I Wait


i am without worries.. as i travel more into her world.. the more i see. the less i be. a certain paragraph of getting the learning habit skills. beyond my own eyes. included with every bit of everyone else. i finally felt it. not sharper. not dull. just a blank knife piercing through. not even a handle to pull out. no help from the others. shows that i was not even remembered in such ways. i was hoping for a shoulder. but i guess my hands are smaller from what i could have imagined. i cannot hold on to those wide shoulders. not a bit. they wont let me. and she wont let me.

today. i pledge to myself. virtue will be my pride. fortitude is my vengeance. and love i have are for none. but God’s and her’s. i pray alone. and i’ll pray to my bone. until i believe that i can sing. again.

heee.. its mine

About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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