December ~ Dis-ember ~ Did Amber ~ Dis embark? ~ dumber

morning December.. i mean, its early December.. so it represents morning or something laidet. nvm.

orang x balik raye lagi.. tak jem pun jalan raye. best jek aku bawak krete laju2 kat hi-way.

1st thing in morning bile aku bukak pc bukan untuk buat keje, tp untuk bace manga. pihak sunway lagoon telah cube menelipon aku. right. yesterday i registered and inquired about Sunway season pass at sunway lagoon website. long story~ short. jadi today i accepted the terms n conditions in acquiring one of the season pass. jadi telah dapat aku benefit2 yg memudahkan kehidupan kalau gi sunway lagoon atau sunway piramid atau sunway tambun kat ipoh nun. in 2 more weeks. n i can just enter Sunway Lagoon Theme Park [all park] for free until December 2010. masuk hari2 la! anda nak jugak? Boleh ! tak murah pun.. RM888 je. nice.

my throat shouts “MC! MC today”.. got a mild flu yesterday. sebab allergic to dust. demmit.  mase tido pagi tadi pula tekak menjadi kering setelah mimpi pasal hair dryer. and my lungs simply could not support all the kahaks2 yg terkumpul di pagi hari. i know.. eeuw.  darn! tapi takpe.. tanak MC. kite gi gak keje. sebab kat opis ade tenet. i can read all the manga’s till my heart runs dry. walaupun ade keje sket2. tapi nak bace gak manga. err.. back to throat. semase or setelah tekak kering, bacteria2 itu pun menjalankan tugas infecting my throat to its hearts content. gatalnye tekak ni rase nak garu kuat sampai rase lega. tapi cemane nak buat?

beli strepsils lah.. isap 3-4 bijik.. dah lunch.

pegi klinik tingkat 1, cek tekak dengan harapan nak dapat MC skali.. dapat antibiotik ngn ubat saket tekak je. demn! tggu nurse siapkan ubat lame sgt.. sampai nak abis lunch. takpe. lunch jugak. makan fish n chips.

abis lunch. sambung tenet. bace blog. carik blog.

today i get to visit some peculiar bloggers. found one really interesting. the blogger? she’s cute [yes, i think so], and she blogs funny, she called her father; AJ. maybe i cud call my dad BCI in here [compliments to her for the idea of cors]. her name could be anisizaty. im thinking she is studying to be a surgeon [or not] in Indonesia or something. and she likes to mention radin and nada izyan in her posts..

cant remember how i stumbled onto her blog. she gave out some nice blog to be read. some informative blogs in funny words.

darn.. she found about oatmeal earlier than me. takleh la nak suggest kat dia.

How many germs live on your cell phone?

Created by Oatmeal

and 4 more days! counting! actually its 3 more days and a couple of hours..


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. hihihi 🙂
    im studying medicine. jd doc. not yet a surgeon. radin is my bestie who lives next door. and nada is my bestie who is at malaysia who keeps on bugging me telling me to put up her name in my posts. yeah my friend told me about oatmeal. u can teach me something else if you want. sometimes my blog can be a little merepek thats just me dealing with my stress. anyways what else do u wanna know? LOL

  2. thats creepy hahah! btw i pon benci gila org x reti signal. cacat otak btl 😀

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