1 whole year baby..!

yes! officially worked in one company for an actual ONE year. haha! i’ve been with This Kompeni for 1 year and 1 day.. and based with the Client for 1 year. OFFICIALLY.. yey!~ \(>.<)/. so much for not wanting to work here. as it goes. i found that working life in the Kompeni as a .NET developer in the Client’s office is easy. well, certainly not that fun. but easy. Alhamdulillah. i hope i wont be expecting responsibilities [i mean.. gigantor responsibilities].. in the near future. heh! i hate responsibilities. no. i think i hate being on top. i like to assist someone on top. but not be on the top. tapi kan.. kalau tak naik.. cemane gaji nak naik? demn!!! well.. unless they want me to be a fulltime pilot.. then i can certainly on top.. yeah! well.. i was expecting for a raise every 6 months based on my performance [sayz there in the contract].. well.. i think i performed quite well. but then again i think my team leader need to submit the performance form to HR first before i get to have a raise. which from the looks of it.. i think my team leader dont know about it or just lazy to even think about it. tak kisah la. boleh hidup lagi. just dat.. with my current salary.. its not enuf to even pay fairly to PTPTN and UTP.. and with me planning to go to Japan either on December this year or early Spring next year… things gonna get rough for me this year… well.. not that rough actually.. i still live in my parents house. hey hey! for a good reason eeehhh…my mom’s alone in the big house. my dad had gone to Arab Saudi for this permanent job which he had a hard time picking the good choice of going or not going. my older brother went to work with PETRONAS in Melaka Refinery, which displeased my dad. Petronas? its an all-corrupt top managements.. lol! u can see how corrupted the management even from the outside.. [well.. maybe not all.. but most]. my younger sister still studying in UiTM Shah Alam.. and the my youngest brother is currently completing his A-level in Help Institute. so that leaves just me n my mom.. takkan la aku nak tinggalkan mak aku sensorang kat umah? and why te heck do i want to waste my money renting a room or apartment? when i can have full comfy rest in my own bed. with full accessibility to the grand kitchen in that house. wow! italian, french cuisine every week. my mom took care of malay n Indonesian cuisines. not mentioning, air conditioning, free internet access, ASTRO and beyond, beautiful amoi as neighbours.. all i have to do is pay a bit of this and that.. hehe! jimat kan..? NOT!! pokai aku lepas eksiden krete nih.. nak membayor spare part mahal natang. god deng! cemane nak baya PTPTN? cemane nak baya UTP? cemane nak simpan duit pegi JEPUN??!! aarrgghhh!! sokay.. maybe can start late.. or later.. God! please dont be later than March or April..

on the sad side:

Tok Su Kiram.. I pray u’d gone there peacefully.. May Allah bless your journey towards Him.. no.. May Allah bless everyone that i know/knew with a peaceful journey towards Him… my prayers are for your families that still lives.. and you will get yours from your sons and daughters..

on the other side:

oooh! mua marathonia.. Putrajaya Night Marathon is right at that corner.. there.. the corner in front of the blue Honda Civic 2.0… dekat je.. demn! and guess what.. im not ready! not one bit. im as big as i am last month. i’m still short breathed away from my lungs.. shit! and i’ve already paid the running fee… esok amik running kit. then sabtu.. off running around Putrajaya.. that is if i do run… heh!

hope everythings gonna change from here onwards… or hope not

can i hope for both?


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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