its the Day we Stay

morning monday! how i hate you..

not mentioning i slept with my head bended heavily by my pillows [3 pillows to be exact] last night.. and heck! i slept forcefully on my jaw yesterday evening.. which bring me to this feeling like a vermin trying hard to hack my head off my neck.. it’s a hellish feeling i tell you. going to work with this kinda neck makes me feel like getting myself a nice good MC for the day. and i just swore my oath to a good diet schedule. darn!

Terry beat a head down to Manchester Utd goal post yesterday.. i was going like “YAY! YAY!”.. nice! kalahkn MU!!.. Glory Glory Man U Haters!!!

but the problem is that Chelsea have gone up 5 points ahead of Arsenal. no worries tho! i’m sure Arsenal could manage the differences..

last Saturday was Ajaq’s so called Bachelor Party.. he’s gettin married this December and we thought a last day all-guys-out would make him feel a lil of ease for his forthcoming unity with his fiancee. The Gay Party were inclusive of Me, Anis, Fayzul, Ajaq himself and Elfi. went for lunch at Fish Co. at Bangsar Village, watch a stupid movie called “Raging Phoenix” at Pavilion [takyah tengok wayang, beli DVD je], cancelled ‘strip club’ event at The Ship across of BB Plaza bcoz only have 11.30 shows.. lol! [actually it was cabaret show or something], dined at Bukit Bintang Pizza Hut, gone for karaoke at Ampang Park and watched Arsenal game at Lotus beside Hotel Nikko.. okay.. not that fun! but everything’s fun when we’re amongst our friends. not to mention got to see Fayzul had a ‘fun slide’ down the intersection in the pouring rain in the middle of Bukit Bintang.. lol! i laugh my guts out that night! takyah la dua2 kaki terjulur.. hahahaha!

oh! when we were inquiring about at the ‘strippers club’ [lol!].. a certain old chinese guy came to me and ask.. “Amoi.. mau amoi ka?”.. twice! hahaha! and i stood there just thinking about it.. ahaha!

hey! just thinking about it.. n not doing it dapat pahale tau?.. Wallahualam..

okay! thats that.. later!


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. hahaha
    amoi..mau amoi ka?
    bapak lawak sehh
    kat mana strip club tu?
    haha curious o_0

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