Friday Dilemma

he vouched the coming of the day

yet he sees only and equally adamant nature of beings

in this forceful generation

that dwells within the prospect of a bright future

so it seem..

he stayed there for an after eve encounter

looking onto her

loudly dreaming for an oath

that should have been held

by the face that would shatter even the most pleasurable glass

she came swiftly around the center corner

with eyes that would gulp the living existence of men

with a grace swaying the white wind of a flipping melody

and that bright charming curve on her cheek by the dozen north dandelion

her smile that is..

that was merely the feint of a plan

for when the time comes

reality of his mind

his adventure

lies not from the girl

but by the day

the seemingly what he see as whispers that echoed from those cold walls

but loud enough to be let odd an appearance of other bystanders

he stepped away

two seconds each leg brought forth

until he finds what he wished he was looking for

a gate of a truly magnificent square

viciously he could see

for when the song are to be sang

it is time for the crowd to assemble

upon the cool marble

and under the blazing of heat that touches our sky

quickly respiration took control

and as quick he would have found the fountain of cleansing

to be cleansed

to do the honor

to pray an oath

for he will take his place amongst the living that assembled

and there he waited

not until the time pass

but for absolute words that will be heard by many

the resounding of extreme cultivating presense

and may we prosper by the phrases that echoed throughout our region

and may you be at peace..


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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