the Weekend – Activities?

last Friday. futsal was canceled. so mungkin bagus jugak. coz i went for a movie marathon that night. Ip Man 2 and Iron Man 2.
you can expect sweaty palms when u watch Ip Man 2. just like the first movie, Ip Man.. u can see people actually gripping their hands tight when a fight scene came up.. lol!.. i was literally gripping my palms so tight that each time the bad guy threw a punch, i was trying hard calming myself to not throw a punch to the screen.. lol.. or when Ip Man started punching and knocking people down. itsa good movie. it is. better go and watch it. i’ll give 9 out of 10 for the fight scene. and guess what? my no.1 favorite martial art actor was on the screen.. Sammo Hung… yep.. the big fat martial artist. he can do a back flip as well as a flying kick. it is because of him that i spent my youth in martial arts.. and because of him. i can run faster than people of my average weight. i can do a back flip. i can do a flying kick and… i can fly. lol.. i mean it.. i can fly. the only thing i cant do is a good split. a split is like eergghh… Sammo Hung can do it tho.
and yes.. Sammo Hung inspired me to be the man i am today. a flying overweight man. i have these two large legs attached to me that.. if i were to be thinner or lighter.. my legs will still be as large.. well, because it just muscles. its just two big lumps of muscled legs. what?.. how can i run fast, do backflips, flying kicks when i weigh over 100 kilogram? a leg must have sufficient strength to hold my weight and my crazy activities. right? so it became so large of muscles, people will only see it as fat legs when they see mine. lol! truth!! tak tipu… tak caya tanye ururu~~
and then there was Iron Man 2, Lelaki Besi 2 Digital. the ticket seller told me Iron Man 2 Digital have sharper resolutions. ntah la! aku tak tengok yg bese nye. so x dapat bezekan. but Iron Man 2 was good. tho expected. but still good.. best.. or whatever u can say about it. here’s a tip. when the movie finished. DO NOT go back yet. wait till the credit ends. there’s a little surprise..

maybe Iron Man 3 versus Thor. ahahaha! dah x surprise laaa.. hahahaha! sape sruh bace article akuh? padan muke.. lol..

entering a new day new month. i went for my School Batch Alumni Gathering SJI 2000 last Saturday and might i say that i had a delightful 1st May. about 1/5 friends or batch mate came to the Dinner Gathering which was held in Restoran Nelayan, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. all and all.. 8 of my classmate came that night. a total of over 50 friends came. at first, i tot.. hmm.. maybe not so good of a place to do a gathering. but hey… when friends are all around.. even sitting under a tree in the Sahara Desert would make things easier to be accepted. i had quite the fun. i believed everyone enjoyed as much as i did. I sat at my classmates table.. meja orang penting nih. haha! nak tau sape my classmate? jeng jeng jeng. anak orang terpenting dalam Malaysia. well.. bukan anak raja la. tapi well. Prime Minister is actually memang terpenting dalam Malaysia pun. walaupun self proclaimed govt. boleh laa. terpenting la jugak. haha! i know. i hate his father. tapi ape boleh buat. he’s my classmate kan.. oops.. oh! nevermind.. i dont think any of my ex-classmates read this junk blog anyway.
one of the best part of the gathering was when people were arriving. everyone all looked to be professionals. kontrol gile laa.. hahahahaha! 10 minutes after introductions by host. everyone were back to their high school personalities. hahahaha! after dinner, which consists of several seafood platters, fried chickens and vege soups. then, we moved on to take photographs.. first was the ‘picture-of-everyone’. then came the class pictures. tade event pape sangat pun. just taking pictures. and after that, there was a surprise Birthday for one of the organizers, Hairil. one of my long school mate. since kindergarten tu. actually, ramai je kawan since kindergarten, tapi x ramai yg datang. lepas abis. sume pun start berborak lah. catching up with old frens. reminiscing old times. bese bese la dalam alumni gathering nih. ape lagi nak buat. tanye keje katne? keje ape? dah kawen? dah tunang? tinggal mane skang? and urgh! i see most of them are very2 successful. i said most. i meant all. except me.. lol..
meh! had a good time. gone back home later to watch Chelsea win againts Liverpool.. good good.. jangan bagi Man Utd duk atas. lets hope Chelsea tak kalah lawan Wigan nanti.. Amin~~! heheh!

Sunday.. hmm.
tak buat pape. woke up late. tengok tv. administer urgent letters. tengok tv. made lasagna [my style]. sedap. tengok Sunderland bermati-matian tackle sane sini.. main sane sini dengan harapan kuat dapat draw ngn Man Utd.. tapi demn.. tak gol jugak. argh!

ari nih ari senin! aku ponteng keje setengah hari [heheh] ingatkn team leader aku cuti sebab ganti cuti labor day. when i arrived this afternoon. i saw the Project Manager and my team leader sitting at their desks. aaaah! demn! mintak2 tade sape sedar aku ponteng setengah hari.. hahahahaha! 1st time ponteng nih! slalunye kalau aku cube nak ponteng. i’d tell my team leader first. then he ask me to apply for Emergency Leave. jadi, tak ponteng lah maknenye.
oh! i forgot to tell. i had my Replacement Leave on Friday untuk Labor Day. [last friday lah. time gi tengok marathon wayang tuh]. jadik, aku cuti 3 setengah hari lah weekend nih. haha! best gile aku bangun lambat pagi tadi.

ergh.. u’re turning into a demon slowly Ururu.. very very slowly.. and i think i know the cause of it. i’ll try stopping. have to make effort.

and oh. just now. my team leader introduced a couple of new employee. puak etnik cina lagi.. mmg aku tade kawan la kat KWSP ni. haiii… bosan.

okes! tade pape dah. gamba pun tade. like always. gamba sume dalam facebook. sape yg kenal aku. boleh tengok kat facebook. sape x kenal. haha! carik la sendri. aku tau korang malas nak carik. so maknenye tade gamba langsung lah.


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  1. oho reti masak lasagna? bagi la recipe. nakkk!!! dah lama teringin nak buat tp tak penah jadi. lol.

  2. huhu! senang aje.. masak spagetti.. spageti ayam ke.. tuna ke.. meatball ke.. letak dalam mangkuk lasagna. potong kentang. sliced or diced. letak garam kat kentang. susun kentang atas spagetti. pastuh tabur cheese ngn mozarella.. bakar lah. pastikan potongan kentang tak tebal so that nanti bile cheese dah abis cair sume. kentang pun masak.

    takpun masak kentang bersame spagetti.. senang.

  3. huih gile senang. nak try la nnt. tq.encik Ururu. 🙂

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