here’s a good fact from me. or maybe some good facts from me. if there are any more of it.

Gentlemen knows they’re Gentlemen. we recognize other gentlemen. and certainly we’d compete to be more gentle than the other. we observe, analyze and rate among ourselves. yes! it is a fact that a man can calculate his own gentleness. and we also know we have one genital that inevitably must be used someday. but thats genital.. not gentle.

i know. by right, people would say.. we cannot measure our own gentle nature and that it is based on other people’s perspectives to tell us if we’re really Gentlemen. but i am sorry to view and to tell you that you are of the wrong ones.

other people will have all the rights to rate, measure, calculate one man goodness or badness. but people are all stripped from having opinions to tell us if we really are a gentleman or not. because a gentleman can always be a bad gentleman or a good gentleman. and he will always be a gentleman. albeit the good or bad in him. it is as simple as that.

so gentlemen do not and did not die whenever the ages grew old or grew to be modernized. we simply choose to not show. and if it were to be shown. some complexity of mixing ones ignorance and stupidity and some good management are allowed. for it is what we aimed to be. either good gentlemen… or bad gentlemen. and as ages came to where people would say “an-open-minded-age”. i do believe they are impudent fools that knows nothing of being a good gentleman. so they became the bad gentlemen they are. and as the time fled away.. they grew to be the worst of all gentlemen. not a good picture to be viewed isnt it?

ladies.. you may say everything about us being not gentle enough for you. but the facts stood there. behind the dark walls. hidden from view. until we decide to show. until we believe its time to tore the dark walls open. or decided to build a door onto the wall. so that it might be opened and closed at some time. we are of the nature to build walls. but some relishes the form.. the art of gentleness.. the art of lust.. it’s a trick you see.

gentlemen we are from the day we born. it’s just having to see gentleboys to be gedik are because of girls requirements. but thats for boys and girls. we are of the matured gentle nature. and women… women are the real wolves. if you really get what i mean. that is.

there can still be good wolves and bad wolves. hehe. for the less fortunate wolves, they encounter bad gentleman. for the less fortunate gentleman, they encounter the bad wolves. heh! who can we blame? that’s why Nabi Muhammad SAW kahwin dulu sebelum keluar dating.. tade pulak aku penah dengar cerita Nabi Muhammad SAW keluar dating sebelum kahwin.

so there you go. facts about us gentlemen. we may be a bad one. but we still are.. GentleMen.

sebab kalau lelaki budiman semakin pupus.. aku rase makin ramai orang kawin by pilihan mak bapak or tak kahwin langsung. ini aku tengok tiap minggu ade jek org kawen. huh! penat haku nak travel jauh2 pegi salam pengantin, amik gamba pengantin, ngn makan nasik minyak. padehal.. boleh je jumpe time futsal. lepas futsal makan nasik briyani ngn rendang. cam nasik minyak jugak. lol.

Post Script: ergh! bile aku nak….. hmm….


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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