my eve, my day and the day after

another type that I hate the most.. those so called overly-cautious people who constantly hit their car breaks even for slightest surprise [i call them F**king Breakerz or FB] .. these dangerous people shudnt have been given the right to drive any vehicle. why? because of these dangerous people are the true architect of destruction for my tiny mistake [well.. cant say its tiny tho… lol]

i had a car accident last Friday [4th Dec], accident that involved 4 cars.. and the perpetrator just keeps on driving freely somewhere in this country. i was trying to ditch this one FB from the beginning from when i got out of house [thats when i get to know that an FB was ahead of me].. but she [the FB was female] got all the luck that morning to swiftly getting space to lurk in between cars. and i was behind her all the way to jalan besar.. still trying diligently to pass her car but failed. she kept on breaking at a slightest in-coming-danger. so at one time, she totally got a free space in front of the large traffic at the right lane [jalan besar ade 2 lane].. and i was at the slow [left] lane, krete saye di blakang van yg slow. i saw the FB drive passed an Audi and i gave my signal to breach right lane after the Audi.. after a successful breach, I was driving leisurely knowing that the FB is now the Audi’s problem.. and there shudnt been any problem since there are no traffic wutsoever in front of the FB [she was ahead of the traffic this time].

one moment i was measuring distance with the car beside me.. the next thing i saw 3 red lights at the butt of the Audi. i was too close to him btw, and it was raining that morning. so i gave an emergency break so quick that my car screech and slid to hit the Audi.. BAM! i saw my engine hood folds. and i was relieved that the back car was quick to stop. think again. it was a full second. and BAM! BAM! [again]the car behind me [a peugeot] gave me a back ache. an iswara behind the peugeot didnt have time to break and hit the peugeot and the peugeot hit me and i hit the Audi again. so my car became a tuna sandwich.. hitting the Audi in front 2 times.. 1 hit from the back by a peugeot. nice! rapuh tul proton satria aku nih.. sebab the Audi in front only left the scene with a mild scratch on the back bumper. and the peugeot have only got dented bumper. demmit gile! bumper aku pulak hancur, bonet terlipat, radiator bengkok, horn pecah, lampu pecah, buut bengkok, bumper blakang bengkok, dash board tertanggal.. macam2 lagi.

ohohoho! and where did that kelisa go? nowhere to be found lah. of course lah. the true architect mesti la dah ilang. Audi driver explained that the FB kelisa suddenly break her car out of nothingness.. WTF?!!!

pegi buat police report. got some help from the pomen yg dtg skali.. all the blame goes to Iswara.. lol! but iswara need to cover all insurance claim.. i think thats what i heard. but i think peugeot need to cover mine. apparently Audi left with just minor scratches.. so if there’s any need to re-paint.. i’ll just pay cash.. murah jek bayar cat bumper hitam. hehe!

so skang krete tgh terdampar kehampaan kat workshop waiting for insurance claim. then they’ll start the repairs.

good to know things can go bad at the eve of my birthday. well.. it couldav gone alot worse if i got out injured or dead. huhu! Alhamdulillah tak mati [or i wrote this blog in the grave.. who knows?]

malam tu pinjam honda odyssey mama gi futsal at PJ.. menang dan balik kepenatan. oh.. i still get to drive actually, given my accident record this year… 3 accidents in a year.. lol]

the next day, i stayed home lah.. sebab tade krete. its my birthday ler.. petang tuh pinjam krete ayah pulak.. pegi beli secret recepi’s utk family [yep.. i buy my own birthday cake].. chocolate indulgence…. mmmmmmmm.. sedap sedap!!!!! hehe!

then lepas maghrib, attend my mom’s daughter wedding reception. kat kelab golf ape tah.. tp bole tahan lawa gak la singgahsana raje sehari. permaisuri sehari amat cun. demn! dah kawen pulak.. lol.

i didnt ate anything at the wedding reception.. but my family did.

so my dad decided to celebrate my birthday at any place of my choice. went to bangsar to stroll and see what could be a place to dine for my birthday. parked in Bangsar Village II and went to see Fish Co. dah tutup. so ayah kate kite try gi SteakHouse in front of the mall. halal. dan sedap bangat!!! sedap! sedap!

belek2 menu.. and chose Chicken on the Babi… lol! sedap gile!

hahaha! actually its Chicken on the Barbie [not Babi and certainly not barbie doll] short form for Barbeque..

the restaurant gave us a complimentary dessert along with a birthday song [as usual if you go to this kind of places, TGIF, Chilis, Tony Romas, byk lagi la.

ok la kan…?

yesterday? Ahad? hmm.. went to Maran, Pahang [some 180KM away from KL], to muiz wedding reception naik krete kelisa tade air cond… and dropped in late for Mayon’s and Asma’s wedding reception..  takpe.. asalkan jumpe..


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  1. kesian gila! well kawan i share the same habit. tapi she has a motorcycle. so whenever i decided to tumpang her, she will break emergency all the time, dia jugak annoyed, my helmet asik bumps hers. ahahah. well, i jadi FB kalau my mum duduk sbelah. asyik jerit to me “HAAA BREAK BREAKKKKK!” pffft. 🙂

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