fair? karma? luck?

im sick and tired hearing people saying about ‘life not being as fair’ or people babling about ‘KARMA’. these two things do not exist.
as a Muslim.. logically n technically, everything came from God and God alone.
i believe LIFE IS FAIR.. though life ‘in this world’ may not be fair.. but our LIFE IS FAIR [after life are also called life]… beyond any measurement. if life in this world were always fair, then i DONT think there is need for Hell to exist but for Syaitan alone. if life ‘in this world’ were fair, Heaven will be infested by humans.
yes! life is fair.. may not be fair for you in this world, but justice will be deemed. if not here.. there, upon the ‘Other World’..

if you’ve done a misdeed, and justice were done unto you in this world. then it is not Karma..
I, do not believe in KArma.. if you were justified the instance you’ve done your misdeed.. or after 10 years of your misdeeds.. then it is because God wills it. God gave you a chance to redeem your misdeed or maybe undo your sins. peluang untuk bertaubat. peluang bergerak ke jalan yg sepatutnya. peluang untuk SEDAR.

kalau ko sepak kucing sampai mati. pastuh esoknye ade harimau gigit ko. its not Karma. It’s God giving you a chance to know, to see for yourself how fearsome His power is.. takutlah kamu atas Balasan-Nya. well.. i do not know the business of God. but I do believe that is how we should see it. how things will be undone to us in Hell. worst. we were taught that things are always multiplied thousands of times in Hell..
hence.. showed things are justified. If u didnt get anything [good or bad] in this world.. u’ll certainly get it in the Other.

u tell yourself everyday “IM OPEN MINDED”.. yet u believed: “life is not fair” and “karma” exists.

Kalau ko tak dapat balasan kat sini.. dah tentu2 ko dapat balasan kiamat nanti.. ape yg tak fairnye?
kalau ko dapat balasan kat sini sebab buat jahat.. bawak2 la jgn buat lagi. bodo! ko nak press luck ko sampai mane? ko ingat ko akan dapat balasan kat dunia je ke?

even luck pun tak wujud. LUCK = God’s willing. if God do not wills it.. then, no luck for you.. be it good luck or bad luck.

other note:
Arsenal advanced.. now this shows fairness.. no karma.. no luck..

About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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