Week ended

they gave me a job.. and i finished the job in 10 minutes. no more jobs for me.

currently i have done 3 tasks and waiting for the scheduled test date. which were set in mid April. WTF?! lame gile aku nak tunggu. keje dah siap. test je la. deploy je la.!! this is one of the reason that I hate about this job. they gave me a task. i finished the task early. then I have to wait for the scheduled test date. in which between time, i wait and wait and wait and surf internet, my mom n dad call it.. “makan gaji buta”.
right…. i dun wanna go into details about the argument. mmg aku kalah.

but thats not the point. the point is.. i hate this job. and they just gave me another reason to hate it even more. maybe they’re actually trying to get me to quit the job? ah~ selagi aku x dapat keje lain yg gaji lagi besar.. selagi tuh aku xnak quit this job. haha!

yes! duit adelah pendorong aku sekarang. kerna duit! aku dapat pergi melancong. kerna duit! aku boleh tengok wayang setiap minggu. kerna duit! aku boleh main dota. kerna duit! aku boleh makan Chilis setiap bulan. kerna duit! aku boleh simpan duit lebih dalam ASB. kerna duit! aku boleh repair serta serta servis krete. kerna duit! aku boleh main futsal setiap Jumaat. kerna duit! aku dah boleh pegi Sepang F1 Circuit dan main Go-Kart di sana.

Ok.. nak crite pasal go-kart sebenarnye..
after Friday futsal.. Faliq invited us into his unplanned program. go-kart Saturday evening. maka kitorang plan lah bagai. hmm.. nampak menarik. mintak2 tak tergendala lah.. like always… i got some places in mind for go-kart circuits around KL or Selangor. but we decided to go to Sepang F1 Go-Kart Circuit. Faiz dah bakar Paliq kat sane mmg best gile. and true it was.

best gile babi.
aku nak main lagi.
memang best la wei.

we [Mapitt n I] arrived in Sepang at 5pm… the promised time was gerak kul 3.. sampai kul 4.. [i reminded everyone.. “janji melayu kul 5 sampai la”] Faliq n Kepen arrived at 5.30pm.. but there’s a junior amateur training session that evening [they were really good.. and really fast]. we asked the organizer for the packages and pricing. heck! RM90 siang/ RM40 malam per pax for 10 minutes ride. then there’s the tournament packages.. i think its RM200 siang/ RM120 malam per pax for tournament package.

practice laps :10 minutes
heat 1 : 5 laps
heat 2 : 5 laps
final : 8 laps

ouh! tempting…

there are other options..
the fun karts or the racing karts?

the one i described above are for the fun karts : 4 strokes, 80cc

racing karts : 4 strokes, 125cc [which is much faster la]… and of course, the price are much faster too..TRIPLED

so.. after a quick check in our wallets, after a masterful math calculation.. we decided to take the 10 minutes Fun Kart course. heheheh! AT NIGHT!… heheheheh! cantek! its cheaper, colder, and much more fun… than to have a go with those super fast junior amateurs.. lol..

best best!! we started our 10 minutes at 9pm.. and boy the Fun Kart was fast enuf.. well.. maybe not for me.. but yes! it was fast [enuf] and fun.. after finishing the first 10 minutes rally.. we decided… that we aint gettin enough of anything.. tak puas ati… so we paid for another 10 minutes.. yaaahaaaa! 10 minutes is about 8-9 laps.. penat dol naik go-kart… dah la laju.. stereng berat.. siap dehydrated lagi.. and the corners are superb.. amik2 gamba sket [not my camera].. then pulang…

Mapitt have to go to his girlfriend birthday party or something.. so kene hantar aku balik dulu..

here’s one i learn from this experience…
after driving go-kart… u’ll drive a ‘tauhu’ back to your house.

gi main go-kart kalau nak tau maknenye…

Solomon Kane was rock hard.. hahaha! 18SG…
couldnt buy Alice in wonderland 3D on time..


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