Fun is it?

percutian ku? heh! saya mau pergi ke… ahah! gi mane eh? kalau nak gi surga boleh tak? bagai bintang di surga. mende wei? no no no. u have to wash your hand first before you begin to read this blog. not that  i could agree more. i couldnt. it s just that i have this weird feeling that im totally mysterious the way i am. what te heck? maybe i need some shower before i could heal. the thing is.. there’s no one included in the running candidacy for an UpRight Man. for the love of God. tell him he’s in the sewage below Elvandar going to Elvardein. that’s the city of the elves by the way. need to know the map more or you might end up on a pike.

oh. do ignore those notes above. that was just me testing my typing skills. i did badly actually. took me more than 2 minutes to type all that. byk errors. so cam kene backspace byk kali. need more practices. i hope there’s no grammatical errors. tho my grandma do seem to like resting her foot out of her lazy chair. i hope she’d get lotsa rest. but that’s just my grandma.. not my grammar.

when i was young. so young. when my dad was actually delivering his goals to obtain his Masters. he brought the whole family with him to Leeds. we lived there like for 2 years or more i think. it was damn fun i tell you. like when u used the entire day to play Monopoly and at the end of the day, u’d won. u’d actually won. and u say it was fun. haa. its the same thing. fun living in Leeds as a kid and fun winning a Monopoly game. ntah la! aku tibai jek. yg aku tau.. fun! lol..

so that’s the story.. i had fun typing a story..



About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. haha i had fun reading ur story
    cute one hahah

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