Actor to be or not to be?

acting? Anis told me a story about a promising life in acting when he finished his SPM or wutever u call it there in Singapore. he got an audition and went for the trial. and the director said Anis have some talent in him and that he had potential. yes.. HAD. he went and ruined that potential by entering UTP taking degree in Chemical Engineering. lol! still i think he is over successful right now. he graduated from UTP and got himself a position in Shell, Exploration and Production. he now have his own apartment and a full set of diving gears. and a 50″ plasma tv IN HIS bedroom. gawd! still it’s a pain to have to watch Arsenal lose in some big games in that huge tv. takpe! Arsenal ade 1 away gol.. so next game kalau menang 1-0 pun dah ckup. but i think i’ve strayed too much from the topic. like always.

anyway, i’ve wrote about this before. we went to KLPac for some fun art Carnival. definitely fun. lepas abis bermain2 kat karnival, we went to look around the building and Anis found some interesting ad [interesting to him].. i think its called ‘The Platform’.. u get members of 3, or more.. but i think the rules stated only 3 can act on the stage. u’ll be given a chair and a table. and u can present your play for 15 minutes. on stage. yes! very interesting to him i guess. not me. no no. i’m not that type. i’m the type who’ll help you become famous. i’ll help you be successful. i’ll help you achieve victory. i’ll help you. i wont be you. i dont wanna be you. i’m the freelance assistant type. as long i as i get my share. i’ll help you achieve anything. mercenary type. but there are good being a mercenary. mercenary usually have friends and know somebody that have friends. and sometimes do things without conveying any price for a friend. so Anis said he wants to join. and invited me to join in the group of 3. no no no. yes! i know i can sing and act [lol] but no no no no. but somehow he managed to get me to think about it. tak kisah la. aku rase nothing will happen.

but apparently i was wrong. dead wrong. he already wrote a play. damn me i didnt foresee this coming. bah! what do i do? what do i do? okay.. i can help him.. but aint gonna do no act tho. i can help him plan the stage maybe? but what to plan? only a chair and a table as props. hmm.. maybe lightings… yes! turn on and turn off.. argh! damn! and damn this flu that came out of nowhere.. well.. maybe not actually nowhere.. but it was supposed to be mild flu.. how’d i know it’ll became this big buffalo flu. from just a slow air-conditioned office. and damn me again. i just remembered i was walking in the rain after work hour finished yesterday. it’s irritating you know. i have to hold my sneezes every time because i’m in the office. if i was alone or somewhere open. i’d just scream the hell out of those sneezes. lol. screaming sneezes helps release tension. your mom and dad would curse you for it. arwah nenek would probably pull my ear or pinch me on my thigh.. it’ll hurt badly that i’d curse my mind for it. well.. that’s how i see it after what my dad told me about her.

ok.. dah lari lagi…. so im not gonna do the play. maybe. maybe i will. ah! nanti la.

aiv got dis filing dat i wont bi duing eniting from hier on aut. nak trening maraton pun malas ya dong. nak berlakon juga malas. malas malas lazy. it’d struck me as odd as to this opportunity came without apparent schedule to it. lol.

ekceli kan.. everyday pun aku acting. i know my true self can only be revealed in front of my family and friends. it’s like i’m trying to act very mature in front of my family and somehow this child that i forced down my heart is trying very hard to get out of me. nak manje2 sambil rasa tua. huk aloh! and i dont know if its acting. but these ideas just came out from nowhere on how to interact with my friends. especially when it involves interacting with UTP friends. play me a fool. and i’ll play you a bigger fool. then my friend would play along to be bigger fool than me. so on and so forth. it’s like we’re totally different person when we met each other. umo dah lebih quarter abad.. prangai ngalahkan kanak2 ribena. then, we’d laugh like hell cant even reach us. so loud it annoyed everyone around. lol. i’ll tell you, once we went and rode in convoy of cars to Melaka. we laugh so loud our friends behind our car could heard us.. and started laughing back. lol. a moment i wont forget was when we were driving parallel on the road. windows were closed. someone on the other car started laughing, then others laughed too. i saw them laughing and start laughing too.. and the whole car laughed together. te hell? with no apparent reason. bagus la ade kawan2 yg memahami ni.. lol! i wished that moment were caught in a video or something.
weird thing is.. in front of anybody else. even in front of girlfriends.. we dont act like that. it’s like a guy thing. between guys only. maybe girls have their own too.. how could i know? im not a girl. or maybe gays have it too.. how should i know.. lol

“play me for a fool.. i’ll be a fool”. yep. that’s my motto.


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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