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the Week – Days

lots had happened since Tuesday..

when i’m on my way to my car. the usual man that issued parking tickets asked me “adik tengah exam ke sekarang?”
and i was like “exam?”..
“adik belajar lagi kan? ke keje?”.
so, wuts the point to this conversation? oh.. he thinks im a student. means he thinks im young. maybe i have a youngster look. maybe i eat to keep my skin look young. wth. but im going 27 this year. dah lame kot abis setadi [lame ke?]. doesnt matter. but i do have my beard.. like a working man’s beard or some-nasty-bum-with-a-messy-beard’s beard. why assume i’m still studying? and i was driving Honda Accord pulak tuh. deng! and where te heck can u find a private college behind Jalan Masjid India? or sebelah Dataran Merdeka? hmmm…

yesterday… since i didnt came for work yesterday because of mild flu [ but i took an MC anyway coz i dont want to sneeze all day in the office yesterday].. it started in the morning when my tonsils were tired of its job and started swelling. saje jek tanak bagi aku minum air sejuk. well, dats wut d doc said. tonsils swelling. aku rase tonsil aku mmg cenggitu rupenye. byk kali aku tgk dalam cermin. cenggitu jugak rupenye. saket ke tak saket cenggitu lah rupenye. i dun even know how it’d looked like if its swelling or not. im no doctor. ade dokter leh bagitau bezanye?.. for me it looks the same to me.. like a twin in my mouth.
so then i decided to work on my pending tasks. tuka cheque book, register income tax, and make a passport. and i went for those tasks at noon. in which all tasks failed to produce any civil outcome. Maybank kate cheque book takyah tuka, LHDN kate no need to register income tax yet, and Kastam kate surat akuan sumpah pejadah dah expired for lost passport, meaning i was denied to make a new passport until i make a new surat akuan sesumpah. nyeheh! tak civil lah. menyusahkan aku je.
so i went home. in which reminded me, i have to go and ‘collect’ my MC cert. so i went to a clinic nearby my house. to get one. i have to report to the doctor. and tell him i had a flu. and im recovering. but when i asked for the MC. the doctor said that he had to include ‘fever’ in the report, and then he can issue me an MC cert. deng. meaning.. it’ll cost me more to have what i dont have. a fever’. which also means that i have to pay extra RM10 for the ‘fever’ drug. oh.. well. i’ll sell the drug to drug addicts later.. RM10/piece should do it.. i have about 10 piece of.. wut ever it is.. idk wuts the drug’s name. n i dont have it with me coz i left the drug home today. nak makan ubat demam watpe? aku x demam.

ape lagi ye semalam? lupe la pulak. hmm.. tak kisah la.

today… hmm hmm.. today.. Thursday the 29th.
this morning, KWSP announced of a fire drill that was scheduled to commence at 11am.. but then, the announcer announced “There’s a fire building up on 3rd floor” at exactly 10am. so no one in my office were convinced. since the fire drill should start at 11am and suddenly the announcer started yelling, “Fire Fire” at 10am.. okay.. maybe he didnt yell. but u get the picture. we started to joke around and the announcer made a serious tone about the fire announcement. so finally we believe in him. haha! everyone started to speculate this and that while making our way to the safe zone. like the Bomba were just trying to smoke the level but turned out burning the floor instead and such. we walked in 2 groups. one i called the serious-by-the-book group [which i’m in], we went to the safe zone and regroup with other gomens. and the other group. which i called the-slacker-group went to the Kopitiam below CIMB Tower and had nice cup of tea and breakfast. deng. shudav gone with the slacker-group.

but anyway. when we were safely regrouped at the safe zone. people started asking where the smoke was. and i point out to the clouds and said, “there.. lotsa smoke”. and people actually laugh. my my.. terer gak aku wat lawak. ehemm… on with it… so came another announcer.. i think its the Bomba representative.. using a wut do u call that cone that enhanced your voice volume? alah.. the one people use in demonstration or when police trying to talk to criminals in the buildings. ah! tak kisah lah. aku nak panggil “Voice Cone” haha! the bomba announcer used the voice cone to announced that it was actually a fire drill.. and everyone were like clapping their hands after hearing it.. te hell? aku tak paham. kenape nak tepuk tangan?

tunggu 30 minit. then bomba said we can go back into our office… i was walking slowly and analyzing cute government chicks. tapi tak ramai. kenape eh? deng..!

come lunch i tried to see if the Opening Soon Subway have opened… and jeng jeng jeng.. mesti la dah bukak.. i went in.. had half foot tuna menu.. dan makan! abis makan jek.. amik gamba subway guna camera henfon dengan harapan nak masukkan dalam blog. tapi uploader tade. so tade lah gamba dalam blog nih. slalu cenggini. susahla..


oh.. 5 minutes ago.. when i got back from the mini shop/outlet/kiosk or wutever u call it these days.. i nearly bumped onto the cute girl that i like here at the upper office level.. and she said “HI”.. the 1st time she ‘hello’ed me.. haha! usually its just the smile and nod. no ‘Hi’… usually lah..

and here i am.. finishing my blog today.. sebab ade keje tak siap lagi.. mintak2 siap sat lagi..


Evening – Office Norm

macam2 kejutan gak ari nih.
memula aku tengok Chelsea leading 3-0 dan tertido.
pastuh aku bangun lambat gi keje.. bukak kat opis, tengok Chelsea tibai Stoke City 7-0 upenye.. season nih brape kali dah derang tibai team lain sampai 7 gol.. gile babeng.

lepas tuh aku blogwalk serta jadik follower blog Effi Weiland — dia nih senior aku kat UTP dlu. dia x kenal aku pun. aku kenal dia sebab dia femes. dia jadik moderator tuh lah. founder nih la. operator tuh la. maka terkenal lah beliau dikalangan student2 UTP. malah lebih terkenal dari Presiden MPPUTP. well. mane ade orang kenal Presiden Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar pun? mungkin Effi Weiland kenal.. aku x kenal. Effi bagaikan Siti Nurhaliza bahagian dunia online di UTP. sape tak kenal Effi, maknenye dia takde pc. haha. betul. tak tipu. aweks2 cun sume kenal dia. sape main CS mesti kenal dia. sape donlod movie ke anime ke kertas ujian ke soklan bocor ke. mesti kenal dia. haha! — ckup intro pasal dia. aku tau. dia power. dia ala ala Neo Matrix gitu. argh! sudah!.. ckup pujian untuk beliau. tapi ini jek pasal dia yg aku nak cerita dalam blog nih..
sebenarnye, ku blogwalk everyday. blogjog pun ari2. cam sekarang ni kurang benar kerjanye. well. adelah keje.. tapi satu hari aku siapkan satu line. so that esok aku akan ade keje lagi. aku tau skang nih antare mase2 tade keje nak cube datang.

selain itu, hari ini aku mendapat kejutan yg best. di mana setelah mendapat gaji baru.. aku mendapat sebentuk bayaran lain. tapi untuk kegunaan lain. tapi cam terqejut la kejap tadi.. bebukak Maybank2u tetiba ade lebih dari duit gaji haku. pastuh dapat email serta sms dari bapak aku. upenye duit perbelanjaan maintenance umah. lol. 1st time aku tengok duit bnyak nih.. hahaha! kalau dunia nih berputar tentu aku stand still. kalau dunia x berputar.. mesti aku dah mati kesejukan atau mati kepanasan. atau mati sebab papelah yg mother nature cube menunjukkan ego.

seterusnye.. tentang income tax dan e-Filing. tak reti lah aku nak menggunakan ia. malah cemane nak buat pembayaran pun aku tatau. cemane nak carik no. PIN pun aku tak reti. tapi nanti aku try buat jugak.

and oho so great of a news. I’m currently outsourced to KWSP Jalan Raja Laut. next to the new Menara CIMB.. where is Menara CIMB? yg sebelah Sogo tuh la.. at lunch break, i went to Sogo to have my Double McChicken Value Meals. 8 henggit je.. tak kisah la tuh. but when i finished mua lunch and started to walk back to office passing the oh so beatiful CIMB Tower.. i noticed a sign.. a sign i’ve been waitin for so long. Subway is on its way to open soon at the Geraun Flor of CIMB Tower. oh sangat la bagus lagi comel. i can start my true diet then. yeah! sekarang nih asik terlepas jek schedule diet. so x diet la kalau x ikut specific time. kalau Subway bukak pasni. sampai je opis. aku letak bag. on pc. lock pc. make my way to Subway. ask for a half foot Hearty Italian or Parmesan Oregano bread. i think i’ll go for Tuna in the morning or lunch and Grilled Chicken in the evening. sayur mesti byk. baru diet namenye. drinks? air kosong kat opis nih sudah. x pun bawak mineral water je. air kosong adelah air paling sedap dalam dunia.


goddeng comel nye menatang nih!!!

oh.. dapat dari tumblr sape tah..

Friday Futsal anyone?

SMS [sebab malas nak call ramai2]

me: Friday futsal cam bese. location tempet bese. time cam bese. korang nak main futsal tak malam nih? *sent to A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M*


A : Main
B : Tak Main
C : Ramai ke main?
D : Main katne?
E : Sape yg main?
F : Brape org main?
no reply from G
H : Aku gi Perak esok dowh!
I : Lawan sape?
no reply from J
K: Tak Main
L: aku byk keje nih. mungkin balik lambat.. kalau sempat aku gi..

ok! here’s a puzzle… spot the fuckin’ annoying answers above~~

ape ke hal orang takleh jawab soklan yg aku tanye? kenape nak aku reply jawapan untuk soklan ko kalau ko tak reply jawapan untuk soklan aku? dah la aku malas SMS. pastuh nak reply seko2 pulak tuh.. penis la wei!!

cam nih kalau aku reply sume

reply to C
Me: aku ngn A je
C: carik la org lagi
Me: so ko nak main ke tak nih?
C: ko carik la orang lagi..
Me: ko nak main ke tak nih????????
C: main laaaa
Me: kan senang kalau ko jawab awal2!!!!!

reply to D
Me: main tempat bese la.. kat PJ nun.. so ko main ke tak nih?
D: aku tak ingat tempat dowh
Me: Ko main ke tak nih?
D: bagi aku fon no A, aku nak tanye kat mane tempat dia
Me: 0125999####. ko nak main ke tak nih????
D: Main
*aku dah start saket pale*

reply to E
Me: yg main… aku, A, C, D
E: laa.. itu je ke? mane lagi?
Me: tengah tggu sume reply la ni.. ko nak main ke tak?
E: ok.. main

reply to F
Me: setakat nih baru 5 reply kate main.. kalau ko main jadi 6.. ko nak main ke tak?
E: sket gile orang.. mane orang nih? sume dah lupe commitment pade bola. tak radical la.
Me: ko nak main ke tak nih??
E: kalau campur aku ade 6 eh? sape lagi yg tak reply?
Me: G,H,I tak reply. ko nak main ke tak nih??
E: ok main

re-send to G
Me: wei.. nak main ke tak nih?
Me: wei.. mane ko nih.. nak main ke tak malam nih?

*saket pale n give-up*

reply to H
Me: ko pergi perak esok.. bukan malam nih.. ko nak main ke tak futsal MALAM INI?
H: entah la.. tengok lah.. kang penat nak drive esok..

reply to I
Me: lawan kite kite je la.. cam bese.. cam tak bese je.. main ke tak??
I: minggu lepas lawan kawan skolah ko
*dah start migrain dah nih*
Me: dah minggu lepas tak cukup orang, aku panggil la kawan skolah aku.. minggu nih mintak2 ckup la orang.. ko main ke tak ni?
*no more replies*

resend to J
Me: wei.. ko nak main ke tak futsal malam ni?
J: buah pala sikundang persegi,
jatuh sesikat mata dunia,
kalau futsal malam ku berseri,
akan ku jemput si cantik bunga,
Me: ko main ke tak la bengong ?!!!!
J: ahaha! aku main

msg from M
M: ade futsal ke malam ni?


sume yg aku tak reply sebab aku faham msg derang.. yg lain aku tak faham..
just imagine how much i endured.. how i put myself untuk hari2 jumaat yg aku in-charge utk register players. cube bayangkan brape byk perkataan aku kene taip?.. brape ringgit aku abis untuk SMS sahaje? ini adalah cerita aku setiap jumaat.. tau tak kenape aku tak suke SMS sekarang? RUGI!!! kalau rugi yg berbaloi.. mmg aku terima.. nih tak berbaloi langsung.. semata2 nak tengok orang tulis ‘MAIN‘ atau ‘TAK MAIN‘ sahaje..
aku terpaksa layan kerenah seko2 beruk nih sebab aku nak puaskan nafsu aku untuk sepak, chip, gelecek, rembat bola. mahukan kepuasan menjadi piece-maker, play-maker, goal scorer, goal stopper, defender, midfielder dan curik ayam. selame sejam sahaja.
nak menunggu sekor2 reply, nak reply sekor punye jawapan, nak kira sape yg main.. itu pun kalau ckup orang main.. kalau tak cukup.. kene call orang lain pulak sebab nak cukupkan korum.. hadui!!

but its for my friends. I treat our friends no differently from other friends. camni lah CK slalu kene every Friday.. [CK is a name btw].. his real name is Syazwan.. but because of certain event.. I gave him the name CK as to not mengangkat aib beliau.. haha! on with my article…. this is wut frens are created for. untuk menyusahkan kita. untuk mendalami kelemahan jiwa kita. well, we can choose to ignore their annoying traits or we can explain to them that we dont like it.. or we could just slam things on their faces.. tapi..~~~~

COME ON LAAA… why cant people just reply the EXACT answers for the questions? saket hati wei nak kene tanye soalan sama over and over again.. shit man! felt like killing a baby squid. marah gile aku…!! ko nak manja2 pun berpada2 la.. takkan la taktau aku nak sms 20 orang lagi.. kalau lagi 19 perangai cam ko.. memang aku Putaran Medan Magnetik 1.7 Juta HP laa.. tak pun.. sampai Anti Pengerasan Jasad Tahap Ketenangan dan Ketenteraman Abadi laa aku jadinye… argghh!


obviously jawapannye adelah either :“MAIN” atau “TAK MAIN”. itu saje yg aku pinta.. tade mende lain dah…


reply from G
G: tak main



baru teringat ape nak blog. ari senin ari tuh [19/4] aku gi umah acu.. sebab acu nak pinjam ‘blue demon’ aku.. yes! acu punye krete sedang di service sebaik mungkin di workshop. dan acu tade krete nak gi kerja. so she asked to lend her my satria. takpe. “boleh”. meaning i’ll have honda accord to go to work. nyeheheh! macam big boss la gi keje. naik krete mahal. tapi parking tempat murah. demn! harap2 tak jadi pape kat open car park tuh.
tapi ini bukan ceritanye..
ceritanye.. sesampai umah acu. acu bukak je pintu. ade sekor kucing yang amatlah cantiknye. sedang ngandungkan anak2 yg tentu lah comel. acu offer kitten’s-to-be-born itu. tapi aku takleh amik.. aku tade mase nak jage anak kucing bulu tebal kiut miut.. aaaaaaa.. kill me now! i wanna cat like dat.. comel gile.. dah la bulu tebal. tak kisah la high maintenance.. aku nak jugak kucing cenggitu.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! playful pulak tu.. sambil borak2 ngn acu malam tu. sambil main2, belai2 kucing acu.. acu ade byk kucing laa. kucing comel2.. bile la aku nak dapat jage kucing nih? hadui… tade org kat rumah nak jage kucing la. rasenye nak hire someone la. jage kucing kat umah. nak mintak jiran. anak nakal. kang habih ranap kucing tuh. kemek sane sini kang. pastuh.. kalau kucing tu fond ngn jiran.. abih la aku tak dpat kasih sayang kucing yg berbelah bahagi itu.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. nak kitties la…

p/s: tade gamba la.. patut amik gamba kucing2 acu..

Telefoni Saya

semalam henpon aku jatuh.. kalau henpon korang yg jatuh, sah2 mesti dah pecah kalau henpon korang itu jatuh cam henpon aku. haha! tough gile henpon aku nih. hahaha! henpon aku hanye berjaya mendapat mild scratch dari jatuhan beliau. alhamdulillah tak teruk drpd tu. dari setengah tingkat ia jatuh dari tangan aku ke lantai keras. dan henpon nih sedap2 jek landing dengan bucu dia atas lantai marble umah aku.. then bounced cam haram.. aku dah menjerit sampai gegar rumah dah. punye lah tak percaye leh jatuh cenggitu. aku dah menyumpah dah kene tuka henpon baru. tapi seb bek. henpon aku masih ‘hidup’ dan masih ‘on’ semase aku pergi mendapatkannye. gile babeng. henpon hape neh? titanium aloy ke hape. tak terbarai. tak tercabut pape. tapi bile aku cube call orang selepas itu.. dia trus mati. huhu! tapi aku rase sebab bateri longgar jek. sebab lepas tu aku betulkan placing bateri. aku ‘on’ semula dan ia berinteraksi seperti biase. Alhamdulillah. jename ngn model terpakse dirahsiakan.. sebab nanti korang pun nak beli gak. nak tiru aku. takleh takleh. hahahah! henpon mahal neh! seperti yg telah mereka2 yg rapat serta mengenali aku. aku nih kurang fond pade henpon aku. amatlah aku x suke memegang henpon sane sini.. letak dalam poket ok la kot. tapi pabila di rumah. henpon akan aku tinggalkan dalam bilik saje. tidak akan dibawa ke kitchen ke, jamban ke, shower ke, garden ke, living room ke, garage ke.. tidak.. aku tidak akan membawa henpon kulur kilir. dia amat nakal sebab tuh aku kurung dalam bilik. walaupun sebenarnye aku charge henpon selame 24jam.. tak kisah la. yg penting, aku bukan ‘org henpon’. aku pengguna prepaid yg tegar walaupun sepatutnye aku gune postpaid supaye takyah la aku bersusah payah menyenangkan hati henpon dengan topap ia sebulan skali. Jename prepaid pun aku nak rahsiakan. takut korang jadi hantu dan gigit aku. huk aloh. aku paling tak suka guna SMS.. kalau aku call org, dan dia tak angkat.. lepas tuh dia SMS tulis, “ko call ke td? nak ape”. aku tidak akan balas SMS makhluk durhake itu. aku akan simply call dia balik.. atau aku tak balas pape pun kalau aku malas nak call. biarlah dia SMS 10 kali tnye aku “nak ape?” aku tetap takkan balas secare SMS. i benci menekan butang2 kecik untuk menaip. Kementerian SMS patut dibubarkan. ape? save duit? gaji aku RM1K++ kot sebulan [banyakkan?].. aku tidak akan berkira pasal jimat tak jimat semase gune henpon. walaupun aku amat jimat cermat sebab slalu gune telepon rumah. lagi murah serta takyah bayar. sebab mak bapak aku yg bayar.. ahahahaha! jimat!
tapi aku belajar satu lagi care untuk jimat. korang beli lah atau daftar lah plan celcom postpaid ke, maxis postpaid ke, digi postpaid ke.. hape2 postpaid lah.. korang bayar registration fees… pastuh gune lah henpon tuh hari2 atau selame yg korang nak sampai bill ribu riban rabun.. yg penting.. akhir bulan tak payah bayar bill. jimat tak? korang buat dek je. terminate lah plan postpaid. beli plan postpaid yg lain pulak. kalau saman ke hape sampai.. either korang mintak mak bapak korang bayar atau korang masuk penjara.. dedua solution menjimatkan korang. okes? selamat mencuba.

tapi itu sume tak penting. henpon aku amat tough. dan aku tak suke henpon. henpon hanyelah sekadar keperluan jek. tade pulak aku carik mase nak dengar lagu ala2 walkman gune henpon aku nih. tade pulak aku nak tuka ringtone jadik ringtone mp3 ke hape. aku simply gune nak call org jek.

aku once pernah suke henpon. time crite Matrix tengah berkumandang. aku nye Nokia Banana membuat aku rase cam Neo. hence, aku akan slalu cube meniru gaye percakapan Neo bile dia mintak Tank program kan store senjata untuk kegunaan Neo dan Trinity. bunyinye seperti ini, “Tank… gimme guns… lotsa guns!” macho des!.. tapi itu Nokia lame. tade polyphonic. pastuh dah ketinggalan zaman. screen kecik jek. pastuh dia punye antenna slalu tercabut. last-last aku dapat menang henpon dari Astro sebab menang peraduan teka sape kuar lepas nih dalam The Amazing Race. gile ar! aku pun ganti lah dengan Nokia Banana aku ngn Sony Ericsson T310. dan aku bawa pulang ke UTP. mase tu. aku sorang jek dalam dorm tuh ade Ringtone Polyphonic… gile ar! ramai yg jeles sebab aku menang peraduan Astro dan sebab henpon aku ade ringtone Polyphonic. screen kaler kaler tuh. berserta game 3D. aku paling suke main golf dalam henpon T310 tuh. tapi henpon tuh ilang mase aku gi tengok movie melayu pertama aku. aku memang benci movie melayu dari dulu sebab orang melayu mmg tak pandai berlakon berserta wujudnye lembaga penapisan yg bodoh. oh! movie P.Ramlee aku tak benci la. aku benci movie2 ciptaan Yusof Haslam yg perasan bagus. letupkan 2 buah krete pun nak kabo dalam surat kabar. loser!. dan disebabkan kebencian ini. kawan2 aku menarik aku untuk tengok cerita movie melayu. setelah selesai menonton movie x best tu. aku blah dengan cepat sambil tidak menyedari T310 aku dah jatuh kat kerusi wayang. mase aku carik balik dalam wayang. cleaner kate tak jumpe. walaupun aku suspect cleaner tuh yg curik. tapi tak baik tuduh sebarangan. mungkin mamat melayu yg duk tepi aku yg amik. tapi tak baik tuduh org sebarangan. kesian T310 aku.

tapi tak kisah la. boleh dikatakan. aku tak pernah membeli henpon. [except yg skang nih la].. dari dulu aku hanye guna henpon-henpon second hand atau henpon free.. kalau bapak aku dah tanak gune henpon. aku mintak bagi aku pakai jek. kalau abang aku nak beli henpon baru. aku mintak gune henpon lame dia. aku x pernah menghilangkan henpon lagi selepas T310. aku gune henpon yg aku dapat dengan sebaik mungkin. tak nak beli baru. sebab aku student lagi. aku takde duit nak beli henpon. malah aku gune sampai habis belajar.

sehinggalah raye tahun lepas. setelah hampir setahun aku bekerja. aku beli henpon sendri. henpon yg tough ini. aku bangge ngn henpon yg tough aku ini. tapi aku tetap bukan ‘org henpon’ dan aku takkan jadi ‘org henpon’. henpon tak penting. telefon adelah penting. handphone tak penting. kalau henpon aku skang nak interpret yg aku tak sayang beliau. dan cube menghilangkan diri. aku tak kisah. kalau hilang lagi. innalillah wa innalillahiroji’un.

the Pillars that held me – Alone

know wut? yesterday was busy busy.. tak sempat nak taip pape kat wordpress ni.

i was sleeping at ruang tamu this morning, at 3am. I woke up suddenly and realized Arsenal game started.. but i was so tired coz it was a busy2 day yesterday. so i decided to believe in Arsenal and went to sleep in my room. and to my amusement this morning. i re-read all the tweets from Arsenal Fans in Twitter. and everyone were fuckin swearin’ all over Arsenal. well.. i didnt watched the match.. so i cant possibly give a comment or critic for the game. i but knew much that Arsenal suck at the game.. just like when i’m frustrated to Walcott every time he did the same thing over and over again. a feeling of helplessness.. a feeling of despair.. it’s not the Arsenal we once knew.. it’s not a mature Arsenal and like they dont wanna evolve like the old times.. Soccernet released the article of Sol Campbell being praised highly.. well.. i do think he remembers his position well when he was with the Invincibles.. and applied for the game last night. Vermealen is now suffering calf injury.. so.. Arsenal gonna go down and lower at this.. by losing, Fabregas, Song, Gallas, Arshavin, Ramsey and Vermaelen… and not mentioning. fit seeking players like Eduardo and v.Persie who got back for the season last night and Walcott yg tak cukup idea.. they were just not the same anymore. I cant believe this.. WTF wei! all the key players tade dalam team untuk title race nih. tak betul dowh! ape kate Wenger panggil Pires ngn Ljungberg masuk balik? ahaha! not possible.. i know!

okay.. ini bukan yg aku nak cerita…

semalam mark my day.. the day that, I, the son of my father and my mother.. were held responsible of the house they left to me. Yes! my parents by today are officially Arab Saudi’s guests for the next 2 years. well.. actually until my dad decides to terminate or extend his work contract there. until then.. i’m living in my house alone. i have to care for all in that house.. alone. somehow… it felt like little freedom have been achieved. and more like.. i really dont want these responsibilities.. mom shudnt have gone.. uuuuuuu!! penat la nak jaga umah besar ni. aduih!

I applied for halfday work yesterday. in which assignment suddenly came with a due attached to it; due so i have to finish real quick. and at lunch time i have to go and get nenek from her house in Kampung Pandan and bring her back to my house. of course lah nenek kene datang. her daughter[my mom] nak pergi jauh kot. nenek really depends on her daughters more than her sons.. lets just say my uncles are POOR people. in everyway u can think of.huhu. when i reached kampung aku.hehe. i slid my Satria’s left windows down to call for nenek from outside the house. after i called her out. i tried to close down my window… and the window shouted.. “SURPRISSSEEE!! i dont wanna be closed”.. so i replied “Cantek!”.. time nih la ko nak rosak kan? glad it didnt rain yesterday. tapi the day was so hot.. aku kene bukak air-cond full and nenek had to endure hot air from her side as we make our way to Sungai Buloh. kesian nenek. nasib baik air-cond krete aku tak rosak.
There were some damages in the motor section of the window. i had it replaced. cost me 90 bucks. sebaik kejap je dia repair.
Came evening. I felt these feeling of helplessness. so i took a nap in the living room. until its time. nenek woke me up. sumorang dah bersiap. beg dah di atur sebelah tangga [means my part of the job begins].. i have to put and squeeeeze all the bags and boxes into the car. my dad’s car, of course. satria tak mampu nak tampung beg2 and kotak2 yg besar tu. but instead of doing my job. i went up to take my shower. heheh! lepas shower lah buat sume tuh. had a short kerbau shower. siap siap. then went back down to finish ‘my’ task.. but found out that mom n adik dah letak sume beg dalam krete. hehe. tapi stil tak muat sebenarnye. byk sgt barang. terpaksa letak kotak kat passenger seat. later mom and adik kene duduk bersila kat passenger seat. sib bek nenek tak perlu. me? im the biggest in the family. so i get to sit in front. i tot i was going to drive the car and send my parents to KLIa. instead my dad yg bawak. ish! hmmm.. rase bersalah aku satu hari suntuk. first nyusahkn nenek.. then susahkn mak aku.. pastuh nyusahkan bapak aku pulak.. anak soleh la nih. oh! did i mentioned they were going to leave me and live in Arab Saudi? yes! i think i did. we were late.. we were supposed to be in KLIA before 7.. but biaselah!.. kuarge yg suke buat mende2 last minit nih.. sampai KLIA.. check-in.. semayang Maghrib then.. my parents name pun kene panggil dek speaker KLIA, sebab tak sampai kat gate lagi.. haha! tak sempat nak borak lame.. tak sempat nak reminisce old days ke hape ke.. we just hug each other.. took a picture or two.. then off they go to the designated gate.. camtuh je.. nak mintak maaf ke nak ucap goodbye ke.. sume dalam SMS je. sblom derang naik plane. and then senyap je.. huhu!
we went back feeling somewhat ‘normal’… i dont really feel sad.. i dont really feel that i missed them.. bukan lah pasal suke yg my parents dah pegi tapi mungkin sebab dah terbiase kot.. dad always went for outstations when he worked for Petronas.. outstation lame pulak tuh.. 2-3 tahun… Jepun lah, England lah, India lah.. paling lame setakat nih kat Bintulu lah.. so sekarang dah terbiase.. oh well..
now i some good reason nak pegi bercuti luar negara.. hehe!

balik je.. sampai rumah.. tuka baju and watched the tv for 5 minutes.. and *piap* dah tertidur.. terjage kul 3 pagi sambil sedar Arsenal dah start berlawan.. tapi……

naik tido lagi best.. hehe!

i pray for them
i prayed for them
and i play my multitude of tunes
for the melody of my life
by the lyrics created by them
May Allah blessed their journey long before since
and may Allah care for them
for I love them since
they were
they are
and they will always be
my pillars of life



“Ya Tuhan kami, berikanlah keampunan kepada ku dan kedua ibubapaku dan sekalian orang-orang mukmin pada hari terjadinya hisab (hari kiamat)”

Bastard Road!!!

traffic jam and deadlock… ape synonym nye menatang dua ekor nih? jawabannye: dedua buat ko nak korek hati kau pastuh goreng ngn minyak olive oil pastuh letak balik kat bawah diaphragm ko semule!! saket ati! dedua adelah perkara yg sama.. cume traffic jam berlaku kat atas jalan tar.. manakala deadlock berlaku dalam pc.. kalau pc ekau ‘hang’ mase main game ke, mase buat keje ke. maknenye ade deadlock lah tu. traffic congested.

maka hiduplah aku pagi dalam kebengangan hakiki. i woke up early today.. gile ar. on time buat subuh!~ soleh tak? but then, after subuh. i slept back coz the room was super cool. we have air-conditioner in our room. sedap. sejuk. dah la sejuk pagi, with the addition of nitrogen-cooled air.. mmg uish! terbaik la. aku masukkan kaki aku dalam selimut, pastuh tapak kaki ditimpa dua bilah bantal.. wow! mmg terbaik. I have a total 3 pillows on my bed. it’s a must requirement. i make 2 combinations of pillow usage everyday. either “2 pillow for my head, 1 for my foot” or “2 for my foot, 1 for my head”. udara sejuk bersame comforter bersama 3 bantal adelah gabungan terbaik antarabangsa. so i slept. it was so perfect until i opened a little bit of my eyes.. n of course to my horror, i saw an ugly coco colored robot. it has the same familiar design of my alarm clock. and it was aiming some kind of a gun at me. so i shouted

“mamaaaaaa… kenape tak kejutkan ururu… dah pukul 8.45 laaa… masuk kerja kul 9 !!!”

nice! blame mom for my impotence. neraka di bawah tapak kaki iblis.
well. truth is. i didnt set my alarm clock b4 i fell asleep again. terbaik tak? anak soleh tak aku? okes! i woke myself up to the nearest kitchen.. untuk minum air suam. and then lazily walked to the farthest shower room [aku nye bilik air la tuh]. aku bukak baju.. then seluar silat aku.. amik towel.. *story skipped*.. pakai tali pinggang. betulkan collar. simpan buku Raymond E Feist; the King’s Buccaneer dalam beg.. *pause*oh! i’ve been meaning to write this.. There’s this serpent race in this book that adopted Malay culture as a way of greeting guests. haha! totally shocked to read it. *continuing* amik kunci krete, cium tangan mama, bagi salam, keluar rumah, gentlemen! start your engine. enjin mati. start your engine again!. drive ke arah NKVE.

2 people asked me 2 hours later.. kenape tak naik LRT or KTM?.. if u read this article, u’ll understand that i woke up at 8.45am while my office required me to be in the office at 9.00am.. and the whole persiapan pergi kerje would take the minimum minutes of 15-25, at least. aku mandi pagi ye! tak mandi kerbau pun. mandi phoenix je. *funny we spell shoe and it pronounced ‘shu’ but we spell ‘phoe’nix and pronounced it as ‘finix’. its supposed to be ‘funix’* so by the time i was ready for my departure, the time would show 9.00 and above.. so why would i drive a car to office rather than take the Komuter? i’d say the Komuter cannot park beside my office.

maka pabila aku sampai NKVE.. bermulalah neraka perjalanan NKVE. aku tatau lah kenape. tapi menatang haram traffic nih jam panjang nak mampus. dari Sungai Buloh sampai lah the heart of KL. i spent a bitter hour on the highway which usually took me about 10 minutes to arrive at Jalan Duta. and another half an hour from Jalan Duta to my office. tade accident, tade hujan, banjir, gempa bumi, tanpe ade pape sebab.. traffic jam teruk.. KL seems to be enforced by this nature to turn the road into a traffic congested bastard HARI INI. saket lah kaki aku nih sebab asik kene tekan clutch tak renti renti. penat la wei!

apekehalnye jem teruk? sumorang bangun lambat jugak ke? aku sampai opis tadi tengok sumorang dah sampai pulak.. haadui. saket pale dibuatnye. tengok! aku dah terpakse bayar parking RM12. mahal sial.. kalau aku bangun awal. park kat KTM tadi. RM3 jek abis.. ish! ish! ish! alarm jek besar.. bangun lambat jugak!

meeeh! esok lepas subuh aku siap2 trus gi keje.. jgn tido balik! hmmm…

p/s: i wonder wut happened to that robot that tried to kill me earlier…

The Mild Evening – mere rest

ah! it died.. no more waking up in the middle of the night to watch Arsenal fight their way through the Champions League Finals.. darn! I blame Arsene for his stubborn tactic to put Walcott in the starting line. Walcott can only do his magic in less than minutes in a game. not more. Walcott is suppose to be the SuperSub.. not the Starter.. aaaarrgghh!! dah terlepas.. all matter of cheering and rooting for the best European FC.. died this morning! shish |Þ

subjek lain…

i have this note.. this powerful note that i have [to me at least it sounds powerful].. but idk to whom should i give it to.. its been with me for months now.. still i dont know to whom should this note be heard. i was thinking of giving it out randomly. tapi… tapi…. hmmm…. let me think about it again.. i’ll decide later…

another subject..

aku dah plan macam2 nak buat bulan ni. jadi. insyaAllah. hope i have enuf money for these plans.


aku baru tau sebab2 utama nenek nak datang malam ni. aku nak gi amik nenek lepas keje nih. nenek mesti dah beli karipap sedap. haha! nenek never forgets.
but as years passing by. im showing little love for nenek. idk how to show my love to her anymore. well.. ‘snot like aku ignore nenek aku trus. tapi dah lame kot aku x lawat nenek kat kampung.. pandan. haha! dekat je.. yet.. demn me! dulu mase skolah rendah.. i would always go to nenek’s house on weekends.. sometimes aku saje2 pegi tido umah nenek aku weekend without telling my parents. so malam ahad my parents terpaksa datang rumah nenek amik aku. sebab isnin nak skolah. haha! baju tade. x bawak. buku skolah pun tade. nenek masak terbaik. nenek mesti buat ‘begedel’, org lain sebut pergedel, the best begedel in the whole wide world. rumah nenek sejuk. rumah nenek ade pokok mangga tak brenti2 berbuah. jiran nenek ade pokok jambu air [aku slalu cube curik buah jambu air tapi x dapat sebab takut kene tangkap]. tapi petang2 mesti jiran nenek bagi jambu.. haha! kalau pak uda or pak ngah or pak lang balik dari kerja.. mesti beli gula2 utk aku. dulu la. skang x dpat la jeck! kalau nak pegi umah nenek kene naik bas mini no.25 atau bas metro panjang no.32 DARI KL.. yep.. aku kecik2 dlu naik bas sensorang je. tak kene culik ke hape pun. org x terpikir nak culik budak lagi kot. alhamdulillah. slalu sampai rumah nenek dgn selamat. umah nenek umah kayu. mesti bunyik ‘duk dak duk dak’ kalau jalan atau lantai kayu. kalau berlari lagi teruk bunyik nye.. sampai mengacau jiran. haha! rumah kayu semi-D. tahan sampai ari ni. nenek masak terbaik.. eh.. cam dah ckap sblum nih.. haha! takpe.. once more.. sup daging sedap rase cam sup ayam.. sup ayam nenek lagi sedap.. makan nasik, sup n begedel. ckup lah! paling best kalau nenek masak rendang. sampai jiran2 datang nak makan. haha! ah! rindunye kecik2 kat umah nenek. sayang nenek!
jadi kejap lagi nak pegi amik nenek. mungkin nenek nak tido umah kot malam ni. kesian nenek dah susah nak berjalan sane sini. dah tua. i think.. i have the strongest nenek in Malaysia. nenek paling kuat berjalan sane sini. berjalan as in ber’JALAN KAKI’.. pegi mane2 pun jalan kaki.. bawak aku gi pasar la. gi chow kit la. gi kampung baru. gi ampang. gi shah alam. haha! aku kenal jalan2 kat KL sebab nenek lah! sayang nenek!

another subject..

ouh! my dad’s on his way back to Marayshia.. dari Arab Saudi.. dia keje kat sane.. company name SABIC.. kat Jubail, Arab Saudi.. nak pulak dia keje situ. esok dia dijangka tiba kat KLIA dalam kul 3 petang.. he’s coming to take mom with him back to Jubail. away from me. lol. so my parents gonna live in Arab land until my dad decides to stop working. Ah! and that large semi-D i lived in with my family in Sungai Buloh gonna be mine. haha! im gonna be responsible for the house starting next 2 week. and that Honda Accord too. insyaAllah. heh! my brothers? sister? they have their own accommodation.. they’ll live there. so im gonna live in Sungai Buloh alone.

mama: “hmm.. tu la.. makwe ramai kat luar tuh tanak carik.. kalau dah kawen kan senang”
ururu: “iyolah”
*sape nak aku? gaji kecik, gemuk, tak hensem.. orait la single*
mama: “cepat la kawin ururu~~!!.. mama nak cucu laaaa”
ururu: “iyosh! sruh la abang ke, fatem ke.. iman ke.. ururu tak dapek la”
mama: “alaaa~~~ cepatlaaa ururu….nanti mama carikkan la eh? nak? anak kawan mama ramai”
ururu: “ushh! tanak lah… tade tade.. tanak tanak”
mama: “alaaa… bile lagiiii~~~”
ururu: *sigh* “nanti la.. ururu carik kat Jepun nanti.. dapat anak oversea.. haha! mama boleh jalan2 gi Jepun lawat cucu”
mama: “iye lah tu..”

haha! cenggitu la hari2.. penat gak menjawab mende same ari2.. lonely tul aku.. nanti mama n ayah dah pegi Arab.. ape aku nak buat? bosan!
Kalau ade tetamu datang.. habis aku!! aaahh! aku x reti layan guest!~ kalau ade org masuk minang camne pulak? hadui! i’m dead.. ahahahahah!

tapi pelik lah… kenape aku senang je bangun pagi skang? mmg la bersyukur.. Alhamdulillah.. tapi still pelik la.. dlu mase blaja.. susah gile babeng nak bangun subuh.. skang rase cam natural jek.. haha! well.. x brape natural sgt la.. sebab ade alarm..
tapi mase blaja dlu pun ade alarm gak.. tak bangun pun..? hmm.. ade hikmah di sebalik udang nih..

tak kisah la.. yg penting.. this week till next week gonna be messy. someone gonna get something. good and bad.. heh! penat la nih…~~ *sigh*

*over and output*

April Fool

ah! terlupe nak tulis semalam…

ade 5 org kene April Fool semalam…  ceritanye? alah.. tade pape..

pasal futsal slot je…