Left handed bastards!

u know, when we entered 2009. i applied for a certification training camp also known as Job Camp; fully sponsored by MDeC [meaning, its free laa]..  just the training, not for exams. actually i applied for CCNA training camp at the end of last year, which i didnt get because they favor the 2.5/4.0 CGPA graduates rather than 3rd class. i was devastated that i didnt get to go into that training camp. so i just applied for Database Administration, Ms SQL Server 2007 [MCIT Cert]. but i didnt get the cert bcoz i didnt go for their exam.

that’s not the point.

25 students enrolled in the programme. its free. at the end of the training.. only 10 students remained. rugi tul sape yg tak teruskan tu. in the 1st week. i went in as quiet as i could be. not socializing. coz its a 3 weeks programme. not that long to get acquainted with other ppl i tot. but it went smooth.. and i get to know 80% of the students closely..

25 students from around the country..

about 8 of us became close.

and one fateful day.. 5 of us went lunch together at an Indonesian restaurant.. i couldnt remember where the other 3 gone to. but we 5 sat on a round table. we took our orders n drinks and start chatting nonsense [ if i remember correctly].. until when the foods arrived. right.. feeling famished.. we started eating.. and came another conversation about writings if im not mistaken.. and i opened a topic about me being a LEFTY..

so another one suggested.. if u wanna know if someone is a lefty.. then look to his right arm. a lefty wears his watch at his RIGHT ARM… right.. and we started to look to each others arms… lol

here comes the funny part..

we were all wearing our watches on our right arms.. everyone went like “EH?”..  senyap kejap.. bunyik cengkerik jap.. haha! then we realized we were holding our spoon in our left hands..

biar betul? what were the odds?… 25 students around the country.. 5 sitting in 1 round table.. ordered the same thing actually; meehun sup.  and Lefties..  one from Kelantan, im from Selangor, one from KL, one from Johor and one from Sabah…

lol.. we couldnt believe what happened but reality struck.. and we laughed together and finished our meehun sup.. right.. and continued our classes.

3 of us went on an interview set up by the training center [oh.. the training center, its called ReDynamics].. and we got the job..


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. maybe its a weird part.. and funny part

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