it comes with the genes?

so they halt any means for us to connect to the internet. well… they succeeded.. aaaaaa! bagi balik internet kitorang…. aaaaaaa!! *sob*. eh.. no i wasnt crying. its just tears coming out of my mind. some kinda an attack.. and they need to rework some patches.. and install the patches into our workstation when they’re done. so all manner of internet connectivity are paused or halted. maknenye aku taleh gune internet selame mane derang baiki patch mende pe jadah haram tuh.. aku tensi la ni! buat keje tu cepat2 la. haha! priority tu kene set paling tinggi.. anything concerning internet connectivity should be at the highest level of priority. sebab aku nak tengok facebook. nak usha2 aweks. nak update wordpress. lgpun takleh bace email serta bace soccernet.. malah perkembangan RPK.. ah! camni aku nak boikot tanak buat keje la. not that i hardly ever done any. lol. tapi…….. cikgu kate, rokok tu tak baik untuk kesihatan. no no no non! rokok is the devil. but that is an optional yet different from another story. aku nak crite yg aku x dpt bace surat peminat dari juga email kipas-susah-mati dari UTP; concerning hutang derang kat aku.. selambe derang tahan scroll degree aku. nak kene saman ni.. but before i sue them.. better settle all the outstanding education fees first. heh!

ok ok! nak tau ape perkembangan? seri kembangan! tadaaaa! thats all…

seriously. i registered for the Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010.. running in February.. 7.7KM.. kalau boleh! lol.. marathon ini bukan di sponsor oleh medan mara ye. tapi..entah.. aku pun tatau sape sponser. yg penting.. nak lari bersame aweks2 comel tight-ass malam tuh nanti. itupun kalau dapat kejar derang.  dan itu pun kalau ade aweks tight ass berlari bersama. eh! tak tak! itu bukan tujuan utama. 1st thing 1st.. need to rework my stamina. my short depleted stamina. registration closed btw. jadi amat baiklah rabu ni nak start jogging balik semula.

one more thing. i know im ‘big’.. no no.. not fat.. well.. maybe a bit fat… okay.. alot.. but not that much as to consider joining the Biggest Loser. i can run.. faster than you. yeah you. the one reading this. i can run faster and longer than you. and i weigh more than 200 pounds.. more than 100KG in better understanding terms.. more la! im big and im fast.. i can do a back flip.. i can jump high. so that means i’m BIG.. not fat.. well maybe FAT could explain it..ENOUGH! enuf of this. lol

this morning a fat lady [she’s thin actually but im cursing] came to me, in the middle of the train station. i was standing between these 2 hot chinese girl.. demn hot! argh! and the fat lady came to me with a pamphlet. a slimming ad pamphlet. and the fat lady sang out loud, “call me later”. what ta FAK?!!! then when the train arrives.. she sang again.. “it’s good for you.. u better call me later”… i was like “WATTAFAK lady.. u fat elephant” [okay, that was just figure speech].. but no no no no! i will not make any contact with her. i know im fat.. i know why im fat. it’s not because i dont want to.. it is exactly because i wanted to.. eating is a passion. so does cooking. i eat what i cook.yes! i do know how to control my diet. i do know how to settle my weight. i can be slimmer if i want to. and for now.. i chose to be fat. damn u fat lady. u mock me in front of those girls! argh! curse you slimming agent!!! go eat sugar canes or something u elephant!

oh.. and im a diabetic by genes.. i think probably… not proven yet.. but better if i try lessening the probabilities..


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. diabetic type I is the one inherited. selalunya dapat around 8 years old. but yeah, jagalah diet. marathon is good. hehe.

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