My Olio

there were 2 options given yesterday

either we go watch Avatar 3D or i cook my specialty.. Aglio Olio [or so i say]. my brother went to buy tickets for Avatar 3D that evening and no more tickets left for us 6 family members. Oh! we watched Avatar last Sunday.. feeling satisfied we decided to watch Avatar 3D next. lol! the movie was damn awesome, I wished it’d be true and that I could live there in my old days coming. hahaha! no no no! my blog is not some synopsis blog or anything. you wanna know how good the movie is? go see yourself.


so i was given the task of making ‘My Olio’ [thats wut i call it]:

=item’s to do=

1. chop to lil pieces, as many garlics you have [i’d count 7 garlic pieces for 1 person]
2. cut your tomatoes into 6 halves or 4 [if u’re eating alone]
3. ready your broccoli [boil the damn thing with salt]
4. dice your chicken fillet [small dice] then marinade with olive oil [extra virgin], salt, pepper, parsley n a little garlic you chopped. [it’d be better if u marinate the chickens the day before]
5. dice your ‘bell peppers’ [google it]
6. chop up your button mushrooms
7. ready your butter, salt, pepper, basil [chopped to pieces], parsley [chopped to pieces] and thymes.
8. start boiling your spaghetti.
9. tutup api brokoli.. biar ia dalam air panas

lets start

=chicken making=

fry your chickens with a table spoon of olive oil on a non-stick pan. heh! give it a little more taste of salt. after 10 minutes. toss all the chickens into the hot oven along with your tomatoes. spread some salt onto your tomatoes also. bake the chickens n tomatoes for about 20 minutes on high temp. [ idk how high the temp was.. i just toss it in while its hot ]

then then
[check your spaghetti]

=sauce making=

1. take about 4 table spoon of extra virgin olive oil and spill the damn thing into a cooking pot or a frying pan [easier]
2. throw in all your garlics and a good chunk of butter
3. wait till your garlics go brown. i mean really brown.
4. put in, all the bell peppers
5. stir
[check your spaghetti]
6. put in, all the mushrooms
7. stir
8. salt salt salt pepper pepper
9. scoop some of the broccoli boiled-water.. throw it in the pot/pan
10. stir
[check your spaghetti]
11. tutup api kejap… wait for the baked chickens n tomatoes
12. get your baked chickens n tomatoes out of the oven. move the tomatoes onto a different plate.
13. toss in all the chickens n its remaining [from the oven] into the pot/pan
14. get the fire on.. stir!
[check your spaghetti]
15. shake in some parsley, basils, and thymes… nice smell! good smell!

=ready plate=

toss in cold water onto your hot spaghetti.. ready some of it in a plate.
put the sauce on top of the spaghetti.
hias ngn brokoli serta tomato yg panas…

amik gerapu.. makanlah!!

susahkan?!! happy trying! n failing…! lol

mandai aku nak buat petunjuk resepi dalam bahse inggeris.. susah gile nak bezakan toss [baling] ngn toss [kering].. toast? toss? toos? tos? mende wei?

tapi it was delicious! thank you AFC.. next time nak buat ‘bruchetta’ pulak.. buat ‘pasta al-fungi’ ke.. ‘ayam cheese daun kari’ ke.. ‘tuna bolognaise’ ke.. oi.. sedap natang!!

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