run Forest run!

yes! one step to another place…

i had friday futsal…

then saturday morning [which is yesterday] i had an interview with some recruiters agency…

at noon… i went to KLPac for some awesome art Carnival where they threw introductory and FREE art classes for everyone.. well.. of course not everyone knew about it since they dont care..but demn me.. thank you Anis for telling me.. i went to some classes..the teachers were amazing.. the practices were amazing.. we took part in every classes.. from dancing, up to acting, and painting… we even had fun playing simple music instruments and randomly playing in harmony… shit.. i hope they do this kinda thing on a weekly basis.. awesome… everything ended at 5 pm..

finished.. anis and I, decided that we’re gonna do Asar and rest a bit at my house. before starting our journey towards Putrajaya.. why? for the Putrajaya Night Run of course.. we registered in the Men 7.7KM category.. which made us bleed to death in our mind. i hadnt a single preparation for this run.. and suddenly i have to run 7.7kilometers?demn me!

at the starting point, we got separated.. [anis n me].. i started with a slow walk controlling by breathing.. and started to jog for about 2KM before i started walking again.. penat penat!.. and i dont know why.. but i walk slow.. i looked at everyone who walks besides me.. they walk freakingly fast.. i tried to walk fast but.. it seems i cant.. i really cant.. i used to walk fast.. but during high school.. i trained my legs to walk casually slow but with a wide gap between steps.. so every 2 steps a woman walks beside me.. i took only 1 step. but darn.. last night.. everyone was freakishly fast. i think there were more than 5000 people on the road for the category alone.. ramai gile.. when the run started to climb on a bridge or a hill.. u could see swarms of humans slowly making their way upwards.. like ants on ant’s hill.. seriously amazing. and i think.. i wanna do this again… and again…

after some walk, i managed to jog a bit of here and there.. but the cramps made me gave up to jog.. my thighs we practically threatening me.. betis aku pulak dah kuarkan pisau letak kat leher.. haha! saket gile!! so i started my slow walk again until the finishing line.. we were greeted with people handing out certificates telling us we participated in the event… the night was cold. we got free drinks and Zaza n sister came to us.. with a medal hanging around her neck.. apparently she was one of the 300 who finished early. she told me.. Janggut, Terk and Zhaf was on the full marathon categories..whichwas 42 whole kilometers.. run..  oi! 7.7 pun aku tak tahan.. cemane bebudak nih leh tahan 42KM? shit.. well, Janggut is practically a dragon incarnated.. no surprised there if he joined the category and be the first 50 finishers.. in 2006, Janggut won the full marathon in UTP.. beating all other runners, and a South African student came second after him.. and Janggut were breathing properly when he finished.  he was UTP Olahragawan.. i called him olahNAGAWan.. and his name is Wan..

but then again… Forest Gump ran for more than 3 years.. lol

back to the night marathon.. i was planning to wait for my frens to finish their full marathon.. but Anis said he needed to go back home. coz he have something to do today.. which was going to KLPac again.. lol! best betul kelas dia.. he said he’s gonna to classes that he missed on Saturday. so terpakse lah hantar Anis balik umah dia.. oh! dia tumpang aku sebab dia tade transport. takpelah.. i texted Zhaf, krim salam kat kawan2 lain [he’ll definitely read the SMS after finishing].. then off we go, back to KL.. puas ati gak la..

NEXT STOP : KL MARATHON… whose with me?

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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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