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Friday Dilemma

he vouched the coming of the day

yet he sees only and equally adamant nature of beings

in this forceful generation

that dwells within the prospect of a bright future

so it seem..

he stayed there for an after eve encounter

looking onto her

loudly dreaming for an oath

that should have been held

by the face that would shatter even the most pleasurable glass

she came swiftly around the center corner

with eyes that would gulp the living existence of men

with a grace swaying the white wind of a flipping melody

and that bright charming curve on her cheek by the dozen north dandelion

her smile that is..

that was merely the feint of a plan

for when the time comes

reality of his mind

his adventure

lies not from the girl

but by the day

the seemingly what he see as whispers that echoed from those cold walls

but loud enough to be let odd an appearance of other bystanders

he stepped away

two seconds each leg brought forth

until he finds what he wished he was looking for

a gate of a truly magnificent square

viciously he could see

for when the song are to be sang

it is time for the crowd to assemble

upon the cool marble

and under the blazing of heat that touches our sky

quickly respiration took control

and as quick he would have found the fountain of cleansing

to be cleansed

to do the honor

to pray an oath

for he will take his place amongst the living that assembled

and there he waited

not until the time pass

but for absolute words that will be heard by many

the resounding of extreme cultivating presense

and may we prosper by the phrases that echoed throughout our region

and may you be at peace..


Kandang Beruk

‘104 gibbons hanging’

i see

ahaha! is this for real? someone actually visit my blog..

Radical dude!!!

i tot it was gonna be one hellish trip to Redang. u know.. its close to raining season..

thank God meteorologist said that it wont rain for the entire 4 days that i have planned to sleep on.. so we had all the fun we could have.. it was like so awesome even when Redang islanders said that the ocean was murky.. i went to the shore and said “how te hell would it look like if it aint murky now?”.. it was totally heavenly awesome just the way it is [murky as the islanders says].. darn!

went there with accommodation fully sponsored.. heheh! and Redang Island Resort were too damn nice for accommodation.. yeah! totally!

lemme say this… Redang was totally radical! dude!!! i wanna live there.. definitely going again..

wanna see pictures? wanna hear stories?


sorry.. go experience it yourself.. im just merely recording what i felt. this a a blog.. a journal.. not a story book.. nyeheh!

its the Eve as I live

weekend was good.. weekend, in a way, was entertaining..

on Sunday, Acu -my mom’s youngest sister- invited us family to go to her house in Puncak Alam for a little reunion.. and makan2.. sort of a family open house.. family only invited.. she cooked her specialty.. nasi ayam which she promised to cook when i came before during raya.. i had 3 rounds of it.. that’s alot if u saw how i ate.. then got a round of durian and other snacks.. played around with my little cousins.. [being a good old cousin i supposed]

i forgot what i did on Saturday though.. it was Deepavali.. maybe i went to play dota.. i think..

i got my Replacement Leave on Tuesday.. because i didnt took it on Monday.. coz i have to work on monday.. so i planned to go to Broga Hill on Tuesday morning.. where? i could only imagine to answer that question.. maybe its between Kajang n Semenyih.. i’m not really sure..

but i have to send nenek first back home in Kampung Pandan.. not a problem.. the problem was i woke up late that morning.. and sent nenek to her house at 8.. which killed my planned to go see sun rise.. on my way to rumah nenek.. my car window jammed -in return backfired and felt the feeling of being stabbed more n more to which concludes my settled mind to withdraw my plan to hike Broga Hill- and i thought of going to fix the window problem at a car service center just a 100 meters away from my grandma house..  the pomen fixed it easily as to which i dont even have to pay for the fixes..

it was 9.00am .. and i think -“what te heck!”- maybe i could do with some experience going there.. and in turn gave me hellish morning.. i went to kajang thru cheras hi-way to semenyih -by my dad’s suggestion- and i got lost in the middle of it.. what broga? i cant even find kajang properly.. wasted my time.. wasted petrol.. damn! and i went through at least 10 toll booths that morning [going and returning].. shesh! i shouldav googled the route first thing before i go..  by the time i finalized the cancellation of my plan.. it was almost 11am… all i had in mind was to search for McDonalds drive thru restaurant for a nice and juicy Sausage McMuffin that i craved for weeks.. found one in Bandar Baru Bangi.. thank God i found my way to Bangi.. it was like there was no signs of McD anywhere in Kajang.. had 2 Sausage McMuffins.. and went back home disappointed.. i didnt get to Broga.. and worst.. i havent been on top -the highest peak- of Broga.. demn! and something just jabbed me to wrote i lost the chance to see sun rise up there on Broga Hill..

i went to Broga once, Faitz brought me there along with Elfi..  we went there during sunset.. and it was awesome.. but we got up there too late to reach the highest point..

but hell, they went there another time for sunrise with Jaz.. and they didnt bother to ask me properly if i wanted to go -becoz it was on weekdays, derang cuti some days in weekdays-.. i hated them for that.. just for that tho.. i wanted to go too.. demn! i couldav gotten a half day leave for it..

Broga Hill was superb.. 30 minutes hike.. and the view can be astonishing as a view u could imagined.. u wanna know more about the place.. google it..

so thats what happened this weekend.. i’ll try for another time.. heh!

Bitter but not a bit

in the sky below

in the mist although

a fortune of story tellers

foretold a wild encounter

so beautiful

so rare

indeed it caught the glimpse of a wink

then rise from the green rose

a feature none would devour to believe

for it was really

just a simple smile 🙂

weird weekstart [as opposed to week’end’]

ah! lotsa lotsa blogs about food.. i dont like reading it bcoz food is my specialty.. heh! and weird thind is everyone seem to stop blogging after they got their new job.. maybe need a hang of it first or sumthing.. but heck.. i do find sometime to blog my way out of work in times.. even time to read blogs..

oh.. last sunday gave me a surprise.. i usually went for dota on sunday. this place [cyber cafe] employs a guard bcoz of recent and its luck of being robbed.. after dota.. i usually go buy a ramly burger at a burger stand just beside the cyber cafe. suddenly we heard a scream from afar.. and the guard stand alerted while corking his pump gun.. as the scream came… it was just some ppl playing around.. then came to the guard saying it was nothing.. so the guard came to his relief and lowered his gun. lucky for us he did that. becoz he misfired the damn thing onto the floor.. some of the broken floor shards hit me.. or maybe it was one the plastic pallets deflected by the floor hits me. damn hurt my chest. everyone was quiet for a moment, trying to figure out what’d happened.. haha!

the guard act quickly to take out the empty shell and all other bullets.. so as to not misfire again.. it misfired 5 feet away from me.. someone couldav died..! Alhamdulillah.. im still alive man.. im not ready to be ‘questioned’ just yet..

the shot made a hole on the floor.. pretty amazing to see something like that in front of you.. haha! i tot these things only happens in tv.. and pretty amazing that we’re still alive.. hahahaha! dota anyone?

i went to watch Surrogates yesterday[monday] at e@curve.. previously known as Cineleisure..  the story was nice.. but the length of the story gave me a doubt on the ticket price.. we were scheduled to go in the cinema at 7.00pm with 15-20 minutes of advertisements.. and i realized the clock showed 8.30 when the movie finished..  an hour movie? demn these directors making so much money out of 1hour movie.

then i went to Borders.. yeah! i found it.. i found it.. Raymond E. Feist; Krondor: Tears of the God.. instantly bought the book.. and wallah.. went back home..  trying hard to finish King of Foxes now..

a let down

so u said your friend are important to you.. maybe not that important when it comes to important family matters.. but stil u say your frens are important..

i have lots of frens like this.. when i do something.. i call them.. EVEN THO I KNOW THEY CANT COME maybe bcoz of work or other important matters.. i STILL invite them even tho at last they have to decline me..

but noooo…

not these so called fren of mine.. if they wish to do it.. they’ll do it.. without inviting me.. the reason is [they know i have working that day].. te fuck! some frens u are… faking hypocrites.

u cud at least tell me earlier.. so i could plan on having my leave that day…

u cud at least tell me.. even tho i might decline…



So they say i can go later… ALONE!!… OF CORS LA I CAN GO ALONE BUT wut te fuck frens are for if i wanted to go alone? FAKERS!! at least i tell them… i invite them first…!!

FAKERs making me so mad!!

sTIL they say… “ah! frens are very important to me” Faking Statement from faking LIARS..!

but still i befren them… stil i hope one day.. they do wut do i did.. that at least gave the courtesy of INVITING your fren first!… not keep it to yourself and 2 or 3 other frens..

and u know that i wanted to go so badly WITH FRENS!! yet….

DEMN these frens!


from the valley of the pictures
and by the memories of the winds
stated towards the leading mountain empire
for the natured hollow
purely dignified by the one stone we hold dearly
a stone of true emotions
and false legacy
hauled by the recognized mirror
centered by the mirage of a leaping sun
we came to what bitter it may cause
the conclusion that is
that today.. may i say
is Wednesday

from the valley of the pictures

and by the memories of the winds

stated towards the leading mountain empire

for the natured hollow

purely dignified by the one stone we hold dearly

a stone of true emotions

and false legacy

hauled by the recognized mirror

centered by the mirage of a leaping sun

we came to what bitter it may cause

the conclusion that is

that today.. may i say

is Wednesday