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nothing happened..
nothing’s happening..
nothing’s gonna happen..
boring gile hidup cenggini..

mungkin best kalau skrang aku tgh jungle trek atau sedang berjalan atas pantai putih.. atau sedang meng’snap’ gamba2 yg indah2 belaka..

mungkin best kalau aku brenti keje ni dan bukak satu service kompeni yg best.

mungkin best kalau aku dah ade awek. mungkin.

mungkin best kalau aku tengah main dota skrang ni.

mungkin paling best kalau aku tengah tido di atas katil aku di umah sekarang..


mungkin ini semua hanye imiginasi aku yg best. aaaaaaaahh!!! this job bore me… !!!



By the gods, they appear monstrous, he thought to himself. Anakala set his foot firmly into what seem to be a woolen carpet, but he knew enough to know that it was a skin of a hairy beast of The Plains. The skins of the animal were washed and dip into a mixture of ashes and salt and dried at the top of a hot hill. The cold breeze and the hot temperature seems to soften the hairs. So smooth he were actually thinking of buying one of those extra pairs he sees hanging against the wall. But the matters in hand sank his objectives towards the carpet. He looked again to the three aliens that stood motionless in front of him. Again he thought. “Monsters”. He waved his mind away from fear and excitement and greet the three aliens. “Salutations to the General Islanda of the Shi Dila, Lord of Tang Xi, honor to your house!”.
“And on to yours, Anakala of Birudi”, said the alien on the right. He spoke The Empire’s tongue flawlessly. “What business might you bring to interrupt our time of leisure?”.
“I am sorry my Lord, but I came with the gravest news”. Anakala stopped as if considering his next words. “The Dreads have been sighted within The Western Falls, just a mile from Daruna village.”, he continued, cutting a long message he brought with him about the massacres of the entire villages before Daruna; into a simple message yet understandable to the General. “We have send words to other villages to evacuate for the Inner Cities.”
“So they moved!”, answered the one standing on the most left the three.
Anakala turned to face him. He only knew the alien only by reputation. A living legend. Earl Bara from Iedelina, once feared by the Empire for his mind and physical brute. He was the leader who cut the Empire army who landed the South Plain by his mere thousand peasants. He brought great shame and great fear to the Empire that the Emperor decided at last to honor a peace treaty between them, and considered hiring him as occasional mercenary to the Empire. And he accepted. Now, he was again hired by the Empire to play his mind and strength along the greatest General of The Great Plains and the Empire’s War Leader.


to be continued.. or maybe not.. just testing

Cuti and Masa

do you remember Gong Xi Raya.. or Kongsi Raya ? a holiday invention when Hari Raya Puasa and Chinese New Year actually crossed path. i dont remember the exact date.. but i think Chinese New Year came a day after EidulFitri.. means 3 days cuti kan? but what if Eid falls exactly at the same date as Chinese New Year.. i know it’d be hectic.. earth will split. Malaysia may actually burn because of fireworks and “1st lady” will get even bigger and bigger.. not mentioning bigger supply of botox for all Malaysian.. eh.. jgn lebih2.. nanti so called “1st Lady” marah.. walaupun there are no such thing as First Lady in Malaysia.. sape2 kat luar tu.. jgn bom saye… [cam dah kuar topik]

[on with the topic]
BUT will we get 4 days of holidays instead of 2? let say both holidays falls on Monday la.. kite cuti till Thursday? or just those 2 days saje.. senin n selase? ah! noooo!!! 2 days je? tak best la.. maknenye tolak 2 hari cuti dalam kalendar Malaysia tahun itu.. NNOOOO!!!

and then again.. what if Eid falls on Monday and Gong Xi Fatt Chai falls on Wednesday?.. haha! 4 days of endless cuti.. i mean.. mmg KL kosong la.. i’ll gladly park my car in KL if KL kosong.. Kelantan? instead of “D”s.. u’ll see alot of “W”s that week.. i mean car plate characters.

cemane pulak.. if Eid falls on Monday, Gong Xi Fatt Chai on Wednesday and some future Agong birthday falls on Friday? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. suke kan? suke kan?

cube cek calendar tuh.. betul tak? ade tak? mane tau… do report your findings to me immediately.. kalau ade..

in some other notes,

would you believe me.. if i tell you TIME originally DO NOT exist[actually it is ignored]. yeah! God created time for us humans.. else.. no, it does not exist. what happens if God didn’t make the Earth spins.. and orbit around the sun? what if Earth just stood still.. tho with living beings in it.. but stood still at one point.. doesn’t spin and doesn’t orbiting any star or planet or sun or anything… how do we calculate how many hours passed by? how do we calculate our age? how do we tell someone we’re dropping their item at what exact time? how do we split sessions for our lectures? or interviews?

would someone have had the intention or even a reason to invent a clock?

what if the Earth is actually a Star and other planets orbit around it? [well we can actually create time based on planets orbiting Earth then]

here’s another question… what is the exact age of our sun?.. if we don’t use “Earth time” to measure it. the Universe has time? i mean.. the Universe ignored the facts that time existed.. which means TIME does not actually exist.. kan? kan?

it is because planets orbiting a star, hold the facts how time were created for us.. other than that.. how can we measure something that cannot exist? time has no meaning for our universe it seems.. only for us.. because we lived on Earth that orbits a Star.. what do people meant by ‘turning back time’, when time is actually ignored.. how can you turn back time? how can there be future?

no.. i’m not challenging God or something.. its just.. its been ringing for me to think.. out loud..

Actor to be or not to be?

acting? Anis told me a story about a promising life in acting when he finished his SPM or wutever u call it there in Singapore. he got an audition and went for the trial. and the director said Anis have some talent in him and that he had potential. yes.. HAD. he went and ruined that potential by entering UTP taking degree in Chemical Engineering. lol! still i think he is over successful right now. he graduated from UTP and got himself a position in Shell, Exploration and Production. he now have his own apartment and a full set of diving gears. and a 50″ plasma tv IN HIS bedroom. gawd! still it’s a pain to have to watch Arsenal lose in some big games in that huge tv. takpe! Arsenal ade 1 away gol.. so next game kalau menang 1-0 pun dah ckup. but i think i’ve strayed too much from the topic. like always.

anyway, i’ve wrote about this before. we went to KLPac for some fun art Carnival. definitely fun. lepas abis bermain2 kat karnival, we went to look around the building and Anis found some interesting ad [interesting to him].. i think its called ‘The Platform’.. u get members of 3, or more.. but i think the rules stated only 3 can act on the stage. u’ll be given a chair and a table. and u can present your play for 15 minutes. on stage. yes! very interesting to him i guess. not me. no no. i’m not that type. i’m the type who’ll help you become famous. i’ll help you be successful. i’ll help you achieve victory. i’ll help you. i wont be you. i dont wanna be you. i’m the freelance assistant type. as long i as i get my share. i’ll help you achieve anything. mercenary type. but there are good being a mercenary. mercenary usually have friends and know somebody that have friends. and sometimes do things without conveying any price for a friend. so Anis said he wants to join. and invited me to join in the group of 3. no no no. yes! i know i can sing and act [lol] but no no no no. but somehow he managed to get me to think about it. tak kisah la. aku rase nothing will happen.

but apparently i was wrong. dead wrong. he already wrote a play. damn me i didnt foresee this coming. bah! what do i do? what do i do? okay.. i can help him.. but aint gonna do no act tho. i can help him plan the stage maybe? but what to plan? only a chair and a table as props. hmm.. maybe lightings… yes! turn on and turn off.. argh! damn! and damn this flu that came out of nowhere.. well.. maybe not actually nowhere.. but it was supposed to be mild flu.. how’d i know it’ll became this big buffalo flu. from just a slow air-conditioned office. and damn me again. i just remembered i was walking in the rain after work hour finished yesterday. it’s irritating you know. i have to hold my sneezes every time because i’m in the office. if i was alone or somewhere open. i’d just scream the hell out of those sneezes. lol. screaming sneezes helps release tension. your mom and dad would curse you for it. arwah nenek would probably pull my ear or pinch me on my thigh.. it’ll hurt badly that i’d curse my mind for it. well.. that’s how i see it after what my dad told me about her.

ok.. dah lari lagi…. so im not gonna do the play. maybe. maybe i will. ah! nanti la.

aiv got dis filing dat i wont bi duing eniting from hier on aut. nak trening maraton pun malas ya dong. nak berlakon juga malas. malas malas lazy. it’d struck me as odd as to this opportunity came without apparent schedule to it. lol.

ekceli kan.. everyday pun aku acting. i know my true self can only be revealed in front of my family and friends. it’s like i’m trying to act very mature in front of my family and somehow this child that i forced down my heart is trying very hard to get out of me. nak manje2 sambil rasa tua. huk aloh! and i dont know if its acting. but these ideas just came out from nowhere on how to interact with my friends. especially when it involves interacting with UTP friends. play me a fool. and i’ll play you a bigger fool. then my friend would play along to be bigger fool than me. so on and so forth. it’s like we’re totally different person when we met each other. umo dah lebih quarter abad.. prangai ngalahkan kanak2 ribena. then, we’d laugh like hell cant even reach us. so loud it annoyed everyone around. lol. i’ll tell you, once we went and rode in convoy of cars to Melaka. we laugh so loud our friends behind our car could heard us.. and started laughing back. lol. a moment i wont forget was when we were driving parallel on the road. windows were closed. someone on the other car started laughing, then others laughed too. i saw them laughing and start laughing too.. and the whole car laughed together. te hell? with no apparent reason. bagus la ade kawan2 yg memahami ni.. lol! i wished that moment were caught in a video or something.
weird thing is.. in front of anybody else. even in front of girlfriends.. we dont act like that. it’s like a guy thing. between guys only. maybe girls have their own too.. how could i know? im not a girl. or maybe gays have it too.. how should i know.. lol

“play me for a fool.. i’ll be a fool”. yep. that’s my motto.

Astro kite

kenape time ujan jek Astro tersekat sekat.. or ilang trus signal nya? yes! i have the answer.. [i think].. well.. actually my mom got the answer. n she told me.. which i only understood half of em.. or actually remembered half of what she told me..

we were busy filling our mind with the mysteries of CSI when rain suddenly decided to pour down above Sungai Buloh. nice. yes! also means no Astro for approximately 1-2 hours.. feeling frustrated.. i think something reminded mom of something.. so she asked me..

“kenape bile hujan jek.. signal Astro ilang?” in many case, i would answer “ntah!”.. this case included.. haha

I told you before, my mom’s the one responsible for registering MEASAT satellite and she often goes to these conferences discussing the details of MEASAT. in one of the conference she went either in New Zealand or Hawaii [x ingat mane tapi demn! i wanna go there].. she told me, the signals covered by MEASAT could be vast.. could even cover the entire South East Asia. and if the coverage was that vast, than we wont have these current problem ‘time ujan jek Astro ilang’.. u see..



bayangkn ijau itu Semenanjung Mesia, pastuh jaluran biru adelah coverage satelit Malaysia.. cenggitu la kite dpt Astro..  [sebenarnye bukan cenggini.. nih abstract jek] nak bg korg paham.. so dalam keijauan Meleysia nih ade lah stesen2 pancaran.. in our case.. cam ade due tige jek kat Meleysia nih.. gi keje kat Astro kalau nak tau kat mane stesen pancaran dia.. aku tau kat Bukit Jalil ngn Cyberjaya jek..

now.. the problem came from our neighbours.. negare2 jiran nih lah tanak kite nye satelit coverage masuk negare derang. they have their own satellite too.. derang pancarkan signal derang gak.. tapi nanti kalau signal dia cross ngn signal MEASAT.. ade kemungkinan yg bahagian yg cross tuh x dapat signal langsung..



haa… tengok2.. mungkin yg dalam tempat warne biru itu tak dapat signal langsung.. sebab signal2 nih gune wavelength berlainan.. nanti astro decoder tak reti nak pilih yg mane satu… so x dapat la astro.. tapi aku rase cam teknologi skang boleh jek nak bezakan mane ngn mane.. cume kene baya lebih laaa.. anda mau baya lebih?

so Malaysia shrunk our satellite coverage ckup2 muat satu Malaysia jek.. kecik jek..! and in doing so,  wave pegi balik dari stesen pancaran ke MEASAT dan mungkin dari dunia ke stesen pancaran.. pun jadik kurang… so bile ujan jek.. awan awan itam tutup pancaran dari stesen utama serta stesen2 tertentu ke satelit.. kalau coverage besar,  boleh tumpang stesen pancaran tempat lain. ini tidak.. so ilang lah Astro dari tv anda.


if u want Astro to widen their satellite coverage.. first.. u need to appeal to neighboring countries.. anda mampu buat cenggitu? then lepas berjaya appeal ngn neighboring countries, boleh lah kite expand coverage Astro.. tul tak?

sape nak gi tolong buat appeal nih?

my mom? dia sudah bersara!

nothing particularly

it’s not about writing an entry. it’s about gaining an entry. we clearly pick our options to define such meaningful words so that it’d be read carefully by readers. not that i have things i have to say right now. its just that whenever we write something, the beautiful color shone by the time we started. a color of our mind. each were set for the purpose of giving good quality writing. to bring life in our words. to picture and realize our purposes. less and less we were troubled by the fact that each hollow will find their way through this system. a good system that compiles the very best of our words.
n like i said in this entry “not that i have things i have to say right now”. so, i will say nothing important. lol
okay, ku ade soklan:
air ape paling sedap?
pepsi? 100PLUS? air tembikai tade gula? teh o suam kurang manis? peanut butter n banana smoothies? mango juice?
or just plain cold water?
i’d say nothing beats plain cold water and cold fresh milk. aaaahhhhh!!! 2 drinks i’d search for in Heaven.. or maybe in Hell..
so skang aku akan pergi mencari air susu segar goodday dan lepas itu menenangkan hati aka liver aku yg panas ini dengan air sejuk!

i loike the quote

“You are never out of options. Not until you are dead

Jimmy the Hand

Ururu’s Parents?

haha! i find this very amusing… i opened my blog stat n see what i found…lol

well then… who are my parents?  curious arent cha? well.. i could tell you this.. they were important people.. but they were not famous people.. that’s it… well.. might have been famous in their organizations.. but were not in public view..

and the real ururu’s parent should be Urahara Kisuke.. lol.. n should you in anyway do not know or have any idea of who this Urahara Kisuke is.. i’d suggest you go to the nearest Anime or Manga shop.. n start reading Bleach..  lol…

run Forest run!

yes! one step to another place…

i had friday futsal…

then saturday morning [which is yesterday] i had an interview with some recruiters agency…

at noon… i went to KLPac for some awesome art Carnival where they threw introductory and FREE art classes for everyone.. well.. of course not everyone knew about it since they dont care..but demn me.. thank you Anis for telling me.. i went to some classes..the teachers were amazing.. the practices were amazing.. we took part in every classes.. from dancing, up to acting, and painting… we even had fun playing simple music instruments and randomly playing in harmony… shit.. i hope they do this kinda thing on a weekly basis.. awesome… everything ended at 5 pm..

finished.. anis and I, decided that we’re gonna do Asar and rest a bit at my house. before starting our journey towards Putrajaya.. why? for the Putrajaya Night Run of course.. we registered in the Men 7.7KM category.. which made us bleed to death in our mind. i hadnt a single preparation for this run.. and suddenly i have to run 7.7kilometers?demn me!

at the starting point, we got separated.. [anis n me].. i started with a slow walk controlling by breathing.. and started to jog for about 2KM before i started walking again.. penat penat!.. and i dont know why.. but i walk slow.. i looked at everyone who walks besides me.. they walk freakingly fast.. i tried to walk fast but.. it seems i cant.. i really cant.. i used to walk fast.. but during high school.. i trained my legs to walk casually slow but with a wide gap between steps.. so every 2 steps a woman walks beside me.. i took only 1 step. but darn.. last night.. everyone was freakishly fast. i think there were more than 5000 people on the road for the category alone.. ramai gile.. when the run started to climb on a bridge or a hill.. u could see swarms of humans slowly making their way upwards.. like ants on ant’s hill.. seriously amazing. and i think.. i wanna do this again… and again…

after some walk, i managed to jog a bit of here and there.. but the cramps made me gave up to jog.. my thighs we practically threatening me.. betis aku pulak dah kuarkan pisau letak kat leher.. haha! saket gile!! so i started my slow walk again until the finishing line.. we were greeted with people handing out certificates telling us we participated in the event… the night was cold. we got free drinks and Zaza n sister came to us.. with a medal hanging around her neck.. apparently she was one of the 300 who finished early. she told me.. Janggut, Terk and Zhaf was on the full marathon categories..whichwas 42 whole kilometers.. run..  oi! 7.7 pun aku tak tahan.. cemane bebudak nih leh tahan 42KM? shit.. well, Janggut is practically a dragon incarnated.. no surprised there if he joined the category and be the first 50 finishers.. in 2006, Janggut won the full marathon in UTP.. beating all other runners, and a South African student came second after him.. and Janggut were breathing properly when he finished.  he was UTP Olahragawan.. i called him olahNAGAWan.. and his name is Wan..

but then again… Forest Gump ran for more than 3 years.. lol

back to the night marathon.. i was planning to wait for my frens to finish their full marathon.. but Anis said he needed to go back home. coz he have something to do today.. which was going to KLPac again.. lol! best betul kelas dia.. he said he’s gonna to classes that he missed on Saturday. so terpakse lah hantar Anis balik umah dia.. oh! dia tumpang aku sebab dia tade transport. takpelah.. i texted Zhaf, krim salam kat kawan2 lain [he’ll definitely read the SMS after finishing].. then off we go, back to KL.. puas ati gak la..

NEXT STOP : KL MARATHON… whose with me?

1 whole year baby..!

yes! officially worked in one company for an actual ONE year. haha! i’ve been with This Kompeni for 1 year and 1 day.. and based with the Client for 1 year. OFFICIALLY.. yey!~ \(>.<)/. so much for not wanting to work here. as it goes. i found that working life in the Kompeni as a .NET developer in the Client’s office is easy. well, certainly not that fun. but easy. Alhamdulillah. i hope i wont be expecting responsibilities [i mean.. gigantor responsibilities].. in the near future. heh! i hate responsibilities. no. i think i hate being on top. i like to assist someone on top. but not be on the top. tapi kan.. kalau tak naik.. cemane gaji nak naik? demn!!! well.. unless they want me to be a fulltime pilot.. then i can certainly on top.. yeah! well.. i was expecting for a raise every 6 months based on my performance [sayz there in the contract].. well.. i think i performed quite well. but then again i think my team leader need to submit the performance form to HR first before i get to have a raise. which from the looks of it.. i think my team leader dont know about it or just lazy to even think about it. tak kisah la. boleh hidup lagi. just dat.. with my current salary.. its not enuf to even pay fairly to PTPTN and UTP.. and with me planning to go to Japan either on December this year or early Spring next year… things gonna get rough for me this year… well.. not that rough actually.. i still live in my parents house. hey hey! for a good reason eeehhh…my mom’s alone in the big house. my dad had gone to Arab Saudi for this permanent job which he had a hard time picking the good choice of going or not going. my older brother went to work with PETRONAS in Melaka Refinery, which displeased my dad. Petronas? its an all-corrupt top managements.. lol! u can see how corrupted the management even from the outside.. [well.. maybe not all.. but most]. my younger sister still studying in UiTM Shah Alam.. and the my youngest brother is currently completing his A-level in Help Institute. so that leaves just me n my mom.. takkan la aku nak tinggalkan mak aku sensorang kat umah? and why te heck do i want to waste my money renting a room or apartment? when i can have full comfy rest in my own bed. with full accessibility to the grand kitchen in that house. wow! italian, french cuisine every week. my mom took care of malay n Indonesian cuisines. not mentioning, air conditioning, free internet access, ASTRO and beyond, beautiful amoi as neighbours.. all i have to do is pay a bit of this and that.. hehe! jimat kan..? NOT!! pokai aku lepas eksiden krete nih.. nak membayor spare part mahal natang. god deng! cemane nak baya PTPTN? cemane nak baya UTP? cemane nak simpan duit pegi JEPUN??!! aarrgghhh!! sokay.. maybe can start late.. or later.. God! please dont be later than March or April..

on the sad side:

Tok Su Kiram.. I pray u’d gone there peacefully.. May Allah bless your journey towards Him.. no.. May Allah bless everyone that i know/knew with a peaceful journey towards Him… my prayers are for your families that still lives.. and you will get yours from your sons and daughters..

on the other side:

oooh! mua marathonia.. Putrajaya Night Marathon is right at that corner.. there.. the corner in front of the blue Honda Civic 2.0… dekat je.. demn! and guess what.. im not ready! not one bit. im as big as i am last month. i’m still short breathed away from my lungs.. shit! and i’ve already paid the running fee… esok amik running kit. then sabtu.. off running around Putrajaya.. that is if i do run… heh!

hope everythings gonna change from here onwards… or hope not

can i hope for both?