Satan Iblis Lucifer Diablo

actually.. the devil cannot own your soul. nor can he make a pact with you saying “I will take your soul after I’ve granted your wish”. nor does he have any power to grant your wishes. you can make all the pact you want with the devil. the devil cannot fulfill your wishes. God will. the devil? No.
if you think the devil can.. then u believed the devil have the same power as God to grant you wishes. then u’ll be labeled as acknowledging the devil and become one of the Syirik. and u’ll be sent to Hell for that. and not because the devil own’s your soul.

so how can the devil grant your wishes? simple. the DEVIL PRAYED TO GOD. and i think. most of the time, the devil’s Do’a are heard and granted by God. Wallahualam. it was said that when Iblis refused to bow before Adam a.s. as God’s perfect creation and God banished the devil to hell. the devil asked something from God. and God granted the devil’s wish to take as many of Adam’s sons and daughters to hell with it before Judgement Day comes.. [if i remembered correctly]

so Satan will never be equal or superior to God. God will own your soul. not Satan or Iblis or Lucifer or Legion or Diablo or WTF hell name created by humans for it. even if you made a pact saying “Satan will own my soul after this”. hahaha! no.. no no.. only God and God only.. will have your soul. and even Satan’s soul.

for all the thick headed humans who think Satan own’s Hell and gonna own your soul if u make/made pacts with it and that Hell fire do not burn them fire creatures.. i’d say maybe u’re in for a big surprise.

oh here’s another thing.. if u had ever made a pact with the devil. and you finally regretted [i mean, really really regret it].. then God is the Most Merciful.. what more can you ask?


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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