Cuti and Masa

do you remember Gong Xi Raya.. or Kongsi Raya ? a holiday invention when Hari Raya Puasa and Chinese New Year actually crossed path. i dont remember the exact date.. but i think Chinese New Year came a day after EidulFitri.. means 3 days cuti kan? but what if Eid falls exactly at the same date as Chinese New Year.. i know it’d be hectic.. earth will split. Malaysia may actually burn because of fireworks and “1st lady” will get even bigger and bigger.. not mentioning bigger supply of botox for all Malaysian.. eh.. jgn lebih2.. nanti so called “1st Lady” marah.. walaupun there are no such thing as First Lady in Malaysia.. sape2 kat luar tu.. jgn bom saye… [cam dah kuar topik]

[on with the topic]
BUT will we get 4 days of holidays instead of 2? let say both holidays falls on Monday la.. kite cuti till Thursday? or just those 2 days saje.. senin n selase? ah! noooo!!! 2 days je? tak best la.. maknenye tolak 2 hari cuti dalam kalendar Malaysia tahun itu.. NNOOOO!!!

and then again.. what if Eid falls on Monday and Gong Xi Fatt Chai falls on Wednesday?.. haha! 4 days of endless cuti.. i mean.. mmg KL kosong la.. i’ll gladly park my car in KL if KL kosong.. Kelantan? instead of “D”s.. u’ll see alot of “W”s that week.. i mean car plate characters.

cemane pulak.. if Eid falls on Monday, Gong Xi Fatt Chai on Wednesday and some future Agong birthday falls on Friday? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. suke kan? suke kan?

cube cek calendar tuh.. betul tak? ade tak? mane tau… do report your findings to me immediately.. kalau ade..

in some other notes,

would you believe me.. if i tell you TIME originally DO NOT exist[actually it is ignored]. yeah! God created time for us humans.. else.. no, it does not exist. what happens if God didn’t make the Earth spins.. and orbit around the sun? what if Earth just stood still.. tho with living beings in it.. but stood still at one point.. doesn’t spin and doesn’t orbiting any star or planet or sun or anything… how do we calculate how many hours passed by? how do we calculate our age? how do we tell someone we’re dropping their item at what exact time? how do we split sessions for our lectures? or interviews?

would someone have had the intention or even a reason to invent a clock?

what if the Earth is actually a Star and other planets orbit around it? [well we can actually create time based on planets orbiting Earth then]

here’s another question… what is the exact age of our sun?.. if we don’t use “Earth time” to measure it. the Universe has time? i mean.. the Universe ignored the facts that time existed.. which means TIME does not actually exist.. kan? kan?

it is because planets orbiting a star, hold the facts how time were created for us.. other than that.. how can we measure something that cannot exist? time has no meaning for our universe it seems.. only for us.. because we lived on Earth that orbits a Star.. what do people meant by ‘turning back time’, when time is actually ignored.. how can you turn back time? how can there be future?

no.. i’m not challenging God or something.. its just.. its been ringing for me to think.. out loud..


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. pening gila reading this one. you know, some things should be plained accepted. hehe. btw, i hate every jenis prosperity burger. nak muntah haha

  2. ahah! lepas u keje nanti.. u bace balik entry ni.. mesti tak pening dah.. haha!
    well that is if u keje kat hospital kerajaan.. n that u’re entitled to have cuti2 malaysia on public holidays..

    tapi betul.. something shud b plain accepted.. huhu..

  3. reply i cam x kene.. je.. u’re talking about the existence of time tu kan.. lol..

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