Fitness First or Eat First?

truth to tell. i have no comforting mood today to start a new plain article about what i’m thinking right now. but under some unwilling atmospheric views, the title of my previous article really showed me that some effort must be formed so that my blog wont stay with that title ‘Shit’ in Bahasa every time i log in to my home page. not pleasant to my pictures. okay.

semalam. Nicky Yee. a sales representative from Fitness First, the Curve called me to come for their so called ‘Open-Day’ which i quickly knew it to be a lie because i’ve experienced this first hand last year from some cute Chinese maiden with good features called Michelle if i remember correctly. hehe. and i know it is No Open-Day.. kalau Open-Day.. mesti ramai gile orang datang kot. nih 2 orang jek. kalau ade shift pun or appointment lain2 masa pun.. still.. ini terlampau sedikit. jadi aku tidak percaya. dan aku percaya derang buat promosi sepanjang tahun.
but that’s not the point. the real point here is that i must write an article long enough to cover that shitty word ‘Taik’ from when I or someone else view my home page. okay.

so, I decided to go for the Open-Day and decided instantly that should the agent cum sales representative gave the final word. i’d just say ‘Yes’ and pay for the membership fee, admin fee, personal trainer fee or what ever fees that gonna come out. lol. aku kaye dol sekarang. well. i arrived at the Curve just after Maghrib and start my tour in Fitness First. the facility aint that big. but considering only members can work out there. so i think its mighty fine and spacious enough for me to ‘usha’ or stalk some sexy babe with nice ass in some tight workout suit. ugh! stop it.. u know u’re not supposed to go all out by just reading your hand writing. uh! tenang. tenang. u’ll get your chances. heh!

*shesh! so damn cold in here [in my office lah].. it’s over 6.00pm already.. usually the air-conditioning system in this building were shut down after 5.30pm.*

meh! so Nicky [the agent] brought me to check my BMI 1st. what’s BMI? here. i’m dead serious about that link. by the time we’re finished with the BMI machine testing. i’m not surprised by my BMI result. i knew my own BMI from 10 years ago. Nicky feigned a surprise face. te fuck?! go learn to be an actor la wei. then Nicky showed me the facilities and activities involved during the hour. “menarik”, i thought. but then again, commercial fitness center mane yg tade aktiviti menarik? meh.. i’m here to workout je pun. keep my body fit. maybe some occasional goal to be kurus. but mostly just to keep fit. here’s the catch. if i pay for it, definitely gonna go for it. okay.

then came the time to place me on a sofa and discuss fitness need for everyone. yea right! and how am i gonna achieve some level of ‘kurus’ness within the desired months. heh! like i’ve never heard that before. well. betul lah ape dia cakap. cume i dont think with my level of good natured desire, i’m gonna end up to be the guy sitting right next to me watching American Idol while sipping free 100 Plus with a body that looks like that 3D Arnold Schwarzenegger [hui.. susoh nok ejo] in Terminator: Salvation. hmm. looks like mini brown Incredible Hulk. hey! it’s not like i was checking out the guy’s body. he was wearing that shitty little singlet that were tailored for a hamster. and he sat right next to me in front of a TV showing American Idol. shesh! and he was as big as me. how can i NOT noticed? but what te hell. i’ve set my goal anyway. that is to keep fit. and write an article that cover the word ‘taik’. i think.

i let Nicky make a copy of my myKad and my CIMB atm card. then set to make a lot of signatures on some papers.. i could only remember the title of the papers and it said “Agreements”. after that. Nicky gave me some souvenir fitness first kit. ‘souvenir’ my ass. i know i paid for it. then he brought me to the counter in which they gave me 2 set of towels. and then he led me to meet a ‘personal trainer’ who looked younger than me but have the age that when you subtract his age to mine, you’ll get a positive number. his name was ‘Srivinagan’. i think. okay.. i could just remember Sri. we agreed to call him that anyway. he asked me to get changed. i really dont wanna check out his body. but i when we speak to someone judging by his appearance and hands.. and when he walks, he was like ‘mendada’.. u know what i mean? WTF? derang nih patut masuk wrestling dol ngn badan cenggitu. lagi kaye dari jadik personal trainer kot.

i went and changed my clothes to my workout gears with my signature seluar silat. heh! and Sri led me to a place where people cycle while chatting or watching an array of televisions. i think they have 6 channels available. and people just need to pick their channel and plug in their earphone to the controller on those cycling machine. Sri turned on one of the cycling machine. i got on it. and he instructed me to burn 200 calories that night. then he went to his other tasks. ceh! easy…! so i cycled.. until i burned more than 300 calories. ceh! like i said.. easy. and i did it while watching Glee. heh!

pastuh aku dah malas cerita. trainer datang balik. buat appointment bile nak datang lagi. mandi. balik. esok membership card siap. kene datang balik. okay. gi McD cineleisure. makan nugget 9 ketul. so much for 300 calories. muahahahaha!. balik terus tido. penat gak lame tak exercise dowh. tak fit. memang la. hahahahah!

so kejap lagi aku nak pegi la nih. tggu trefik jem reda sket. pastuh piuunng. off. nak tengok Shrek lah lepas dapat membership card. heh! okay.. layters ladies.

p/s: eating is my pleasure. cooking is my passion. leisure is me. and fun cannot live w/o me.


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