i came to office by komuter this morning. i’ve been randomly rotating transportation options to my office since my parents went living in Arab Saudi. one day i’ll drive my car to office [well, ususally its becasue im late]. another day i’d just park my car at the nearest KTM station and ride a train towards KL. so today. like i said, i went in KL by KTM.

8:30 am.. the komuter arrived. there were 3 coach or tram or whatever partition people call it for a komuter. and the middle coach are reserved for females only. yes. how i wished i have the means or power to be in the middle coach. all the lovely ladies i spied at the station went into the special middle coach.

damn! but the other 2 coaches. are normal coaches. meaning females can still board those coaches. very little and unattractive females board those coaches. haha! and being a human born with extra flesh at my crotch. i was ‘forced’ to board the 1st normal coach. and there you can tell how unlovely the enforced partition rules had done to people of delicate sense of smell. darn it man!

may i suggest to all the South East Asian or Middle Eastern MEN.. please take control of your bloody hygienes. go see a bloody hygienist for God’s sake. bapak busuk natang babi dalam KTM tadi. apehal aku kene bau ketiak korang for 30 minutes! GOD! my nose.. felt like it had been sodomized repeatedly. kau sudah merosakkan neurosensorius olfactorius aku!!! gile tak tahan la.. ugh!.. its like riding under 10 heavily sweating Banglas armpits [sorry Bangladeshi living in Malaysia, but its true].. aku rase kalau aku bau ketiak aku selame 30 minit pun tade lah busuk cenggitu. rase cam nak cabut hidung aku letak kat atas rambut amoi yang cuci pakai shampoo Rejoice pagi tadi. God, damn those smells. ugh! nak muntah aku! tapi apekan daye. takleh gi coach ke-2. i bet 3rd coach also had the same familiar smell. argh! KTM administration need to obliterate the ‘just-4-females’ coach rules. or i’d suggest them to add another coach called the ‘stinky-people’ coach. God..
mintak2 balik nanti takde female coach lagi. sedih hidung aku. looking back. aku taktau la betul ke idak ade orang komplen pasal ‘sexual harassment’ dalam tren kat Malaysia nih.. well. i’ve been riding komuters for more than 10 years now. aku rase cam tak banyak pun news pasal pompuan kene harass kat dalam komuter kat Malaysia nih. in fact, aku x penah dengar pun ape2 pasal sexual harassment dalam komuter. Malaysian men are literally pussies. sume lelaki meleysia penakut. melainkan they came in groups. then they have some little balls they ought to have. buat jahat kene ramai2.. sensorang x brani de. and unless they came from another country. lol. hmm.. mungkin lah ade sexual harassment berlaku. but i still dont approve of people who stank badly to ride the train with others. that’s a form of harassment jugak ape. nose or smell harassment. shit!

nanti aku nak conspire la.. pakat ramai2 muntah dalam KTM sebab bau busuk cengharam!

1Malaysia my ass… camne aku nak ngorat awek KTM skang? and how te heck am i gonna see that Alexis Bledel in tudung labuh again? aaaaah!! nooo!!! i hate you harassment complainers!! i hope u’ll get harassed truly.. lol

u know im not serious..
u dont?
aaww… i think u need a zebra tooth brush.. buuhuhu!
*ntah.. aku pun x paham

p/s: i always change my clothes or put my hands down to close my armpit whenever i feel like sweating.

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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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