It is the Eve

man.. i like the letter ‘E’
i donno why but demn me not for loving it.. lol

31 December eh? new years eve.. again Jumaat will come tomorrow. and my big boss is no where near his table.. nor he is near this office. and User Analysis and Testing Unit aka UAT pun tade. they really like holiday eve. UAT gone means I can relax and relax. yeah! twitting, facebooking, blogging, manga, soccernetting, anything that gave out a lustrous leisure; will have its way coming up my eyes. te hell im talking about? work? what is work? nyeheheheh.

1430 years after Hijrah; we entered 1431, last two weeks.. 2009 after Jesus was born [so they say].. going 2010.. another two years until the earth platters going to move about some thousands miles away.. and the earth magnetic fields will tilt away causing gravitational disarray. so the Mayan said.. or those non-believing scientists.. or the movie 2012.. which ever.
these non-believers think that when Kiamat hits.. only earth will be damaged. for from what we’ve learned.. nothing will escaped Kiamat. not even the blackness of the universe. for even if we survived the 3rd Sangka Kala.. we will not survive the scream of Izrail [Malaikatul Maut] from when he took his own soul apart. so bad it hurts, Izrail wished he had been kinder in taking life from good humans.
all we have seen with our own eyes will be lost. no more earth, no more planets. only Greatness. we will be assembled in Masyar with the sun just inches away from our heads and we’ll be drowned in our own tears. scary eh? damn me! i need to do more good! slalu tinggal solat nih.. huhu! insaf la wei! 1st thing to be judged, solat 5 waktu… FIRST THING!.. aduu!! sedih aku dengar tu.. cemane nih? all the mysteries of the world will be explained on Judgement Day. tapi tapi… i think la.. maybe we could have a chance to see God and Rasulullah himself.. i think! wallahualam.
i think i’ve wrote about this. about the part of creation of the world. it was said, because of His love towards Muhammad S.A.W., Allah created earth. so the purpose of the creation of Earth and banishing Adam A.S to earth was to see Rasulullah S.A.W. born into this world. maybe that’s a part of His plan. wallahualam. but it’s a story of great love [not like that stupid twilight love movie].. it is nothing but the truest love. the greatest gift ever created for Rasullullah.. it’s like we buy jewels or chocolates or flowers for our girlfriend to tell them we love them.. but bumi tuh hadiah istimewa Rasulullah SAW .. haa.. cenggitu la.. err! cam salah jek perumpamaan aku. ke cenggane?

ok ok! now is now. lets make the most and least of it. sometimes, the least may prove to be more settling. living on the highest floor of an apartment block, slid the sliding glass door wide open to let the wind pass in, sitting around naked on the sofa while blogging. whush! cam hentai gile. pastu jerit kat rumah Mustapha Kamal [MK] atas bukit… Muusstapaaa Kamaaaaaallll!!!! hoping no one from his house holding a binocular, binocularing our naked body when we were shouting MK’s name.. WTF? but that’s the least of things.. [that i could think of]


on the other note, today.. the gov will commence to shut down Jalan Sultan Ismail around 6pm onwards and maybe roads connecting to Merdeka Square too.. in respect to the non-believers new year’s celebration. mind me, the phrase ‘non-believers’ are narrowed towards all those apes who willingly accept Jesus as son of God ages ago. and why do they assume that son of God will resume Gods job is no mere idea that i could think of. as God still exists and will never die, my presumption goes towards that they [the non-believers] believed that God need a rest and that God have stamina. which was and is a stupid thought. may i dwell not in those kind of minds.
as i was saying, jalan2 yg ditutup tu adelah di tutup khas untuk strippers2 buat perarakan terbaik kat Jalan Sultan Semail tu.. sape nak gi tengok pompuan bogel.. u can do so tonite..
ladies: laki bogel takyah carik. just wink a bit to the guy sitting next to you or closest to you.. and give him a flying kiss.. u’ll see him naked in no time.. unless he’s not attracted to you but to the guy sitting to your other side.. easy! ask the other guy to give him a flying kiss.
kalau tak jadi.. Alhamdulillah lah..

of course lah! buat dosa dulu.. pegi clubbing, gesel bontot ngn awek or minah or minah-wanna-be sambil tari menari.. raba2 sket.. minum2 depan public kamera.. mabuk sampai pagi… balik umah upload gamba teguk heineken sambil buat caption “this is life” dalam fesbuk. letak religion “Islam” dalam info tab [rich]… tido lame2 sampai tgh hari.. bapak pakse ikut pi semayang Jumaat esoknye.. pegi laaa.. tido lagi mase khutbah jumaat.. mase semayang Jumaat, muntah ke, kene sawan ke sket.. org ingat dia nih demam kot.. balik umah.. bukak fesbuk.. gamba tade org comment sebab sume takut di kaitkan skali [tau pulak takut].. call awek.. ckap baru balik semayang Jumaat [boasting-cool style].. awek pun… “aaawww!! alimnye! boleh buat husband ni…”

for the love of God.. wonder what n how malaysians look like? heh!


esok cuti ke? wow! bestnye! leh rehat rehat kaki dalam air panas. wuish! best best! nih carenye:

1. fill the kettle with air sirap limau halia extra virgin dan panaskan sampai derjah mencecah 101.45 derjah selsius

2. carik besen besar.. BESAR BETUL! [cam iklan meggi asam laksa].. tuang air suam sejuk hingga ke titisan terakhir supaya air naik setinggi 1 feet above water level.. ground.. or whatever convenience you seek to feel.. pastikan air berada di paras keting atau betis untuk kepuasan maksimum

3. beli sofa yang mahal lagi selesa serta empuk gile dan berkaler biru laut tepi pantai [it is said, the soothing color of the blue sea could calm one heart and mind]

4. letak besen depan sofa mahal

5. siram pokok bunga yg hampir layu kat luar umah.

6. tutup api dapur gas setelah mendengar siulan kettle.

7. siram air sirap limau halia extra virgin panas yg bertemperature 100.02 derjah selsius ke dalam besen berisi air suam sejuk supaya air naik setinggi 2 inci lagi..

8. stir

9. duduk di atas sofa yg empuk lagi selesa dan tido.

10. bangun tido.. repeat no.1 to 8 balik semula.

11. masukkan kaki laju2 dalam air yg panas panas suam itu

12. jerit kuat kuat sebab tak tahan air panas.. sambil menggelupur kluarkan kaki..

13. touch the hot water again.. lightly..

14. masukkan tapak kaki sepenuhnye[perlahan lahan] dan sandar pada sofa biru laut..

15.. uih! best gile!!!… [happy people in da house – skoop on somebody]

16. bukak air-cond kalau ade..

17. bukak tv.. on Astro.. click nombor 411/412/413/701/703/711/812/813 pastuh pilih channel terbaik.. dan rehat!

hoi hoi.. tak sabarnye nak buat cenggitu..

hmm.. rasenye ade org nak main futsal ke malam sok?


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