annual lepak @genting

Peace be upon you….. always


i got to have 1 and a half day MC yesterday [beginning Monday evening].. meaning roughly 2 days la.. haha! seronok aku. n since i got a full day leave on Tuesday, malam Isnin we decided to go for our annual lepak @coffee bean in Genting Highland. 4 usual faces. nice eh? it was raining the entire evening so when we got up there around midnight.. rain have long stopped n the air was cold.. but no mist nor clouds nor wind what-so-ever.. it was just plain cold.. meaning… not too cold. so it was kinda nice.. we get to see the view of the perfect KL night [or Selangor] from the top. i wished i could upload a picture or two. but those pictures will give out the mysteries of me. haha! bare in mind, only certain people knows who i really am. as i think it is.. only 1 person knows who i am. [well.. not that u want to know who i am either]


had a coffee and pure vanilla.. some cookies my friend’s girlfriend made for him. raspberry cookies. it was nice. if not for the fact that kitorang dah dinner awal2. jadi suda kenyang baa.. have long chats; the usual stuffs – how we met, where are others, how good UTP was n some of the lecturers was, whos married, going to be married, lost friends [i mean really lost.. his family actually called me earlier that night asking where he’d gone the weekend before.. n we dont have any news of him since], some galaxy stuff, then the universe, Islam, Ayah Pin, Nabi Palsu, ghost stories, ghost movies.. haha! the usual stuff i guess. its just the place, we’re on top of a mountain. im thinking of going higher next time. kat mane eh? cameron highland or fraser hill maybe. all road-accessed moutains la.


got back down around 4 am. totally exhausted, i dont know why. but totally. we slept the entire way back. kesian jaz kene drive sorang2, yg len len sume tido. haha!


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