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the new rock band called Bandwidth

mobile users. use your GPRS now.. believe me.. its much more faster than any internet or 3G applications. why? in 10-20 more years. while people all over the world are using broadband 100Gbps. u can just use your 3Gbps to have much faster internet than other people. hehe! aku tak reti nak terangkan sgt. tapi mengikut pemahaman aku. its all because of sharing the same bandwidth. if you’re not sharing any bandwidth with other people in world, then u’ll have the line to yourselves. it’ll be much faster. no matter how big your bandwidth you subscribed to.

okay. nih dah masuk pc internet. dah tak mobile sangat.

pick which ever less appealing bandwidth. and you’ll get faster internet. why? because the less appealing ones are shared by little. the most appealing bandwidth are shared by most. but then, there’s a matter of mereka2 yg tak mampu. mungkin bandwidth kecik tuh ramai jugak org gune. so pandai2 lah pilih.. mungkin yg paling mahal tuh paling sket orang guna.. so mungkin ia sememangnye laju..

it doesnt matter if the 100Gbps have much faster and bigger response time. if 1 Billion line shares the same 100Gbps and less than 10 line shares the 3Gbps. i think they might have the same response time. its just that. 100Gbps users or line can sent out 100Gb request and may also receive 100Gb response per second. while 3Gb will sent out only 3Gb request and have limited 3Gb response. means..

u’ll get to open 10 youtube page in the internet browser for 3Gbps
but 1000 youtube pages for 100Gbps bandwidth..

at roughly the same time.
u really want to open 1000 tabs per browser? i think i’m good with 10-20 only.

1Gbps doesnt share bandwidth with 2Gbps
3Gbps doesnt share bandwidth with 4Gbps
so on and so forth..

so u have options to use which bandwidth to subscribe to. sebab kalau ade satu jek bandwidth, i.e. 3Gbps, dan sumorang subscribe 3Gbps.. maka selow lah connection selame-lamenye. sebab tuh lah. ade peak hour. macam. dalam pukul 7-10 malam. atau lepas subuh. internet lembab gile, cam bapak sedare ko punye pen-pal yg isap 40 cuban cigar setiap ari cube naik tangge menara KL [lembab tuh]. time tuh kan manusia2 baru balik keje. baru abis kelas. baru sampai bilik/umah. pastuh kalu sume subscribe kat bandwidth yg same. maknenye sume tgh share bandwidth la tuh. lombab la dia.

kalau tak paham. takpe. korang continue jek gune bandwidth/subscription yg korang minat. tade masalah. cume. kalau ade time dia jadi lembab nak mampus tuh. korang kene bertahan je lah. haha! sumpah seranah carut marut itu atas pengetahuan diri sendri. lol.

aku tatau la betul ke idak. it’s the knowledge passed to me from a network engineer. tatau lah kalau dia tipu aku. aku tak nampak reason dia nak tipu mase dia bercerita tuh. aku cam percaye jek terus. korang leh test sendri kalau x puas ati. sebab aku amat berpuas ati ngn eksplenasi beliau. lom test lagi. heh!

hahahaha! bagus lah ade kawan keje sebagai network engineer nih. terima kasih en. Faitz


Let’s try things for this Friday

Let’s try things for this Friday

9:29 AM 6/25/2010
I have just arrived in my office. came to work using my dad’s car. oh! i did woke up early today. had a good spacious time between end of shower and getting dress. which i used most of the time to sew up my silat pants. yup. i can sew. i can cook. i can do house chores. and heck. i’m lefthanded. and i dont even have a hint of being gay or simply octopusy. haha! mat lembut lah tuh. sotong. by the time i had finished sewing up my pants. the clocks hit 8.30am. i moved out of the house at 8.50am and drove for 20 minutes to KL. lambat 10 minutes wont affect any work. well. maybe my performance index would show the other way. but heck. what do i care. i dont like the job. huhu.

9:36 AM 6/25/2010

2:37 PM 6/25/2010
just arrived from lunch/Friday prayer break. had Kebab Daging Paling Sedap dalam Dunia for lunch after the prayer. haha! serious shit sedap. yes. delicious as shit. halah. ekau mane tau taik sedap ke tak. ko tak penah rase. dont judge a book by its cover wei. XÞ~
when i entered KWSP, the sky had darkened and the wind were strong. and i got some news when i logon to twitter, the black storm are currently hitting Bandar Utama right now. so KL gonna be next i guess. brace myself. ceh. i just wish nothing bad happened to my house when the storm hit Sungai Buloh. a windy storm knocked some of our house ‘atap genting’ away last week. and one fell on our Astro satellite dish. ceh! and repair had cost me RM162.00. ceih! mahal dowh. and i only watch the TV at night time je.

which reminds me. i’ve been reminiscing and thinking. what i blog here showed how normal i am right? while i lived an entirely different journey from childhood. as which you can guess, i am the average child of a rich man. always mumbling about getting this and that while saying i am not rich and i dont have enough money for everything that i wanted. at one look at me and my family. you’d guess that we’re somewhat rich enough to be called Rich. yes you might be right. and eventually, anything that i had wished for and i cant afford for myself will be delivered to me at a time. to which i am thankful for it. Alhamdulillah. i had been lucky so far. aint i?

but there is this funny thing. lets just say. i lived a rare and odd life. and what i seek to write in blogs are of the normal part of life that i could achieve and explain. usually, i am so far behind and sometimes i am far ahead of time. and these rare moments of being normal is the part where i could find myself explaining in this blog. in normal sense [to me] are not normal for other people. i tried finding ways to explain things. but yep. it’d just turn me around and around.
imagine this. its like i’m in this real pac-man maze in the middle of the night. humongous maze. i would start of deciding where to turn, left or right, up or down, i would know if something stalking me from the corner. and at some time. i would find something to turn the stalkers away from me. have you ever played pac-man? i know everyone would noticed that at some time, a fruit will pop up in the middle of the maze just below the stalkers cage. and at certain length of time. yes. you can compare me being normal every time i get to eat the fruit. ouh! im good at Pac-man.. heheh! and that’s the exact time i would have the answers. and i’ll blog about it. it is the only time where i could be normal. the other time. i lagged behind. always running. doing the same thing. eat the same thing. turn left or right or up or down. in the usual maze.
i tell you. try being a rich child. and try being me. you’ll find the oddest view you could ever imagine.
no i am not rich. i passed exams with the lowest marks. i barely got my job. i never had the chance to have a .. ahah! or ehemm [ i think my family members would gladly interpret this ].. lol. and i blog. aku cp cp je lagi nak jadik loser. maybe because of my odd attitudes yang help me from being a loser. if it can be calculated on a scale from 0.0=loser 1.0=average 2.0=extraordinary. then i would be 1.0 and not even 1.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001
lucky me it still counts as average. lol.
haa.. cenggitu la hidup aku. tak semudah yg disangka. perlu berusaha agar stalker tak dapat makan aku. i have been lucky so far. let see how long this luck can walk.

4:29 PM 6/25/2010
wait.. did u believed what i said? i might be lying. yes. i was. eh. was i? yes. i lived an odd life. but whatever i told you. was a lie. [in a way]. heh! okay. lame.
tade. aku cam terjumpe trick notepad lame. and tested the notepad diary trick. u have to type “.LOG” at the beginning of line. then save the .txt file. everytime you open the .txt file back. the notepad will automatically input the date and time based on your pc time. nice trick eh. so leh cam buat diary. macho-desu.

and the storms calming. the roads gonna be busy tonight. i’d better sneak out kejap lagi kalau nak balik awal n cepat. or i could walk hastily out the door like i have some urgent appoinment after work. heheh! either way. aku nak balik awal.

p/s: oh! i copied and pasted all this from notepad titled “blog.txt”


the real ururu


anyone who never learned chemistry wont have the required interests to know what is the meaning of the title above. bukan. ia bukanlah nama pahlawan Yunani zaman marble. eh. but i have to say. as much as it means something. it had intrigued me to upraised a certain type of emotion. feeling nostalgic eh?

gile hape tak? it was the land where we defiled gravity. yes. read again. we never defied. we defiled gravity. it’s the place we bind its nature with our memories. the land where we created our destiny. well.. for us UTPians that is. we really should call ourselves utopians instead of UTPians. tapi kang orang ingat kitorang nih editor majalah utopia pulak kang. so. ok lah.

we went to Perak last Saturday. for a dear friend’s wedding ceremony. the initial plan was to be in Perak by Friday night. and have an overnight in the city of our life. Ipoh. Loitering, creating fusses, and all that during the night. while watching World Cup. err. i know. impossible right? but yeah. if Tom Cruise can manage to wrap up his Mission Impossible. so can we. tak susah. tengok wayang, hit on Ipoh’s girls, reading comics, take pictures, eat at Nasmir behind Jusco KC, while watching World Cup. yep. we did it all in one. tak susah. if you’re a UTPian that is. well.. that was the initial plan.
but the plan changed. coz Faiz have some family matters to attend to. so we postponed our trip to Perak til Saturday morning. and attended CK’s and Sue’s wedding first. biase2 jek ceremony dia. but something went wrong that day. i dont know if the origin of the problem came from our McDonald’s breakfast or CK’s lauk ayam masak merah or the cendol. but deng! cirit birit is the word man. saket gile perut aku. spoiled half the time of my day in Perak. re-visited UTP. started photographing nostalgic scenery. went to the Chancellor’s Complex first. met Ali [ssseeerrraaaappppp] in V1. snapped some awesome poses at Padang UTP. went to the toilet for the 1st time. went to Ipoh. park at Jusco KC. jalan jalan. hit on some Ipoh’s cute girls. heee~. were ignored. tak kisah la. went to toilet again. eat at Nasmir. watched World Cup. went to toilet again. buy movie tickets for the movie ‘the A-team’. went to toilet again. buy a comic. rest while reading comic a bit. toilet. chit chat. took some nice pictures of asses and legs. heeeee. toilet again. went into the movie. halfway through, went to toilet again. demn man! missed the part when they battled missile drones with a parashooting tank. finished movie. toilet. decided to go back to KL that night. it was 2-3am in the morning. stopped at R&R Tapah for some drinks and toilet again. toilet. yes. i know. twice in Tapah. demn! start our journey back from Tapah to Sungai Buloh. 10 kilometres before reaching Sungai Buloh. i battled with my inner mind and my internal organs to hold down this killer assassins within me. drove over 190KM/H on the highway in hope that i could withstood the killing blow. and reached Hospital Sungai Buloh toll plaza in just 5 minutes. heh! toilet at the toll plaza. for more than half an hour. finished with a really really big sigh. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
balik umah. rase penat sangat2 sebab kene gi toilet byk kali. in a day. plus travel jauh. ergh! i fell into slumber almost instantly. if i had set up the alarm earlier when i entered my house. i wouldav sleep that instant i touched my bed. faiz and elfi stayed for the night in my house.
at 11am, Faiz woke me up for internet. i remembered he said something about cant sleep well and he had revisited the toilet for more than 10 times that morning. huh!~ i was so glad i had emptied my bowels the day before. lol. then i fell into the darkness. again. yes. jangan kacau aku nak tidur wei. aku penat gile babeng.
woke back up at 2pm coz Faiz n Elfi wanted to go back home. and they needed me to turn off the alarm. so i did. and they went back home. and i continued my rest in the living room until 5pm. hehe! bangun. mandi-mandi. siap-siap. sat at the living room. zzzzzzzZZzz. yes. slept through what ever left of the evening. woke up feeling the need to eat. went to Hiong Kong for Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner all together. and wallah! felt refreshed again. went back home. spent the night with World Cup.

abis sudah eksplenasi versi pendek. malas ar nak cerita semua. satu per satu. serious panjang kalau cerita satu per satu. malas!

gambar2 menarik amik kat utp nanti aku upload kat facebook. kalau aku rajin.

WorldCup 2010

no no no no no….. kalau nak menang. kene letak fabregas. saving2 player nih penyebab kekalahan. hadei.

oh! ingat aku nak buat entry panjang2 pasal world cup dedulu ngn worldcup kat south africa nih? no no no! malas.  ingat aku nak cerita pasal team2 favorite aku? no no no no. malas! heh!

Puisi Malam

aku keluar
bila mentari tiada
bila bulan jujur menjerit
pabila gelap mendakapi jiwa
aku pun berhenti
tiada onar
tiada sahutan
hanya impian

suatu detik
antara masa dan harapan
bagai durjana gemilang memanggil pautan
aku berjuang sepi
melintasi perigi lautan
tapi embun penyeri sisipan kehijauan
dan kesejukan

malam yang kabut
gelap lagi putih
api hati memberontak hilir
aku inginkan gelaran
ruangan untuk meraung
selingan hingga sebatu
pergilah hai si musang tua
sertailah pautan suara
tiada melodi
tiada bunyi
untuk memori indah yang punah
untuk jiwa raga surutan
untuk surat yang berliku
dan untuk jari yang pura-pura kaku
duduk wahai pujangga malam

nyanyian si melur dewi
bagai puncak mencari bintang
sungai biru
tasik wira berjalan pulang
memecah kaca mengira kekusutan
terlindung disebalik perantaraan
hingga tanjung bertemu rebung
bila sampan dikotori hitam
bila malam menyimpan suasana
bila angin membilang bicara
aku menolak dan melompat
untuk suatu masa
yang telah tiba
baik di sana
tidur yang lena



baru bace berita dari Yahoo!

6-story Jesus statue in Ohio struck by lightning

MONROE, Ohio – A six-story-tall statue of Jesus Christ with his arms raised along a highway was struck by lightning in a thunderstorm Monday night and burned to the ground, police said.

The “King of Kings” statue, one of southwest Ohio’s most familiar landmarks, had stood since 2004 at the evangelical Solid Rock Church along Interstate 75 in Monroe, just north of Cincinnati.

The lightning strike set the statue ablaze around 11:15 p.m., Monroe police dispatchers said.

read more here

did Jesus just struck his own statue that symbolizes himself? or maybe Jesus didnt like it because he wasnt hanged on a cross like any other statues? who sent the lightning? maybe its Jesus’s father aka the God was arguing something with “his son” but instead of spanking Jesus out of the sky.. He decided to strike at His son’s statue in America instead. i wonder why? what would Jesus do to the extent of angering God? or maybe did the statue angered Jesus?

Can I say that this is Ironic?

still the non-believers will not believe. for the One True God do not have sons or daughters. He do not sleep nor do He rest. and Muhammad SAW is His last messenger.

hmm.. on another note.
Faliq, a friend of mine bungee jumped in Norway. aku amat lah jeles. melihat dia melompat dari jembatan dengan ‘iron will’ beliau, menambahkan tahap kejelesan aku. aku rase cam nak pegi sane sekarang jugak sebab nak bungee jump. tapi aku tak mampu melainkan Silverlake boleh anta aku ke negare2 yg ade aktiviti bungee jumping nih. hadui la. best gile!!!! jeles gileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Gaddemit.. i hate this jealous feeling. camnih.. kene cepat2 amik lesen SkyDiving.. cepat cepat. bagi orng lain jeles…

the usual Friday

today is the second time my alarm rang in my dreams. the 1st one was on Tuesday [this same week]. suprisingly i cant remember what were my dreams about. its odd-or ironic-you know? the alarm rang in my dreams and the second i opened my eyes. the ringing wouldnt stop. so i made it stop ringing. and continued my sleep as though i have the power to re-dream my dream. in which failed. but i did get a sleep until 8a.m. yes. terlepas lah subuh. cam tak bese jek. cis. well. i do sometimes-i cant say ‘usually’-woke up after i turn my alarm off to do Subuh. but sleep came to me at 3a.m. last night. well, mostly because i re-read and were referencing old book chapters of the Riftwar Saga. hehe. its an interesting book. what can i say. i grab my towel and went straight to the toilet. as i sat there and doing my thang upon the toilet. i decided on two choices. go to work by car or by train? hmm. and if i go by car, which car would i choose to drive to office? when i finished ‘my business’ and started my shower, i was thinking maybe Honda Accord parked at the train station may prove helpful towards my allowances and keeping the ozone layer cooler by 0.0000000000000000000000000142%. right? but as i got off the shower, Ms. Clock said, “i think u need to take the Satria to office bcoz u’ve lacked to show love towards it for the past week. and heck! lookit my arm. its going to struck that number nine in approximately 15 minutes.” yes. so true. hail Ms. Clock. you are so virtuous. i am in your debt for the great services you’ve given me. so when i’m well suited in a smart casual style. packed by bags and watered the plants. i got into Satria. turn on the engine. and there you go… ‘the Demon’ growled. and cough a bit. then it stopped. i mean the whole thing, the growls and the coughs stopped. heheh! yes! sorry Mr Demon. i really did have neglected you for this past week. i will make it up to you by checking and cleaning you up tomorrow. hehe.
i turned it on again and this time i added a little ‘gas’ into it. and it let out a mighty roar. yeah! haha! sorry allowance. sorry ozone layer.

and of course, late would i be.

the lovely girl with the name of my former cat did not come today. she replaced her replacement holiday for the Agong’s birthday last Saturday for this day, going for her family day according to her. whaaa? yes.. i did chat with her. apparently she lives in Rawang and in dire need of her own transportation to go to work. but regret will find her if she ever think that way. for the traffic of Kuala Lumpur will crush her will one day. eh.

oh! and Friday prayer passed pleasantly today. i was downloading pirated Glee songs before i went for the Friday prayer. heh! dengar Glee dalam opis. best. on the way to Friday prayers. i found a free Sun newspaper stand. and to my delight, there are still newspapers on it. so i picked one. to read about this coming World Cup tonight. the front advertisement showed Carrefour advertising cheap promotional items for sale. and 6-pax of Tiger beer cans will cost you MYR26.90. “oh.. how cheap. i think im gonna buy it later tonight. there’s a carrefour beside my house”, says the Indian guy to his other Indian friend. ok. he didnt say that. i just saw him take a newspaper from the stand. ye la. suko la orang2 nak mabuk2. its should be MYR1000.00 for each can. stupid Carrefour. encouraging people to buy alcohol drinks. bodo! oh and there’s more “(limited to 8 packs per family per day)” <– nih takleh blah. konon concern la. f***heads. with additional “NON-HALAL (promotion exclude Putrajaya)”. which came to my real question.

how can they write “HALAL” but wrote “HARAM” as “NON-HALAL“?

i know they have the same meaning. i know they know what HARAM is. i know they can save space if they just put HARAM there. so why te heck put “NON-HALAL”.. same goes to every supermarket which sells HARAM food or items. they wrote “NON-HALAL” at the “HARAM” section. to inform Muslims thats the section is off limits to them. Muslims dont understand what HARAM means is it? why the “NON”. why not put NON-HARAM at the other HALAL sections? they know HALAL is an Arabic word. so why mix English and Arabic when you can just write H.A.R.A.M… i know it cannot be that hard to write HARAM. so tell me why. aint nothin but a heartache. aint nothin but a mistake. i never wanna hear you say. i want it that away. eh. haha! what? its more delicate to write ‘NON-HALAL’ because it doesnt look offensive is it? fools! so it makes people think twice. is it. giving the Muslims chance to ignore entirely the aggressive word of HARAM is it? so Muslims too can buy it right? you dont care. you just wanna sell and make profits. to hell with people religion, life and rules. right?

jadi begitulah tuantuan dan puanpuan skalian.bodoh la upenye org2 yg close-minded nih. takkan pernah jadik pandai la derang. dan sebab itulah aku rase negara Malaysia nih antare yg akan jatuh dari muka bumi ni nanti. negara lain dah rase. the more you prosper. the more you forget. the more people you drag with you. the more heavier your punishment will be. hadui la. tapi ekau tak kisah. itu kemudian. tggu la mati nanti. itu cerita mati. ini cerita kehidupan sekarang. yes.. okay. silekan.
aahh! to hell with all of it. to heaven shall we hope for.

After prayer. i went to Burger King and tried the BBQ BK Shots. it was good. or maybe i was hungry. tapi ok la kot. sedap gak la. then i walked slowly back to the office. and try completing this article.

oh oh! and before i forgot. i went to Fitness First yesterday. tadaaaaaah. ahah! then lepas tu aku pegi tengok Karateh Kid.. its about a kid drinking too much Teh from Karak. no.. obviously its Karate Kid with Mr Han aka respectful Mr Jackie Chan. someday, Jackie Chan will be remembered more than Bruce Lee.. Jackie Chan is the true celebrity of the Martial Art film industry. he will be legendary. well.. the movie title should be Kung Fu Kid. but the movie had the classic plot, classic love story and classic-if not for the origin of kung fu-finishing style. [when i say ‘classic’ i meant to compare it with the first Karate Kid movie] with added ending that no one can imitate, not like the 1st Karate Kid movie. you know. the one where you spread your hands high with a crane style hand gestures and one leg left hanging up front. and then make a quick jump kick with the other leg. this time.. its kinda similar.. but.. oh well.. i urge you to watch it for yourself. totally worth the money. totally worth the heart beat. though the sound effects and visual effects were a bit-how should i say it-powerful. i think. and the soundtracks were wonderful. totally worth it. go.. watch it now! terer ar anak Will Smith berlakon.

I Wait


i am without worries.. as i travel more into her world.. the more i see. the less i be. a certain paragraph of getting the learning habit skills. beyond my own eyes. included with every bit of everyone else. i finally felt it. not sharper. not dull. just a blank knife piercing through. not even a handle to pull out. no help from the others. shows that i was not even remembered in such ways. i was hoping for a shoulder. but i guess my hands are smaller from what i could have imagined. i cannot hold on to those wide shoulders. not a bit. they wont let me. and she wont let me.

today. i pledge to myself. virtue will be my pride. fortitude is my vengeance. and love i have are for none. but God’s and her’s. i pray alone. and i’ll pray to my bone. until i believe that i can sing. again.

heee.. its mine


aku cam 2-3 hari nih asik berblog. dimana di akhir hari. aku mesti delete post tu sebab cam x best dan tak cukup idea untuk kesempurnaan blog. ntah la. tade perkara menarik terjadi. jadi tak dapat nak tulis sangat cerita menarik.
kalau ade yg menarik pun. ia hanye menarik perhatian aku jek. such as… ade 3 org fresh graduate telah datang untuk mengunjungi KWSP untuk pertame kalinye untuk memulakan aksi bekerja untuk Silverlake. sorang bound to be ship to Vietnam. sorang ke AgroBank. dan sorang lagi td aku baru tau akan dihantar tempat lain.. noo.. ingatkn sume kene stay. ceh! tade lagi kawan nak lunch nih. oh! mereka bertiga adelah aweks ye. hehe! tadi aku baru tolong derang install chat program kat pc derang. dan tadi aku teman derang lunch. wow! 1st time beb. lunch virgin no more. lol.

aah! tak penting. ini perkara biase. cume x bese untuk aku jek. bese la. aku nih pemalu. walaupun melulu. mane ade sesape yg tak malu dalam dunia nih. sumorang pemalu. well. at least sumorang ngaku diri sendri ‘pemalu’. cheit! and aku mmg pemalu ye. kalau tak caye cube tengok ibu jari kanan korang.

takde pape kan? tu tande aku pemalu la. haha!

ari nih genap berape hari tah aku kene duk sorang menjaga umah family aku yg amat besar. serius besar. kul sebelas malam semalam mase aku tengah syok bace buku Raymond E Feist – Shards of a Broken Crown [book 4 of the SerpentWar Saga], tetibe ade bunyik cam org cube berjalan atas bumbung. cih~. saje nak bagi aku saspen. aku pun saspen la. aku tutup sume lampu bilik. diri kat satu sudut paling gelap selame 2 minit. huih! rase cam Jimmy the Hand. sesape kang masuk dari bumbung. aku try pegi kat dia senyap2 sambar medula oblongata dia ke, tumbuk ketiak dia ke, tendang tricep dia ke, campak ke tingkat bawah ke, amik replica pedang samurai pembuka surat cucuk mata dia ke, tak pun aku boleh bukak tingkap jerit kuat2 “Pencuri! pencuri!” supaye anjing jiran umah kiri sebelah boleh tolong sambut salakan aku.. tapi setelah 2 minit berdiri cam orang bodo kat tempat gelap tuh. aku nampak jiran sebelah kanan bukak lampu bumbung dia. ceh! haram. jiran upenye. penat saspen jek. hari ahad lepas aku nampak jiran aku renovate bumbung tingkat 1. mungkin yg aku dengar org berjalan atas bumbung itu adelah jiran aku nge’test’ lampu bumbung baru dia. well. rumah kitorang semi-D kot. bilik aku bersambung ngn bilik jiran. cume dibahagikan oleh wall serta wallpaper. mungkin dia berjalan atas bumbung sendri dan terdengar cam dia berjalan atas bumbung umah aku. haha!
tapi selepas 2 minit berdiri cam orang bodo. minit ketiga tuh aku nampak jiran bukak lampu. aku jenguk2 ke luar dari dalam bilik. nampak lampu je. minit ke empat pulak. aku terpikir. aku dah pasang alarm. kalau ade orang masuk umah aku. mesti alarm dah berbunyik. ceh! tapi… mungkin pencuri tuh ade alat berteknologi tinggi yg membolehkan dia mematikan urat saraf alarm itu supaya alarm pintu aku tak menghantar signal ke alarm receiver. thus, cancelling all the good effect of a brutal alarm. mende aku cakap nih? tapi yg pentingnye. alarm tak berbunyik, aku bukak lampu semula dan aku terus baring atas katil sambil mencapai buku Shards of a Broken Crown dan start mencari semula muka surat last aku bace tadi.

sedar sedar je. aku bangun lambat pagi tadi. oh! hidup lagi aku. Alhamdulillah. mandi2. siap2. siram2 bunga. dah kul 9.30 pagi. keje start kul 9.00 pagi…. heeee.. XÞ