Save the purity of cute Kelantanese Girls!!

u know.. i always resisted the urge to write something nowadays.. maybe bcoz there’s not enuf information.. maybe its not interesting enuf.. maybe reading it may ignite my true potential… or maybe bcoz that i’m just dead lazy [true true]

i hop and hop to the hip hop from blog to blogs, some are plain interesting, some are very interesting, some are informative, some are just plain; there must be millions of blogs out there. know wut? im gonna be plain boring today. im gonna be plain. coz im not on a plane. [lame eh.. boring tak?]

do u know that it’s a trend now. every wedding must have their own photo shoot. not that im complainin’. i know itsa once in a lifetime event. 10 years back not everyone can afford a “juz-married photo shoot”. heck! not many can afford to be a photographer. or even a good photographer. and if there were any, they make their photo shoot in studios or in their own house. lookit everywhere now. tell me one of your friends are not doing a wedding photo shots this weekend. everyone could afford a DSLR. everyone can afford to make simple yet hardworked for the income. are literally infested by these people. right. and I dreamt that I gonna be a free-lance professional photographer when i grew old. haha. i was gonna put the high price for all my beautiful photographs. i know, not much of a dream now. while everyone do afford to buy good quality DSLR.. im here still stuck with my FREE Panasonic Lumix DMX-12. yes. 7.2 MP. the highest MPed camera i had ever earned. yes. i am proud of my pictures. some are plain boring. but the ones that are not. haha! u bet. it’s gonna be somewhere. safe. and secured. but still.. those damn DSLR sure work hard to burn my spirit down. compared to my pictures and the pictures from DSLR.. they’re like Antares and Sun. Malays say “macam langit ngan bumi”. kire jauh beza la. mine is like a spec of vermin trying to look like a Praying Mantis. and DSLR produced the Mighty Scorpions. oh! i like Praying Mantis… I always find them eating other bugs around my house. comel ! lol. seriously. praying mantis is like the cutest bug i ever see. and yes. i kept pictures of them. tabley tabley. tanak tunjuk. nanti org len pun nak bela gak. tabley! well.. technically, they’re not my pet. but i played with them everyday. like a pet. tapi kalau ade kucing. Praying Mantis will be forgotten. hello meowww!! nyia nyiaa nyiaow! no.. no pictures of cats.. i dont take pictures of cats. if there’s a cat. consider my hands full.. they’re too adorable. i must use both my hands for them. must!

[by now you must be wondering what’s the meaning of a title or a subject if the contents doesn’t even care to exist to define the title? u’ll see]

so got myself one heck of a good leave yesterday. yes. a leave without apparent reason. none wut so ever.. i just wanna take a leave on a weekday. wanna sleeeep-in on a weekday.. yes! i did it. but i did go to an outing in the evening. I called Faiz and no response came out. I called Elfi and proceed with our plan to test Ezi’s Nikon D5000.. yes. she’s selling it cheap and i’m on the verge of buying it.. i just need some guidance.. some ignitor.. to get me to buy the good thing. so I drove to Bangi.. in hope that Faiz will be at home just sleeping [damn right he was sleeping].. i got to his house and woke him up.. but he got some other agenda that evening. so he’s not coming with us [elfi and me]. so I went straight to Elfi’s house next. The camera is with him. idky it’s with him. but thank goodness that we wont have to go to Ezi’s house to test the camera. an off we go to Putrajaya. to some place called the Pullman’s Resort.. there’s some kind of water sport center there. the camera can produce what i needed. but the weather were never near good. so gamba x cantik. boleh la. itu je. i lied to Elfi saying i had lunch [he hadnt had any either] because i think it’ll take more time to take pictures. but boy.. was I too hungry to continue anymore. so we buy ourselves dunkin donuts. damn right it was delicious. hungry delicious.. even if its cold.

we went to Alamanda for dinner. and idky again. but the mall seem infested with very very very beautiful girls last night. very hot beautiful malay girls. darn! ramai pulak tu. if i wasnt so hungry. i’d ask to take pictures of every single beauties there. we chomped Nando’s all the way through the night. lol. lame dol makan situ.. pastuh borak jgn cakap la. it was like near 11pm kot mase kitorang blah.. we started eating after Maghrib. and the crazy hot girls just keep on comin and goin.. wow!

im thinking.. should i take another half day leave today? when i tried to msg Elvin to ask him for another leave. it seem a GreatWall appeared between me and elvin. so high its getting on my nerves. elvin already sent in a task for me. lol. so I have to finish this. darn! no half-day leave today for me. maybe next time. i got 18 days left of my leave balance. boleh 3 minggu stret. tp no no.. sabar. simpan. save. i think there’s a lot of plan coming in this year. and next year.

till then.. maybe i’ll go brush my teeth with nasik goreng kampung for lunch today.

p/s: PEOPLE SHOULD DEMOLISH KB MALL!!! WE SHOULDN’T HAVE BUILT KB MALL IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! u stupid government agency always trying to close Kelantan people’s mind!!


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