what i hoped for a year had been realized.. it’s a great news indeed. and im lovin it. i was like smiling all the way home from when i got the news yesterday evening. and i did took the train to go back home yesterday. i was smiling like crazy.. sambil aku senyum.. aku melihat2 muke sensorang dalam komuter tuh.. some buat muke toye.. some returned the smile.. some were giving me the “pehal-mamat-nih-gile-ke-hape-sengih-sorang2-dari-tadi-?-perogol-ke-hape-?” face.. tapi i dont mind them.. call me anything u like. im smiling till this news wear its goodness out. hahahaha! so lepas tengok muke sensorang.. i drew out my Raymond Feist, Prince of the Blood.. and start reading.. and tho the part i read had no humour at all.. i kept on smiling. until i reached Sungai Buloh, got into my car.. and drove back home. i kept on smiling and smiling. heck! i was practically screamin’ on all the music i heard in my iPod.. hahahaha!

told mom the news..  promised her something. then go to my bedroom.. planned something for the year.. took my back-home-shower.. solat.. and relaxed for a moment before taking my mom out for dinner. during dinner they were showing P.Ramlee’s “3 Abdul”, bapok klaka.  we could watch the same old movie for a thousand time and still laugh at their jokes..  salutation to P.Ramlee and the movie production team lah kan..

which made me realized a business plan that i think off.. thats for later lah..

and i’m still smiling… even before i slept in yesterday..

well.. truth be told. i’m smiling right now while writing this entrée.. hehe X)

About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. senyum itu sedekah…xgtu?masok iklan colgate nak?kodomo lion ke or fresh n white..ahahhaha..

  2. haha! tapi sekarang ni sedekah itu satu senyuman..

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