ceritera cuz

*censored version updated*

today i explored more of the blogging world and unearthed something. that whole family of my lil cousins blogs. takleh bgtau la sape.

i hope not they read this. but it was kinda interesting.

just that, one of my lil cousin should learn to differentiate mocks. but i guess she’s too young to understand the meaning. my fault exactly for not knowing her age. lol. second child syndrome konon. i grew up with more depression than she could ever imagined and i live up to myself and grew stronger by the day because of none other but the teachings of Islam.
so i mocked her out of her living senses. in which i knew shocked her and made her turned ways on how to mock me back. but in truth, she realized how wrong she was [and still ‘is’] and she just doesnt want to commit to the truth. so she mocks me back. she turned towards my lil brother’s weaknesses [which i dont care], she turned towards not inviting Islam in our little ‘conversations’ [which was foolish], and she blocked me out of her facebook [lol]. what do i care about a snotty lil brat who blocks me out of facebook? she’s just a lil girl kot. with no sense of humor wutsoever around her family members [i mean around our big family members.. not hers]. so grumpy for her age! she should feel disgusted about her ‘well-being’.. for it hurts someone i love in the process. which i will not forgive. even for a little girl [well, she does seem to know how to think like an adult]..

peh! gertak sket jek tuh. lol! she will need to learn hard not to do ‘things’ again..

[crite nih di delete sebab pk2 cam meng-aib-kan family jek.. so, delete delete.. huhu!]

pastu jumpe blog sorg budak kecik ni.. cute gile blog dia. haha! its not i’m against her blogging.. but i tell you.. children nowadays really need to play outside their house.. not in the house within the network range of global connection of the internet. go play kejar2 with neighbours or sumthin’.. i know its a modernized age where IT rules everything.. but it aint healthy playing your computer or tv games or watching tv all day long. eventually they go out… eventually? demn! in my time.. i went out of my house at 7 or 8 in the morning [kalau cuti skolah la].. n be back home just for some sip of cold water and lunch. u wont even see a glint of my MELANOCYTES [cdt to anisizatyaj] anywhere near the TV or even the house sometime. ade jek mende nak buat.. mandi lombong la, tangkap ikan la, mandi parit, sungai, main bola, main kejar2 tgh hari buta, buat kaco kat umah org len la, kejar kucing, carik kangkung jual kat apek, main guli, macam macam..

huh! budak2 kecik nih! pelik aku! main ngn kawn2 lagi sronok kot dari main game sorg2 or blog sorg2.. its cuti skolah for god’s sake..

oh! on another side of the family. my beloved cousin yg kawen awal tahun tu.. dah selamat melahirkan baby rina.. 15 aribulan lepas. lupe nak blog. aku tak pi tengok pun lagi. demn! name baby pun tatau. okay okay. nanti pi tengok! seronok moksu ye..

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