the Pillars that held me – Alone

know wut? yesterday was busy busy.. tak sempat nak taip pape kat wordpress ni.

i was sleeping at ruang tamu this morning, at 3am. I woke up suddenly and realized Arsenal game started.. but i was so tired coz it was a busy2 day yesterday. so i decided to believe in Arsenal and went to sleep in my room. and to my amusement this morning. i re-read all the tweets from Arsenal Fans in Twitter. and everyone were fuckin swearin’ all over Arsenal. well.. i didnt watched the match.. so i cant possibly give a comment or critic for the game. i but knew much that Arsenal suck at the game.. just like when i’m frustrated to Walcott every time he did the same thing over and over again. a feeling of helplessness.. a feeling of despair.. it’s not the Arsenal we once knew.. it’s not a mature Arsenal and like they dont wanna evolve like the old times.. Soccernet released the article of Sol Campbell being praised highly.. well.. i do think he remembers his position well when he was with the Invincibles.. and applied for the game last night. Vermealen is now suffering calf injury.. so.. Arsenal gonna go down and lower at this.. by losing, Fabregas, Song, Gallas, Arshavin, Ramsey and Vermaelen… and not mentioning. fit seeking players like Eduardo and v.Persie who got back for the season last night and Walcott yg tak cukup idea.. they were just not the same anymore. I cant believe this.. WTF wei! all the key players tade dalam team untuk title race nih. tak betul dowh! ape kate Wenger panggil Pires ngn Ljungberg masuk balik? ahaha! not possible.. i know!

okay.. ini bukan yg aku nak cerita…

semalam mark my day.. the day that, I, the son of my father and my mother.. were held responsible of the house they left to me. Yes! my parents by today are officially Arab Saudi’s guests for the next 2 years. well.. actually until my dad decides to terminate or extend his work contract there. until then.. i’m living in my house alone. i have to care for all in that house.. alone. somehow… it felt like little freedom have been achieved. and more like.. i really dont want these responsibilities.. mom shudnt have gone.. uuuuuuu!! penat la nak jaga umah besar ni. aduih!

I applied for halfday work yesterday. in which assignment suddenly came with a due attached to it; due so i have to finish real quick. and at lunch time i have to go and get nenek from her house in Kampung Pandan and bring her back to my house. of course lah nenek kene datang. her daughter[my mom] nak pergi jauh kot. nenek really depends on her daughters more than her sons.. lets just say my uncles are POOR people. in everyway u can think of.huhu. when i reached kampung aku.hehe. i slid my Satria’s left windows down to call for nenek from outside the house. after i called her out. i tried to close down my window… and the window shouted.. “SURPRISSSEEE!! i dont wanna be closed”.. so i replied “Cantek!”.. time nih la ko nak rosak kan? glad it didnt rain yesterday. tapi the day was so hot.. aku kene bukak air-cond full and nenek had to endure hot air from her side as we make our way to Sungai Buloh. kesian nenek. nasib baik air-cond krete aku tak rosak.
There were some damages in the motor section of the window. i had it replaced. cost me 90 bucks. sebaik kejap je dia repair.
Came evening. I felt these feeling of helplessness. so i took a nap in the living room. until its time. nenek woke me up. sumorang dah bersiap. beg dah di atur sebelah tangga [means my part of the job begins].. i have to put and squeeeeze all the bags and boxes into the car. my dad’s car, of course. satria tak mampu nak tampung beg2 and kotak2 yg besar tu. but instead of doing my job. i went up to take my shower. heheh! lepas shower lah buat sume tuh. had a short kerbau shower. siap siap. then went back down to finish ‘my’ task.. but found out that mom n adik dah letak sume beg dalam krete. hehe. tapi stil tak muat sebenarnye. byk sgt barang. terpaksa letak kotak kat passenger seat. later mom and adik kene duduk bersila kat passenger seat. sib bek nenek tak perlu. me? im the biggest in the family. so i get to sit in front. i tot i was going to drive the car and send my parents to KLIa. instead my dad yg bawak. ish! hmmm.. rase bersalah aku satu hari suntuk. first nyusahkn nenek.. then susahkn mak aku.. pastuh nyusahkan bapak aku pulak.. anak soleh la nih. oh! did i mentioned they were going to leave me and live in Arab Saudi? yes! i think i did. we were late.. we were supposed to be in KLIA before 7.. but biaselah!.. kuarge yg suke buat mende2 last minit nih.. sampai KLIA.. check-in.. semayang Maghrib then.. my parents name pun kene panggil dek speaker KLIA, sebab tak sampai kat gate lagi.. haha! tak sempat nak borak lame.. tak sempat nak reminisce old days ke hape ke.. we just hug each other.. took a picture or two.. then off they go to the designated gate.. camtuh je.. nak mintak maaf ke nak ucap goodbye ke.. sume dalam SMS je. sblom derang naik plane. and then senyap je.. huhu!
we went back feeling somewhat ‘normal’… i dont really feel sad.. i dont really feel that i missed them.. bukan lah pasal suke yg my parents dah pegi tapi mungkin sebab dah terbiase kot.. dad always went for outstations when he worked for Petronas.. outstation lame pulak tuh.. 2-3 tahun… Jepun lah, England lah, India lah.. paling lame setakat nih kat Bintulu lah.. so sekarang dah terbiase.. oh well..
now i some good reason nak pegi bercuti luar negara.. hehe!

balik je.. sampai rumah.. tuka baju and watched the tv for 5 minutes.. and *piap* dah tertidur.. terjage kul 3 pagi sambil sedar Arsenal dah start berlawan.. tapi……

naik tido lagi best.. hehe!

i pray for them
i prayed for them
and i play my multitude of tunes
for the melody of my life
by the lyrics created by them
May Allah blessed their journey long before since
and may Allah care for them
for I love them since
they were
they are
and they will always be
my pillars of life



“Ya Tuhan kami, berikanlah keampunan kepada ku dan kedua ibubapaku dan sekalian orang-orang mukmin pada hari terjadinya hisab (hari kiamat)”


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