By the gods, they appear monstrous, he thought to himself. Anakala set his foot firmly into what seem to be a woolen carpet, but he knew enough to know that it was a skin of a hairy beast of The Plains. The skins of the animal were washed and dip into a mixture of ashes and salt and dried at the top of a hot hill. The cold breeze and the hot temperature seems to soften the hairs. So smooth he were actually thinking of buying one of those extra pairs he sees hanging against the wall. But the matters in hand sank his objectives towards the carpet. He looked again to the three aliens that stood motionless in front of him. Again he thought. “Monsters”. He waved his mind away from fear and excitement and greet the three aliens. “Salutations to the General Islanda of the Shi Dila, Lord of Tang Xi, honor to your house!”.
“And on to yours, Anakala of Birudi”, said the alien on the right. He spoke The Empire’s tongue flawlessly. “What business might you bring to interrupt our time of leisure?”.
“I am sorry my Lord, but I came with the gravest news”. Anakala stopped as if considering his next words. “The Dreads have been sighted within The Western Falls, just a mile from Daruna village.”, he continued, cutting a long message he brought with him about the massacres of the entire villages before Daruna; into a simple message yet understandable to the General. “We have send words to other villages to evacuate for the Inner Cities.”
“So they moved!”, answered the one standing on the most left the three.
Anakala turned to face him. He only knew the alien only by reputation. A living legend. Earl Bara from Iedelina, once feared by the Empire for his mind and physical brute. He was the leader who cut the Empire army who landed the South Plain by his mere thousand peasants. He brought great shame and great fear to the Empire that the Emperor decided at last to honor a peace treaty between them, and considered hiring him as occasional mercenary to the Empire. And he accepted. Now, he was again hired by the Empire to play his mind and strength along the greatest General of The Great Plains and the Empire’s War Leader.


to be continued.. or maybe not.. just testing

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