the Week – Days

lots had happened since Tuesday..

when i’m on my way to my car. the usual man that issued parking tickets asked me “adik tengah exam ke sekarang?”
and i was like “exam?”..
“adik belajar lagi kan? ke keje?”.
so, wuts the point to this conversation? oh.. he thinks im a student. means he thinks im young. maybe i have a youngster look. maybe i eat to keep my skin look young. wth. but im going 27 this year. dah lame kot abis setadi [lame ke?]. doesnt matter. but i do have my beard.. like a working man’s beard or some-nasty-bum-with-a-messy-beard’s beard. why assume i’m still studying? and i was driving Honda Accord pulak tuh. deng! and where te heck can u find a private college behind Jalan Masjid India? or sebelah Dataran Merdeka? hmmm…

yesterday… since i didnt came for work yesterday because of mild flu [ but i took an MC anyway coz i dont want to sneeze all day in the office yesterday].. it started in the morning when my tonsils were tired of its job and started swelling. saje jek tanak bagi aku minum air sejuk. well, dats wut d doc said. tonsils swelling. aku rase tonsil aku mmg cenggitu rupenye. byk kali aku tgk dalam cermin. cenggitu jugak rupenye. saket ke tak saket cenggitu lah rupenye. i dun even know how it’d looked like if its swelling or not. im no doctor. ade dokter leh bagitau bezanye?.. for me it looks the same to me.. like a twin in my mouth.
so then i decided to work on my pending tasks. tuka cheque book, register income tax, and make a passport. and i went for those tasks at noon. in which all tasks failed to produce any civil outcome. Maybank kate cheque book takyah tuka, LHDN kate no need to register income tax yet, and Kastam kate surat akuan sumpah pejadah dah expired for lost passport, meaning i was denied to make a new passport until i make a new surat akuan sesumpah. nyeheh! tak civil lah. menyusahkan aku je.
so i went home. in which reminded me, i have to go and ‘collect’ my MC cert. so i went to a clinic nearby my house. to get one. i have to report to the doctor. and tell him i had a flu. and im recovering. but when i asked for the MC. the doctor said that he had to include ‘fever’ in the report, and then he can issue me an MC cert. deng. meaning.. it’ll cost me more to have what i dont have. a fever’. which also means that i have to pay extra RM10 for the ‘fever’ drug. oh.. well. i’ll sell the drug to drug addicts later.. RM10/piece should do it.. i have about 10 piece of.. wut ever it is.. idk wuts the drug’s name. n i dont have it with me coz i left the drug home today. nak makan ubat demam watpe? aku x demam.

ape lagi ye semalam? lupe la pulak. hmm.. tak kisah la.

today… hmm hmm.. today.. Thursday the 29th.
this morning, KWSP announced of a fire drill that was scheduled to commence at 11am.. but then, the announcer announced “There’s a fire building up on 3rd floor” at exactly 10am. so no one in my office were convinced. since the fire drill should start at 11am and suddenly the announcer started yelling, “Fire Fire” at 10am.. okay.. maybe he didnt yell. but u get the picture. we started to joke around and the announcer made a serious tone about the fire announcement. so finally we believe in him. haha! everyone started to speculate this and that while making our way to the safe zone. like the Bomba were just trying to smoke the level but turned out burning the floor instead and such. we walked in 2 groups. one i called the serious-by-the-book group [which i’m in], we went to the safe zone and regroup with other gomens. and the other group. which i called the-slacker-group went to the Kopitiam below CIMB Tower and had nice cup of tea and breakfast. deng. shudav gone with the slacker-group.

but anyway. when we were safely regrouped at the safe zone. people started asking where the smoke was. and i point out to the clouds and said, “there.. lotsa smoke”. and people actually laugh. my my.. terer gak aku wat lawak. ehemm… on with it… so came another announcer.. i think its the Bomba representative.. using a wut do u call that cone that enhanced your voice volume? alah.. the one people use in demonstration or when police trying to talk to criminals in the buildings. ah! tak kisah lah. aku nak panggil “Voice Cone” haha! the bomba announcer used the voice cone to announced that it was actually a fire drill.. and everyone were like clapping their hands after hearing it.. te hell? aku tak paham. kenape nak tepuk tangan?

tunggu 30 minit. then bomba said we can go back into our office… i was walking slowly and analyzing cute government chicks. tapi tak ramai. kenape eh? deng..!

come lunch i tried to see if the Opening Soon Subway have opened… and jeng jeng jeng.. mesti la dah bukak.. i went in.. had half foot tuna menu.. dan makan! abis makan jek.. amik gamba subway guna camera henfon dengan harapan nak masukkan dalam blog. tapi uploader tade. so tade lah gamba dalam blog nih. slalu cenggini. susahla..


oh.. 5 minutes ago.. when i got back from the mini shop/outlet/kiosk or wutever u call it these days.. i nearly bumped onto the cute girl that i like here at the upper office level.. and she said “HI”.. the 1st time she ‘hello’ed me.. haha! usually its just the smile and nod. no ‘Hi’… usually lah..

and here i am.. finishing my blog today.. sebab ade keje tak siap lagi.. mintak2 siap sat lagi..


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