Tali Pinggang Keledar

“Dia dikatakan hilang kawalan lalu melanggar tembok jalan dan terpelanting
keluar daripada kereta ke dalam longkang di tepi jalan,”

-this is a quote from from a very recent accident today-

nah! u can see here.. THIS is one of Malaysian tradition.. a subtle tradition adopted by most Malaysian. would the driver then [peace be to him] ‘terpelanting keluar daripada kereta’ if he’d ever fastened his seat belt? well… idk if its true he didnt fastened his seat belt.. the news didnt quote anything about any seatbelt.. but heck! secara logiknye. how can a driver drove a car.. hits the divider [i must assume he is going forward].. and get thrown out of the car?  even if the car flipped… how can one person get thrown out of a car if he had fastened his seat belt? simple lah kan.. jawapannye: dia tak pakai tali pinggang keledar.

oh.. we know the importance of seat belt.. but most Malaysian minds.. Malaysian tradition dictates.. “seat belt is a hassle”.. “accidents dont happen to us”.  and then.. NAH! u’ll get this stories/ news.

okay. idk the truth about this news .. maybe the seat belt ripped off… maybe… the fasting mechanical was faulty.. maybe something cut the belt when the accident happened. yes! and while the creator of seat belt took all the precaution, all his wits to design something for safety..  still we have some driver flying out of his car when an accident happened. i wonder why…?

I’ve had 5 accidents since i got my license 2 and half years ago.. and i wore my seatbelt all the time.. ALL the TIME, since i got my license.. its my safety.. I made a habit of preventing something horrible from happening to me. I signaled every time I changed lanes.. I signaled every time I make a corner.. I signaled 5 seconds earlier before i make my turns [5 seconds is a long long time for someone to notice].. EVERY TIME!  i made it MY HABIT. its a safety habit. and its damn well good for me. I do it everyday.. I do it always.. make a habit out of it. and it saved me from harm. I honk at people straying into my lanes. I honk at people who drives slow on the right lane. I pushed hazard lights when ever i had an emergency breaks [to inform vehicle at the back].. hazard lights were meant to signal people that u’re on total halt.. totally stopped. hazard lights will save you from getting hit from the back. if not eventually.

ekau pakai seat belt bile bapak ko duk sebelah ko je watpe? bawak2 ar pakai ari2.. if u think its a hassle to wear seatbelt.. then u dont deserved your license. ask any professional driver who drove fast car and had terrible accidents. seat belt is the most fundamental safety issues.

“tak selesa”? “malas”? “gelabah”? u’ll see when u have one thats gonna kill u slowly. kecik2 tanak mampus. dah besar menyusahkan orang. hei.. hei hei.. heheheheh!

p/s:  those 5 accidents i had.. none were my fault. NONE! and i am damn well proud of it.

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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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