weird weekstart [as opposed to week’end’]

ah! lotsa lotsa blogs about food.. i dont like reading it bcoz food is my specialty.. heh! and weird thind is everyone seem to stop blogging after they got their new job.. maybe need a hang of it first or sumthing.. but heck.. i do find sometime to blog my way out of work in times.. even time to read blogs..

oh.. last sunday gave me a surprise.. i usually went for dota on sunday. this place [cyber cafe] employs a guard bcoz of recent and its luck of being robbed.. after dota.. i usually go buy a ramly burger at a burger stand just beside the cyber cafe. suddenly we heard a scream from afar.. and the guard stand alerted while corking his pump gun.. as the scream came… it was just some ppl playing around.. then came to the guard saying it was nothing.. so the guard came to his relief and lowered his gun. lucky for us he did that. becoz he misfired the damn thing onto the floor.. some of the broken floor shards hit me.. or maybe it was one the plastic pallets deflected by the floor hits me. damn hurt my chest. everyone was quiet for a moment, trying to figure out what’d happened.. haha!

the guard act quickly to take out the empty shell and all other bullets.. so as to not misfire again.. it misfired 5 feet away from me.. someone couldav died..! Alhamdulillah.. im still alive man.. im not ready to be ‘questioned’ just yet..

the shot made a hole on the floor.. pretty amazing to see something like that in front of you.. haha! i tot these things only happens in tv.. and pretty amazing that we’re still alive.. hahahaha! dota anyone?

i went to watch Surrogates yesterday[monday] at e@curve.. previously known as Cineleisure..  the story was nice.. but the length of the story gave me a doubt on the ticket price.. we were scheduled to go in the cinema at 7.00pm with 15-20 minutes of advertisements.. and i realized the clock showed 8.30 when the movie finished..  an hour movie? demn these directors making so much money out of 1hour movie.

then i went to Borders.. yeah! i found it.. i found it.. Raymond E. Feist; Krondor: Tears of the God.. instantly bought the book.. and wallah.. went back home..  trying hard to finish King of Foxes now..


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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