cold. felt like a snow storm going to hit this plain full of cubes. the north wind were quiet, so does the south and any other wind that would torment the coming of the cold season. now i wished i had brought along my fur coat. ‘sweater‘ by the name be called upon in this time. someone set the central air-conditioning system temperature way below the average degree. it’s barking cold.. freezing me slowly to my core. maybe i’d turned to ice or maybe an iceman.. or maybe a snowman.. maybe suddenly i’d realize that my hands are made of sticks, my belly’s wide n white, and my nose grew carrot. demn! SEJUK LAAA!! takleh buat keje cenggini.

accepting things as it is.. i have news.. baby Rina dah lahir pada pagi yg indah 15 December lalu [yesterday lah].. selamat mengungkai cahaya wahai baby Rina [bukan baby rina porno melayu tuh].. its not her name either.. but my cousin’s name is Rina.. so automatically her babies be named Baby Rina.. actually, i call my cuz : Aisyah.. but her real name is Khairina.. pelik eh? byk nak dipanggilnye.

another news.. i still dont have a girlfriend.. [haha!]  tak payah la kot..

ok.. getting on with todays specialty:

nothing’s special today! its just cold in here in my office it felt like snowing this afternoon..


okay? what do we do today? blog.. read blogs.. read manga.. edit the stored procedure.. edit the print page.. lunch? i’ll think about this one later.. movies? later.. ngorat awek yg comel? hmmm..

MY GOD!!.. its SNOWING!!! its really SNOWING!!!… wheeee..!! jingle ball, jingle ball..

brain freeze..!! care to crack my brain? or learn ice skating on top of my head?


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. so basically working with computer la eh? u pki spec tak? i asik ngadap lappy cam my eyes are getting glitchy haha sukahati cipta word glitchy. anyways, its pretty cold here too, raining daily. but i love it. haha

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