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kenape time ujan jek Astro tersekat sekat.. or ilang trus signal nya? yes! i have the answer.. [i think].. well.. actually my mom got the answer. n she told me.. which i only understood half of em.. or actually remembered half of what she told me..

we were busy filling our mind with the mysteries of CSI when rain suddenly decided to pour down above Sungai Buloh. nice. yes! also means no Astro for approximately 1-2 hours.. feeling frustrated.. i think something reminded mom of something.. so she asked me..

“kenape bile hujan jek.. signal Astro ilang?” in many case, i would answer “ntah!”.. this case included.. haha

I told you before, my mom’s the one responsible for registering MEASAT satellite and she often goes to these conferences discussing the details of MEASAT. in one of the conference she went either in New Zealand or Hawaii [x ingat mane tapi demn! i wanna go there].. she told me, the signals covered by MEASAT could be vast.. could even cover the entire South East Asia. and if the coverage was that vast, than we wont have these current problem ‘time ujan jek Astro ilang’.. u see..



bayangkn ijau itu Semenanjung Mesia, pastuh jaluran biru adelah coverage satelit Malaysia.. cenggitu la kite dpt Astro..  [sebenarnye bukan cenggini.. nih abstract jek] nak bg korg paham.. so dalam keijauan Meleysia nih ade lah stesen2 pancaran.. in our case.. cam ade due tige jek kat Meleysia nih.. gi keje kat Astro kalau nak tau kat mane stesen pancaran dia.. aku tau kat Bukit Jalil ngn Cyberjaya jek..

now.. the problem came from our neighbours.. negare2 jiran nih lah tanak kite nye satelit coverage masuk negare derang. they have their own satellite too.. derang pancarkan signal derang gak.. tapi nanti kalau signal dia cross ngn signal MEASAT.. ade kemungkinan yg bahagian yg cross tuh x dapat signal langsung..



haa… tengok2.. mungkin yg dalam tempat warne biru itu tak dapat signal langsung.. sebab signal2 nih gune wavelength berlainan.. nanti astro decoder tak reti nak pilih yg mane satu… so x dapat la astro.. tapi aku rase cam teknologi skang boleh jek nak bezakan mane ngn mane.. cume kene baya lebih laaa.. anda mau baya lebih?

so Malaysia shrunk our satellite coverage ckup2 muat satu Malaysia jek.. kecik jek..! and in doing so,  wave pegi balik dari stesen pancaran ke MEASAT dan mungkin dari dunia ke stesen pancaran.. pun jadik kurang… so bile ujan jek.. awan awan itam tutup pancaran dari stesen utama serta stesen2 tertentu ke satelit.. kalau coverage besar,  boleh tumpang stesen pancaran tempat lain. ini tidak.. so ilang lah Astro dari tv anda.


if u want Astro to widen their satellite coverage.. first.. u need to appeal to neighboring countries.. anda mampu buat cenggitu? then lepas berjaya appeal ngn neighboring countries, boleh lah kite expand coverage Astro.. tul tak?

sape nak gi tolong buat appeal nih?

my mom? dia sudah bersara!


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