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Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha..

jemput la datang open house…



medic check ups

i totally envy those doctors [male doctors] that do medical check-ups for hot young girls that were asked to do their medical check-up before these girls get to vacate their position in a big company…


right.. i heard this before .. lol


wish i was the doctor… lol!!



come on kids.. better be a doctor

Some cool stuff

The Zombie Bite Calculator

Created by Oatmeal

How many baboons could you take in a fight? (armed only with a giant dildo)

Created by Oatmeal

i found this site Oatmeal from a friend in twitter..  and

yesterday i learned that we dont ‘twit’.. we ‘tweet’

whoever read this post… shud go visit the site.. it’s cool

Left handed bastards!

u know, when we entered 2009. i applied for a certification training camp also known as Job Camp; fully sponsored by MDeC [meaning, its free laa]..  just the training, not for exams. actually i applied for CCNA training camp at the end of last year, which i didnt get because they favor the 2.5/4.0 CGPA graduates rather than 3rd class. i was devastated that i didnt get to go into that training camp. so i just applied for Database Administration, Ms SQL Server 2007 [MCIT Cert]. but i didnt get the cert bcoz i didnt go for their exam.

that’s not the point.

25 students enrolled in the programme. its free. at the end of the training.. only 10 students remained. rugi tul sape yg tak teruskan tu. in the 1st week. i went in as quiet as i could be. not socializing. coz its a 3 weeks programme. not that long to get acquainted with other ppl i tot. but it went smooth.. and i get to know 80% of the students closely..

25 students from around the country..

about 8 of us became close.

and one fateful day.. 5 of us went lunch together at an Indonesian restaurant.. i couldnt remember where the other 3 gone to. but we 5 sat on a round table. we took our orders n drinks and start chatting nonsense [ if i remember correctly].. until when the foods arrived. right.. feeling famished.. we started eating.. and came another conversation about writings if im not mistaken.. and i opened a topic about me being a LEFTY..

so another one suggested.. if u wanna know if someone is a lefty.. then look to his right arm. a lefty wears his watch at his RIGHT ARM… right.. and we started to look to each others arms… lol

here comes the funny part..

we were all wearing our watches on our right arms.. everyone went like “EH?”..  senyap kejap.. bunyik cengkerik jap.. haha! then we realized we were holding our spoon in our left hands..

biar betul? what were the odds?… 25 students around the country.. 5 sitting in 1 round table.. ordered the same thing actually; meehun sup.  and Lefties..  one from Kelantan, im from Selangor, one from KL, one from Johor and one from Sabah…

lol.. we couldnt believe what happened but reality struck.. and we laughed together and finished our meehun sup.. right.. and continued our classes.

3 of us went on an interview set up by the training center [oh.. the training center, its called ReDynamics].. and we got the job..

The Riftwar Cycle

Author:  Raymond E. Feist
The Riftwar Saga
*Magician (1982)
Republished in two parts in the United States:
Magician: Apprentice (1986)
Magician: Master (1986)
Silverthorn (1985)
A Darkness at Sethanon (1986)
The Empire Trilogy
Daughter of the Empire (1987) with Janny Wurts
Servant of the Empire (1990) with Janny Wurts
Mistress of the Empire (1992) with Janny Wurts
Krondor’s Sons
Prince of the Blood (1989)
The King’s Buccaneer (1992)
The Serpentwar Saga
Shadow of a Dark Queen (1994)
Rise of a Merchant Prince (1995)
Rage of a Demon King (1997)
Shards of a Broken Crown (1998)
The Riftwar Legacy
Krondor: The Betrayal (1998)
Krondor: The Assassins (1999)
Krondor: Tear of the Gods (2000)
Legends of the Riftwar
Honoured Enemy (2001) with William R. Forstchen
Murder in LaMut (2002) with Joel Rosenberg
Jimmy the Hand (2003) with S. M. Stirling
Conclave of Shadows
Talon of the Silver Hawk (2003)
King of Foxes (2004)
Exile’s Return (2005)
Darkwar Saga
Flight of the Nighthawks (2005)
Into a Dark Realm (2006)
Wrath of a Mad God (2008)
Demonwar Saga
Rides a Dread Legion (2009)
At the Gates of Darkness (January 4, 2010)
Chaoswar Saga
A Kingdom Besieged (TBA)
A Crown Imperiled (TBA)
Magician’s End (TBA)
* i have inquired Kinokuniya and Borders about Magician [MPH was stunningly ignorant of this book]. and they  both said that the publishers had stopped publishing the original hardback cover. and i’m gonna make my mission to search for this book.. even if it cost me alot of money. its going into my new year resolutions.


right! it’s been leaked-out.. and after i went to write something i wish the person would read about.

[and seriously, i know of people who would silently chant an oath to ignore].

but no..

its not my identity here as it is to be. or have been.

i am ururu.. and i make my rules.. i live here by my honor.

Scanning the Minutes

here a little bit of something..  updates as u call it..

-my brother just had his birthday yesterday.. and his birthday song sounds like this: “tenet tet tet teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeett!” haha!

– they blocked me. 2 persons

– i went to see a movie with a girl.

– she’s not my girlfriend.. tho i may wish she is

– i came late again today

– saw some negros fight next to me, at the Curve on wednesday when i was having dinner with my family. one was stabbing the other with a fork and another was flinging around the restaurant notice bar. and the guards did nothing but watch [not until they stopped]. obviously scared of them big guys. i literally sat still next to them the whole time, watching. lol. they actually threw real punches in fights. and jabbing with fork was fun to watch too.

– thinking of buying a house within this or next month.

– watched ‘chuck’ yesterday night.. Sarah was, dude;… awesome..!

– finished my work, have to give some briefing today after prayer.

– i screw up, someone may know who i am [pls dont tell anyone]

– changed some layout in my blog

– oh.. its Friday

School Leave?

darn these jobs.. i was about to write something  and along came the task, in which, produced an overwhelming wall that blocked my mirage of my mind as to what i wanted to write about.

right.. lemme search for it for a moment…



oh! got it.. took me 1.51 minutes to remember back

here goes, i was browsing for the calendar a while ago to seek out days for me to relax. and i stumbled upon one that clearly shows school holidays on it. so the school holidays will commence through out Malaysia in just a few more days.  so lucky them kids. i remembered my school holidays. well, lets just say that i’m lucky enuf that i get to spend some of my school holidays with my friends around my neighborhoods. i used to lived in Selayang Baru, a village just near Batu Caves, and are on the tracks to be developed into a small town. so i still felt the tradition of kids around neighborhood. i knew almost everyone in 5 miles radius. awesome aight? be it someone we like.. or someone we hate. we knew them up and down. that’s y i like kampung.. i envy people who lives in a kampung. we were joined together because of traditional games and any kind of sports. guli, gasing, karom, tenteng, konda kondi, rounders, badmintons, polis sentri, football, bicycles, kites or wau, hide n seek, mandi sungai or parit, panjat bukit, maybe some fighting, takraw, sepak raga, raga ikan, tangkap belut, mandi lombong, ikan laga [or toman laga ikan laga.. lol] and many more. shesh.. i cudnt have remembered everything. yeah! parents should just let their children play all their might during school holidays. not sending them to tuitions or some extra cdt school. thats damn boring i tell you. thats what happened when i was form3 and form4.. form3 was preparation for PMR; form 4 for SPM. seriously, it got into me.. and it let me down. well, form3 was easy.. Alhamdulillah.. PMR was easy [i think].. but SPM was hard and for me, not getting what i want really stressed me. and spending hours on tuition didnt help at all. well.. at least for me that is. okay. enuf of that, i think.

u might know these sports or games came with their own ‘seasons’. man! one day you’re playing guli [marbles] on your neighbor grounds and u saw another was playing gasing. tomorrow it was gasing season for a week.. then someone found a tennis ball somewhere… then its rounders season.. oh! Pakcik Mat beli karom letak kat bawah pondok dia rehat.. then its karom season.. so on and so forth. i bet some children nowadays dont even know whats konda kondi.. let alone knowing if they ever existed. for some who ever heard of it, they dont know the rules. hush! i pity them so much!~ seronoknye dlu2.. main PS2, main PS3, main Xbox, main Wii? haha! dlu ade micro genius beb.. tapi still go out petang2, main ngn kawan2 lagi sronok.

u pick a bulk-size sand and throw it on your friends window. kalau tak malu cam kitorang dlu.. berdiri ramai2 depan umah orang.. jerit name kawan2, lol! anuuuaaaaar!!! anuuaarrrr!!! bulaaaaattt!! bullaaaaatt!!  if it were me, kawan2 panggil kat luar. mula laa jenguk2 kat luar. pastuh tanye mama.. leh kuar tak? “takleh!” she shouted. then ask her again.. “tak boleh mama kate. buat ape main2 ni? keje skolah ape tak buat, dah la main dengan budak2” she added “pegi buat keje skolah tu. kalau tak siap tak boleh keluar” te heck?! by the time school assignment finished, it’ll be night fall already.. no no no!

when she went upstairs or go to the kitchen or something. its time we flee current scene.. kalau mama duk kat ruang tamu gak.. loncat dari verandah.. takpe.. for the sake of fun time. tingkap kene grill dlu.. tak dpt kuar tingkap. balik2 umah mase maghrib kene tibai.. tak pun kene halau kuar balik.. jgn masuk umah selagi mak kate takleh masuk. huhuhu! nanges.. tanak buat lagi… huhuhu…

NOT! besok buat lagi.. lol

fun fun fun.. thats all we had to think. future? dapat masuk asrama bagus? masuk universiti bagus? hahaha! no no no.. tak penting! even if we got all that academic privileges. its all will go to waste. in my time at least.. maybe not now. asrama was fun if u’re a senior. juniors get bullied everyday. same goes to university. but thank God i went to UTP. the seniors were open-minded by the time we entered. and we did better than those seniors.. way better.. i dont know why.. but we from our age of time.. as i hear it from others too.. we started to play nice.. so nice to juniors that the juniors would be nicer to their juniors.. takde puak2, takde inferior people amongst us.. we knew each other more than we know our own siblings.

if u ever go to UTP; i tell you this, your goal should be because you want to make lotsa friends.. not studying. lol!  well.. might as well study too.. i heard the lecturers are better nowadays, save for just finger- counted when i was there. in my time, people looked down to Information System students.. but as of now.. IS students are more successful than other students. not IT.. not Engineering features.. in term of careers, that is. do not under estimate the power of analyst. we were taught how to create, how to manipulate data. you’d be surprised how far we can govern resources. be it simple as you can see.

lari topik lagi…

so [where were we?], night comes in our villages. it doesnt stop just after playing. Maghrib in mosque is another must. haha! lepas semayang berjemaah Maghrib, main main lagi.. selalunye polis sentri or kejar kejar..  here’s the rule of kejar-kejar:

1. u settled with whom to be the ‘it’

2. the ‘it’ will chase anyone else into becoming the next ‘it’ in certain boundaries. or chase them until they sit down or freeze and say ‘twit’ or ‘chop’. if u forget one of those 2.. u’re ‘it’.

3. if the ‘it’ succeeded in making everyone froze or sit down. then everyone have to sit down accept for the ‘it’. and the ‘it’ will to count to 3. anyone who stands earlier than the count or the last to stand after the count.. will be ‘it’

senang je.. selamat bermain.. lol

and setiap Rabu lepas Solat Isya’ ade sedikit jamuan utk tetamu masjid.. hehe! kekadang kuih muih.. kekadang roti canai.. delicious.. if u’re spending the meal with friends, that is.

man.. those were the days. so pity children these days.  rasenye derang penah jumpe tak durian belanda? rasenye derang tau tak kite minum tebu dengan gigit tebu? rasenye derang tau tak cara2 main guli? rasanye derang tau tak cemane nak buat wau gune kertas ngn plastik? rasenye derang penah mandi parit tak? rasenye derang penah panjat bumbung jiran senyap2 utk ambik bola rounders? haha!

viva school holidays~~!

annual lepak @genting

Peace be upon you….. always


i got to have 1 and a half day MC yesterday [beginning Monday evening].. meaning roughly 2 days la.. haha! seronok aku. n since i got a full day leave on Tuesday, malam Isnin we decided to go for our annual lepak @coffee bean in Genting Highland. 4 usual faces. nice eh? it was raining the entire evening so when we got up there around midnight.. rain have long stopped n the air was cold.. but no mist nor clouds nor wind what-so-ever.. it was just plain cold.. meaning… not too cold. so it was kinda nice.. we get to see the view of the perfect KL night [or Selangor] from the top. i wished i could upload a picture or two. but those pictures will give out the mysteries of me. haha! bare in mind, only certain people knows who i really am. as i think it is.. only 1 person knows who i am. [well.. not that u want to know who i am either]


had a coffee and pure vanilla.. some cookies my friend’s girlfriend made for him. raspberry cookies. it was nice. if not for the fact that kitorang dah dinner awal2. jadi suda kenyang baa.. have long chats; the usual stuffs – how we met, where are others, how good UTP was n some of the lecturers was, whos married, going to be married, lost friends [i mean really lost.. his family actually called me earlier that night asking where he’d gone the weekend before.. n we dont have any news of him since], some galaxy stuff, then the universe, Islam, Ayah Pin, Nabi Palsu, ghost stories, ghost movies.. haha! the usual stuff i guess. its just the place, we’re on top of a mountain. im thinking of going higher next time. kat mane eh? cameron highland or fraser hill maybe. all road-accessed moutains la.


got back down around 4 am. totally exhausted, i dont know why. but totally. we slept the entire way back. kesian jaz kene drive sorang2, yg len len sume tido. haha!

It’s in You

here some things to ponder.

so i’ve heard life sucks! .. and so i’ve heard people asking why would things go bad? why things befall unto them? how lucky for them to have won something, what to expect of our own future life?  how prosperous one can be when the other declared his/her misery? why cant we divide love? why must love be divided? why? how? what? when?

and i might just answer the same thing again and again.. that it will all come down to none but our own Creator. for He is the Mightiest of them all. and you… you have no meanings to question Him. you dont even have the prejudice to deliver such feeling as well as all the Prophets we believed to exists. whom you read that even the God answered ‘No’ to their prayers.

so i heard. you’ve broken your heart and one should have never broke another. and i said to them, ‘this is the belief of the non-believers’. you were created from God’s love and that if such thing was untrue, you would have never tasted air, you would have never tasted your mothers milk, you would have never have feelings, you could not see, not even the faintest of light of imaginations.

It is said that God loves Rasullulah SAW so much He created Earth, so that he could live. so from God’s love, we were brought forth by our father and mother. created with the strongest heart that were gripped by the pillars of our own mind. the pillars are made from the toughest substance one  can even imagine. our own soul. you see? it is impossible for a human to break a heart. impossible. only God knows how. your heart only stops when Izrail ripped your soul away. you lose your soul, then you lose your mind.. and only then your heart broke down. how do you lose a soul, when Izrail haven’t come to claim it? its not your love towards your boyfriend that tried to ripped you apart, its just Iblis and Syaitan seeking your friendship.

you just have to believe. you need to believe.

for even Iblis believes, in God that is. May not be towards human.. but I do believe Iblis prays to God everyday. Iblis doesnt own the hell, God does. Iblis is still afraid of hell. Though he came from fire itself and were banished to hellfire long ago.

values that we seek. values that we tried to hold on to. are nothing but our believes. as long as you believe. Yes! we create own journey, we try to decide a path we can follow upon reaching our values. but we forgot to carve a means of telling where did we went to. we forgot to create our own path. we forgot to create a bridge linking to others. “how can one with such indifference exist equally, in a parallel manner?” you asked. how can it not? how can you think such ways? when what we seek only Good. and Good is what we led our path to end, even if it means indifference for others.

I’ve sinned everyday, and that I admit. I traveled my own journey from boyhood towards maturity while still living my boyhood life. and i still am. XÞ~ but do believe i have grown hastily towards something i tried not to.

but one night i just paused, i stood there in the middle of plain sight. and i glanced upwards, towards the seemingly vast black sky. a sky of thousand blinks, a sky of million lights, a sky so dark we call it night. and i started to ponder of my journey, before, ahead and present. i started to imagine the world. i tried to reminisce the word ‘Believe’.. -=oh! i do that on regular basis now=-.. whether it be raining, cloudy, clear, or dark. the sky is where you will start to think.. that you can believe. you can have it in your heart. the strength. inhuman strength if you wished for it. for the God is up there.. and the Heaven is at your mother’s feet.. your mother’s mercy. pause for a minute. and glanced up high. you’ll see what i mean. you’ll pick your time thoroughly, for when the sky were blue, you feel at peace. and when the sky turns orange, or red, you’ll feel at awe. and when you blink at the night sky, you know of no fear of the dark anymore.

for when the beauty struck. you have nowhere to see, more over what you can hear.

aight? hehe! XÞ