ache – The Long Break

staged between a secret

and dance in shift of the lightning moon

blazed down towards the green dyed sky

and chant away, far away from the mystical oath

he takes pleasure to be held entirely onto the message. a letter formed to be carried away for actual definition. but when the call came, a stir; seeing by both void and reality. awakens the dragon cloaked time. upon the fifth dimension. where the moon struck a plain, and the clouds would rain a little faith.

he will renounce the mischief of those good fortunes. and he will declare war, dropped from his owned heart. tempered in the way of the Lesser’s. and sent a word much zealous to mere ears. so that when the sand hits the core. and the core spat towards the crown. may he bathe mutually by none but the drunken orchids in the chilled mountain.

so comes to draw his luck. in the beginning of events. in the mist of  genuine order. a faulty life. and a stock of embarrassment. fiendish power and sculptured energy. that placed to be bestowed upon the riding of wind water. he ventured more than he could possibly fore-step. he prayed for solitary and evolution of involvement. for he is what his kings have spoken. he is;



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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. whats information system? like simpan data?

  2. BA Hons Information System..

    haha! simpan data dia ajar jugak la.. mostly dia ajar how to manipulate data..
    u give me all the data about your future patients.. then i’ll put it t good use [or maybe bad].. haha!

    dia ajar.. how to build software ke, hardware ke, how to open a business, open a market, software engineering, designing system, accounting, HR, HSE, manipulate people, manipulate mind, conquering the world, n stuff… byk kan dia ajar? serius boring tak ajar specific nih..

    but none wutsoever involved english literature.. thats just my hobby..

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