat Marang”.. okay?! first.. she heard me saying im going to Redang yet she didnt correct me if my journey should be to Marang or Merang.. 2ndly, she misguided me again as i tot there was no MERANG ever existed..  argh!

okay… lesson learned.. google 1st before agreeing to buy tickets!!!

so now.. im planning to go change tickets if i could.. if not.. then i have to go to KT and ride a bus or taxi to Merang.. then go to Redang by ferry or fast boat. for return plan; we ride ferry or boat to Kuala Terengganu.. then board flight from KT to Subang..  Shit! everything are messed up.. hope this goes well..



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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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