Christmas Eve

yargh! i got it! its in my hand now! this is so awesome. i feel like dying my hair green.. seaweed green. its like a gift from Jesus, t’just dat.. he’s no longer here. Innalillah. well, i never really did got any chance to meet him. he died even before my brother was born. in fact, i never really did get to know anything much about Arwah Jesus, my dad never told me much about him. all i know, he came from a poor Kelantanese family, came to Selangor mencari peluang kehidupan, ternak kambing biri2, build a bungalow in Selayang Baru for his family, and some minor facts n traits. other than that.. i dont know exactly who is the person that raised my successful father, uncks [uncles] and aunts. heck! if someone come to my house and rudely open my old family albums and ask me which one is Jesus.. i’d be damn if i know which to choose from. this goes for Mrs Jesus too.. lol. cucu derhaka!

eniwei, ini bukan critenye.. critenye adelah:

now, i got something really fun. fun fun fun. Sunway Lagoon Annual Pass.. i get discounts for anything that have Sunway written on it. not mentioning free admission into Sunway Lagoon for the rest of 2010. its to say, i can enter Sunway Lagoon everyday without paying.. read the letters “E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y”.. and i can bring 6 frens or family whom each; entitled to 40% discount of admission fees.. ah! tak kisah la tuh.. yg penting aku masuk free..

its the best gift ever.. if it is a gift.. which is not! hahaha! i paid RM400 for membership and the annual pass. tengok la aku masuk sunway brape kali nanti.. heh! mesti pastikan lebih dari 4 kali.. kalau tak.. rugi jek RM400.. huhu!

guys! anyone nak gi sunway dan mahukan diskaun.. leh cube bodek2 atau puja2 aku..

girls! come.. i’ll pay… hahahahahaha!

oh! hari tak abes lagi..
keje cam bese.. bosan.. tapi petang nih ade promotion. boring! boring! have to stand and watch JTM n Security personnel promote the Change Request to Production server. if one SQL failed during batch run. all hell wont break lose. instead, i have to break the code again. and again. till i get it right. man! i hate this job! i dun wanna be a programmer!! i wanna be something else.. a chef maybe, an architect?, or a pilot.. this job!! aaaaaaa!! boring nye duduk depan PC for 8 hours stret.. malam kang nak stalk awek facebook lagi, bace manga lagi.. another 3 hours in front of PC lagi.. demn! selebihnye di suai kan untuk menghabiskan 1st book of the Riftwar Saga : Magician.. lama seh nak abiskn 1 buku.. of coz la. taade mase meh!

*baru balik dari lunch* update

nyahaha! hepi hepi. i love you christmas eve.. terima kasih kerna jatuh pade 24 haribulan setiap tahun. krismes EVE la. bukan krismes. 24 aribulan la!
lagi best kalau krismes jatuh ari senin!.. maka ku akan sronok pada 22 aribulan.. nyeheheh! okay okay! gaji masuk. itu je. gaji sepatutnye masuk on 25th every months. kalau ade holiday on the 25th [tak kisah la public holiday ke, weekend ke], hari gaji di tarik kepada hari sblom cuti. maknenye, kalau 25th jatuh pade hari senin dan hari senin public holiday n weekend 24th n 23rd tentulah cuti.. maka ku akan kaye pade hari Jumaat [22nd] sblomnye. kan kan! gaji awal.
adu! mende aku susah2 explain nih? dah la Stored Procedure tak siap lagi. gaji nak.. keje lambat siap. adu! mentang2 bos cuti ari ni.. ku datang lambat.. pastuh main tenet, tengok fesbuk, bace blog, tulis blog… nyahahaha! i love you krismes eve..

uhuhuhuuuu! what to buy? how to spend? whom to spend with? when to spend? i tell you Santa is the Satan. he’ll come to you and whisper.. spend spend spend spandex.. eh! spend till you spent it all.. which reminds me. i need to buy extra boxers. maybe i’ll go see what anime movie released. treat my family to Avatar 3D and Sherlock Holmes.

ko neko-chan… doko kara togino-nyaw..? <– ape nih? tade kene mengene pun ngn blog nih.. saje suke sebut..

it is the eve of greatness
dwell they before the form of the mightiest
for morrows will come
and when the day hits darkness
may we all pray for the luck and pleasure of the day
the day I, ururu have waited
the day of the assembly
where the eventful shall be dimmed to the West
into the land of the Prophets
sometimes the wind struck nil
but history will make this day
and future will be unmade
I salute Thee for a graceful day
for I will come to You..
every week, every month, and every year…
By the God, Praise be to Him
Creator of tomorrow…
Creator of Juma’at

by the will of the Mightiest Power
and from the language that we will return after life
I bid thee

Peace be upon you..

ok ok… keje keje..!

PS: oh! reminding myself to go fetch the card from Sunway Lagoon Fun Card Booth

About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. whoah best gila boleh masuk sunway whenever for free. macam order bottomless drink dekat chilis! hehe

  2. atau ice lemon tea! (what i always order at chilis) haha

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