It’s in You

here some things to ponder.

so i’ve heard life sucks! .. and so i’ve heard people asking why would things go bad? why things befall unto them? how lucky for them to have won something, what to expect of our own future life?  how prosperous one can be when the other declared his/her misery? why cant we divide love? why must love be divided? why? how? what? when?

and i might just answer the same thing again and again.. that it will all come down to none but our own Creator. for He is the Mightiest of them all. and you… you have no meanings to question Him. you dont even have the prejudice to deliver such feeling as well as all the Prophets we believed to exists. whom you read that even the God answered ‘No’ to their prayers.

so i heard. you’ve broken your heart and one should have never broke another. and i said to them, ‘this is the belief of the non-believers’. you were created from God’s love and that if such thing was untrue, you would have never tasted air, you would have never tasted your mothers milk, you would have never have feelings, you could not see, not even the faintest of light of imaginations.

It is said that God loves Rasullulah SAW so much He created Earth, so that he could live. so from God’s love, we were brought forth by our father and mother. created with the strongest heart that were gripped by the pillars of our own mind. the pillars are made from the toughest substance one  can even imagine. our own soul. you see? it is impossible for a human to break a heart. impossible. only God knows how. your heart only stops when Izrail ripped your soul away. you lose your soul, then you lose your mind.. and only then your heart broke down. how do you lose a soul, when Izrail haven’t come to claim it? its not your love towards your boyfriend that tried to ripped you apart, its just Iblis and Syaitan seeking your friendship.

you just have to believe. you need to believe.

for even Iblis believes, in God that is. May not be towards human.. but I do believe Iblis prays to God everyday. Iblis doesnt own the hell, God does. Iblis is still afraid of hell. Though he came from fire itself and were banished to hellfire long ago.

values that we seek. values that we tried to hold on to. are nothing but our believes. as long as you believe. Yes! we create own journey, we try to decide a path we can follow upon reaching our values. but we forgot to carve a means of telling where did we went to. we forgot to create our own path. we forgot to create a bridge linking to others. “how can one with such indifference exist equally, in a parallel manner?” you asked. how can it not? how can you think such ways? when what we seek only Good. and Good is what we led our path to end, even if it means indifference for others.

I’ve sinned everyday, and that I admit. I traveled my own journey from boyhood towards maturity while still living my boyhood life. and i still am. XÞ~ but do believe i have grown hastily towards something i tried not to.

but one night i just paused, i stood there in the middle of plain sight. and i glanced upwards, towards the seemingly vast black sky. a sky of thousand blinks, a sky of million lights, a sky so dark we call it night. and i started to ponder of my journey, before, ahead and present. i started to imagine the world. i tried to reminisce the word ‘Believe’.. -=oh! i do that on regular basis now=-.. whether it be raining, cloudy, clear, or dark. the sky is where you will start to think.. that you can believe. you can have it in your heart. the strength. inhuman strength if you wished for it. for the God is up there.. and the Heaven is at your mother’s feet.. your mother’s mercy. pause for a minute. and glanced up high. you’ll see what i mean. you’ll pick your time thoroughly, for when the sky were blue, you feel at peace. and when the sky turns orange, or red, you’ll feel at awe. and when you blink at the night sky, you know of no fear of the dark anymore.

for when the beauty struck. you have nowhere to see, more over what you can hear.

aight? hehe! XÞ


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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